Hatebreed with support acts The Resistance and Grieved on The Divinity Of Purpose European Tour 2014 Kulturbolaget Malmoe, Sweden

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 Hatebreed – headline act

The Divinity Of Purpose European Tour 2014
The Resistance – special guest
Grieved – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
14/4 – 2014

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Hatebreed is currently touring Europe supporting their newest album THE DIVINITY OF PURPOSE which was released last year. The band headlined a shorter tour that kicked off in Denmark where the band did two shows after which they headed over to Sweden. Various bands are joining forces as support acts but in Sweden we were lucky enough to have The Resistance as one of the opening acts. The Resistance is a super group consisting of Jesper Strömblad (ex- In Flames, Hammerfall, Dimension Zero etc) and Marco Aro (ex- Face Down, The Haunted) to mention a few. Their debut album, SCARS, came out last year. The Resistance was the main support act and as support act was a band called Grieved. My main focus was to see The Resistance with the excellent Jesper Strömblad on guitar. The tour stopped by Malmo on a Monday and the place chose for action was Kulturbolaget. Grieved was scheduled to be on stage at 7.30 so I arrived to the club in time for the doors to open at 7. To kill some time I took a closer look at the merchandise and Hatebreed had quite a lot of t-shirts to offer their fans. Strangely, it wasn’t possible to buy their latest album anywhere in the club. Not many people had found their way to the club when I arrived but more people started to drop in as time went by. I was thankful that I could see there was a photo pit which meant that I wasn’t going to be bothered by jumping and waving fans while I was taking pictures. The crowd consisted mainly of young male fans which obviously was there to see Hatebreed.


The show began as soon as the members came out on stage and fired off their thrash/hardcore metal music. The bands singer ran around on stage during the show but looked mostly down at the floor for some reason. He felt a bit shy and didn’t had the nerve to face the crowd. Three songs were played after which the singer introduced the band which are from Stockholm, Sweden. The audience clapped their hands politely but it felt like most of the crowd longed to see either The Resistance or Hatebreed. The singer didn’t say anything in between the songs, instead the songs came after each other in a steady pace. The show lasted for 25 minutes and to be honest the show didn’t  leave any lasting memory. Grieved should rehearse a bit more before they act support band again.


I thought that bands like Hatebreed and The Resistance should lure more people to Kulturbolaget but to be honest there were not that many people inside the club when it was time for The Resistance to take to the stage. The Resistance used the same drums as Grieved and the change of gear went pretty fast. A backdrop with the band name on it was put up but that was also about it. After 20 minutes the pause music stopped and it was time for the long awaited The Resistance to do their Malmo debut.



The Resistance

“Slugger” was the first song out for the night and it set the pace for the entire show. When Marco Aro entered the stage he shouted “Let’s Go Malmo!!” and that marked the beginning of a furious show. Aro was like a whirlwind on stage and was seemingly everywhere at the same time. The Resistance play explosive thrash music like no one else. The line-up is:

Marco Aro – lead vocals
Jesper Strömblad – guitar
Chris Barkensjö – drums
Glenn Ljungström – guitar
Claudio Oyarzo – bass

Aro thanked the audience for the warm welcome and said it was an honor for the band to be supporting Hatebreed. “Rise From Treason” followed and Aro seemed to be really happy with the great response the band received from the fans. Ljungström was the one who was most calm on stage and while Oyarzo, Strömblad and Aro moved around he stood still on his side of the stage. Aro had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the very start and they did all he asked of them. “Face To Face”  followed and Aro went out on the ramp in the middle of the stage standing with one feet on the stage and one feet on the fence and the security in the pit looked a bit nervous when he did that. Even though Aro hadn’t been active as a front man in a band for a while before he joined The Resistance he hadn’t forgotten what to do and he sure had his skills as a front man intact. It was a pleasure seeing Aro active, alive and kicking on stage again. It was also really nice to see Strömblad in action again and it looked like had great fun performing again. Aro said he needed a sip of water before it was time to unleash “My Madness”, Then followed “I Bend You Break” and “Your Demise” in a furious tempo.


The bands’ aggressive and extreme thrash metal music is brilliant and it was a pleasure being at the club witnessing the show this night. Aro said that the audience was so great that he wanted to move to Malmo. The band felt solid and tight and Strömblad is a mighty force on stage. Even though the band hasn’t toured much since the start, they all have a lot of experience to fall back on and they sure kick the ass of many live acts around at the moment.


Aro said he wanted everyone in the club to go crazy and he performed “Your Demise” standing with one foot on the fence leaning towards the fans. Two songs remained and they were “Expand Or Expire” and “Eye For An Eye”. The last song was dedicated to the fans and Aro thanked Hatebreed for letting The Resistance tag along on the tour in Sweden. The band performed for 35 intense minutes and nothing went wrong. The music was great, the members kicked ass and it was nice to see Strömblad and Aro on a live stage again. The only negative thing was that the show was too short, I wanted to see and hear more of the best thrash metal act Sweden has to offer at the moment. I really hope to see The Resistance on a headline tour soon.


