The Butterfield Blues Band – East-West (SACD)

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The Butterfield Blues Band

East-West (SACD)
2014, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 5/5

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Blues meets Rock. This is the perfect combination of traditional Blues with some Rock additives. When this album came out in the mid 60’s it was groundbreaking as it was a whole new listening experience. Not too far removed from what the Stones were doing on the first few releases just slightly more traditional with the Blues. As with the early Stones albums this was recorded at the infamous Chess studio in Chicago which is home to the Blues.

This disc was a whole new listening experience for me as I have never heard this album before. Being a casual listener to the Blues and a huge fan of Blues based Rock music I was extremely excited to hear this album. As I sit here writing the SACD is on it’s second spin. The sound is wonderful. The clarity and mix are top notch. I cannot see how another issue of this could sound better. I am doubtful that even a first press sounds this good. The guitar is quite prominent in the mix as you’d expect and as I said crystal clear. This is an album that every guitar player should own or at minimum listen to. Apart from being heavily Blues based there is a Rock aspect to it with a small bit of Psychedelia in places.

Fantastic album for all Blues and Blues Rock lovers everywhere. A little something for everyone. Even a casual fan will enjoy listening to it as it has that broad appeal to it. An excellent album that should be in your collection. I will be seeking out the debut and other release by this group. Perfect introduction to the band and to the genre.