OVERLORDE – Vocalist & Drummer Leaves The Band Due to 10 years of inactivity and lack of label support

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Bobby ‘Leatherlungs’ Lucas (ex-Morbid Sin/Seven Witches/Exhbition/current Attacker vocalist) and long-time drummer Dave Wrenn (ex-Persia) have officially left the NJ based power metal band Overlorde. Bobby states their reasons for leaving the band center around an extensive period of inactivity and lack of label support (it has been over 10 years since the band released their full-length debut Return Of The Snow Giant in 2004 on Sonic Age Records).

In 2012, Overlorde was at the center of a controversial trademark infringement case against North Carolina power metal band Overlorde S.R. (now known as Overlord S.R.). Bobby released an official statement distancing him from the dispute, which was drawing negative reactions from much of the underground metal community. It is unclear as of now if this has any bearing on the two members leaving the band.

In 2012, Bobby replaced veteran vocalist Bob Mitchell in Attacker. His first album with the Jersey metal legends was Giants Of Canaan released in February 2013 on Metal On Metal records.

Bobby had this to say about leaving Overlorde: “It’s time to just commit 100% to Attacker. Two bands in my life right now is just too much. Especially when one hasn’t really been doing anything for years in my opinion. I could be focusing on something else to help pay the bills. I need to eat too. Being in Attacker has been awesome. I want to be 100% focused on the follow up to Canaa’. I just got tired of waiting around. Then when Dave and John moved away, I knew it would hurt us as a band that was originally based in the Jersey area. We tried the whole internet rehearsal thing, and it just wasn’t for us. Latency issues and bad connections made it very hard to focus. Add to that a few personal reasons, and here we are. Now I can focus more on my family, and Dave is busy in two bands down in Florida-his Queensryche tribute Jet City, and Scream Machine. And I’ll be able to focus more on my art skills. I’m writing a book on my life story too. I’ve had a crazy life. It’ll be a doozy! But we both wish Overlorde nothing but the best, and hope they can get the ball rolling again. We made a hell of an album with Snow Giant, and will always be proud of that!”

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