Set list
Rise From Treason
Face To Face
My Madness
I Bend You Break
Your Demise
Expand Or Expire
Eye For An Eye

Now it was only to wait for Hatebreed to go on stage and the crew made their best to quickly prepare the stage for the headline act. A black backdrop with the band name was hung behind the drums and on each side of the drums stood amps. After 35 minutes it was then time for Hatebreed to conquer the Malmo crowd and the stage was lit up.

hatebreed_the_divinity_of_purpose_cover_kb_malmoe _


All of the members rushed out on stage and fired off the evening with the furious “Put It To The Torch” and it was full speed ahead right from the start. Singer Jasta ran across the stage like a madman and worked really hard to get the crowd going. “Defeatist” followed and it was really hard to take pictures of Jasta because he didn’t stay still for any longer that a few seconds. Jasta thanked for the support and applause and a fun thing was that guitarist Lozinak wore a t-shirt with The Resistance on it. “Facing What Consumes You” followed and the band is:

Jamey Jasta – lead vocals
Chris Beattie – bass
Wayne Lozinak – guitar
Matt Byrne – drums
Frank Novinec – guitar

Jasta and the other three guys at the front worked really hard and all of them were really sweaty after just a few songs. The fans behaved as crazy as the band and it seemed like Hatebreed had as fun on stage as the fans had on the floor. Jasta said that it wasn’t bad to have 200 people coming to see them on a Monday and that it was hard to get airtime when you looked like the members. He thanked everyone for coming to supporting the band and for spreading the word and the music of Hatebreed. They all appreciated all that he said. “To The Threshold” and “Spitting Venom” followed where Jasta said he wanted to see a circle pit. And as soon as the song kicked off a circle pit was formed. Even though the crowd wasn’t so many they did their best to raise hell and support Hatebreed the best way possible. Jasta said the band hadn’t played here for a long time and that the band was going to play a few older tracks. “Under The Knife”, “Last Breath” and “Everyone Bleeds Know” followed and Jasta wanted everyone to say hello to the drummer Matt Byrne. Jasta wanted to see some hands waving and the fans did as they were told. There were no doubts that the Hatebreed fans are dedicated to their band and love their music.


In “In Ashes They Shall Reep” Jasta divided the crowd in two sections and each section had to scream and sing on his command. He then extended the singing and included handclapping as well. Jasta thanked The Resistance and Grieved for tagging along on the shows and said that they both were excellent support acts. He asked if the crowd was tired or if they wanted to hear more Hatebreed music. “Empty Promises”, “Perseverance”, “Honor Never Dies” and “Live For This” continued the evening and circle pits were formed on and off. It was nice to see that the band gave their all despite the small crowd. It gave me the impression that Hatebreed really cares about their loyal fanbase. Jasta didn’t talk much in between the song, that maybe depended on the time schedule and fired instead off song after song.

Jasta asked if there were any Slayer fans in the audience and when several of the fans screamed at the top of their lungs the band fired off the Slayer song “Ghosts Of  War”! Jasta went off stage for a bit when it was time for a guitar solo but returned a bit refreshed when it was over. Jasta said he wanted the fans to do devil horns and while he faced a bunch of sweaty palms shaped as horns he fired off “Smash Your Enemies”. Then followed “Tear it Down”, “I Will Be Heard” and the show was closed with the massive “Destroy Everything”. Jasta invited the fans to sing a long in the chorus and said that the band hadn’t forgotten the Swedish fans even though they hadn’t played in Malmo for 10 years. He also said that he had seen the Cro-Mags was going to play at the club a few days later and urged everyone to go and see them because they had meant the world to Hatebreed and to punk and hardcore music. Before the last song Jasta said thank you in Swedish and introduced the band. He said that he was going to make sure that it shouldn’t take 10 more years for Hatebreed to return to Malmo which made the fans scream. The fans screamed along with Jasta in the chorus in “Destroy Everything” and everyone, both the fans and the band, went equally crazy in the last song.


The intense show lasted for about 60 mad minutes and even though the fans screamed for encores the club lit up and the closing music began to play. No encores made the ending of the show feel quite abrupt and I had wanted to hear more from Hatebreed. I had expected at least a few encores this night and so had the fans. I think that if you are a headline band you have to play at least 90 mins. It’s not right to just play for only 60 min like the band did on this night.


But beside the bad ending,  the show was great. It was full speed ahead from the very start and it was clear that the band had as much fun as the fans. The set list was perfect with a great mix of songs and the fans seemed to love the choice of songs. Jasta is a brilliant front man and the entire band was a really solid unit that sure knew how to engage the fans in some craziness. Even though Hatebreed fits performing on a festival it’s kind of special to hear and feel their music in a club. The club environment adds more intimacy and feeling to the entire Hatebreed experience. Despite the short playtime this was a brilliant show and I really hope that Jasta keeps his promise on landing in Malmo in less than 10 years.

Set list
Put It To The Torch
Facing What Consumes You
To The Threshold
Spitting Venom
Under The Knife
Last Breath
Everyone Bleeds Now
In Ashes They Shall Veep
Empty Promises
Honor Never Dies
Live For This
Ghost War (Slayer Cover)
Smash Your Enemies
Tear It Down
I Will Be Heard
Destroy Everything


Thanks to Emma Svensson head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with media pass.
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Thanks to the security/staff for a nice treatment.



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