Count’s 77

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Count’s 77
2014, Shrapnel Records
Rating: 4/5

Danny “Count” Koker the man behind Count’s Kustoms and Vamp’d also has a Rock n’ Roll band. This is their self-titled debut featuring guest appearances by a couple of Classic Rock guitarists on their own signature tracks. No, the album isn’t all cover tunes. It is all new and original material with the exception of the two just mentioned.

After hearing of Count’s 77 I checked them out and enjoyed the Live disc that they had out so I was interested in hearing the official debut with original material. To begin with the album is Classic Rock for 2014. The music has that 70’s vibe to it yet it is fresh and modern and doesn’t sound dated in the least. The songs are well written and sound great. The production is perfect with everything mixed well and sounding as it should. Nothing is buried in the mix and nothing too in your face. Guitarist’s John Zito and Stoney Curtis sound great. Their guitars have that perfect tone to them and just the right amount of distortion. Add in some nice melodic bass and killer drum sound and you have the right music for some gritty Rock n Roll vocals. Danny’s voice suits the music perfectly. He is not a polished singer and doesn’t need to be. His voice is ideal for this style of Rock n Roll. It’s raw, aggressive and in your face. The perfect music to hear when your in a bar or on your back deck having a few cold ones with your friends. Feel good,  beer drinkin’, whiskey sippin’ music.

Overall this is one fantastic album that you will be playing for years to come. A song like “Let The Rockin’ Do The Talkin’”  is “ right at home alongside “Snortin’ Whiskey” or “Rock And Roll Hootchie Koo”. They are similar in style and enjoyability. A song like “Shame On Me” has a bit of a Bo Diddley influence to it via George Thorogood which is really cool track. I could go on and on as every song is an enjoyable listen. Buy it and crank it up.