Evil Masquerade – Release party for the new album THE DIGITAL CRUCIFIX . 1994-2014, 10 year anniversary show at High Voltage Copenhagen Denmark

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Evil Masquerade – Releasparty for the new album THE DIGITAL CRUCIFIX – 10 year anniversary show

High Voltage
20/4 – 2014

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The release of the brand new Evil Masquerade album, THE DIGITAL CRUCIFIX, was celebrated with a big bash at the Copenhagen club High Voltage. The album is brilliant, and band leader/guitarist Henrik Flyman surely has taken his band to new heights. During 2014 the band  celebrates 10 years. Since their last album a lot has happened in the bands line-up. Former singer Apollo Papathanasio left the band after the release of the previous album PENTAGRAM in 2012 and is replaced by Tobias Jansson (Saffire). Evil Masquerade was scheduled to be on the stage at 11 and after the show took the usual night club over until closing time at 5. Since Evil Masquerade was the star of the evening weren’t there any opening or support act that opened the show. High Voltage is open both Friday and Saturday (sometimes also Thursdays and Sundays) and hosts both live acts as well as a hardrock night club. Bands like H.E.A.T., Crashdiet, Faster Pussycat, House Of Lords, and Robin Beck have performed at the club. The club opened up its doors at 10 and I arrived about 20 minutes later. There were no problems getting inside and when I entered and walked down the stairs I could see the stage on my right side. I was surprised by how small it was inside, I  had expected the club to be much bigger. Not many people had yet gathered, but maybe more fans and friends should turn up the closer it got for the show to start.

The stage was positioned at the long-side of the room and besides the huge bar were there also a pool table and pinball machines. The club can hold 250 people but there wasn’t that many there this night. About 10 minutes after scheduled time, it was time for the fans and friends who gathered to hear the first taste of the new songs live.



Evil Masquerade

The Swedish/Danish quintet kicked off the evening right away by  blasting off “Buying Salvation” taken from the new album. After the song, singer Tobias Jansson asked if he should speak in English or Swedish. He didn’t get a clear answer from the crowd so instead he and the band let the music do the talking with firing off “Live Voodoo”. Evil Masquerade is:

Henrik Flyman – guitar
Tobias Jansson – lead vocals
Thor Jeppesen – bass
Dennis Buhl – drums
Artur Meinild – keyboards

The stage was pretty small so there were limited space for the members to move around. A candelabra with candles was also placed on the stage and it was Jansson that moved around the most during the show. Jansson thanked everyone for the support and said that it was really nice to be on stage celebrating the new album. He said that they were going to play both new songs as well as a few older ones and the one that followed was an older song. It was “But You Were Smiling..” that now filled the club and it was a bit of a surprise that the band chose to play a song from the debut album WELCOME TO THE SHOW from 2004. Jansson really impressed on stage and the band couldn’t find a more suited and worthy singer to front the band than Jansson. He did an excellent job and the man sounded as amazing live as he does on THE DIGITAL CRUCIFIX.


The sound system worked great, but the lights didn’t work in favor of the band. There was hardly any lights at all and sometimes the band stood in the dark playing. The club should maybe invest in some better spotlights and such in the future. The lights didn’t affect the band and the fans and the night continued with more great music as “Hollow Soul” taken from the 2009 year album FADE TO BLACK as well as “The Shame”. So was it time to head back to the album of the night with the song “The Nature Is Calling” and what more to say than what an amazing bunch of musicians Evil Masquerade is made of. Buhl and Jeppesen felt like a solid and heavy unit, Flyman’s amazing guitar playing was a treat and Meinild filled in with some great keyboard playing. Evil Masquerade are one of the most talented bunch of musicians around at the moment, that’s for sure. Jansson thanked once again for the applause and support and it was once again time to go back in time to the album FADE TO BLACK and the song “I Believe In Sin”. Jansson varied with talking in both Swedish and English and said that THE DIGITAL CRUCIFIX could be bought after the show and introduced the song “Bad News”. “Anywhere The Wind Blows” followed and to my surprise the audience stood mostly solid on their spot clapping their hands politely after each song. I had wished for a little more action from the crowd.

Meinild kicked off the next song which was the cover of the Ozzy Osbourne song “Mr Crowley”. The band did a really great version of the song with both the  energy and vitality I think the original version of the song lacks. “Soul Taker”, “Gasoline And Ice Cold Gin” and “Pentagram” continued the night and in my opinion the band sounded a lot more harder, heavier and edgier than before. Maybe it’s Jansson arrival to the band that had brought in more energy and fuel. “Pentagram” followed and the closing song was of course the monumental “Black Ravens Cry”. Before that Jansson asked if there weren’t one song the band had forgotten to play. The audience shouted out a few song titles but they were wrong so Jansson had to say it was time to play “Black Ravens Cry”. It’s the bands biggest hits taken from the 2006 year album THIRD ACT and now did the crowd wake up. Jansson performed the song with power and strength and he’s got an amazing nerve in his voice that makes you believe everything he sings.


As soon as the last note had faded out the show was over and the band thanked the fans, family and friends who had come and joined them at the release party. Evil Masquerade performed about 80 minutes of high class metal and I had wished that the band could have played for another 80 minutes as well. The show was a great way of welcoming the new album and the new songs sounded great. Even though all of the members are skilled musicians and I love their work, I have to say that the one that really impressed me was the singer Jansson. He sang the older songs flawless and even if I maybe can miss Papathanasio a bit I have a great feeling towards bringing Jansson into the band. The only thing that didn’t work in the bands favor was the lighting and the calm crowd. I had wished for a little more action and support from the audience, the band sure deserved it after working so hard.


The band came out to talk to the guests and I had a chance to speak all of the members. All of them were really nice and friendly. I congratulated Flyman to a decade of running Evil Masquerade and I really hope that he’s going to see to that the band lives on for another ten years. Make sure to check out THE DIGITAL CRUCIFIX, music doesn’t get better than that!


Set list
Buying Salvation
Like Voodoo
But You Were Smiling
Hollow Soul
The Shame
The Nature Is Calling
I Believe In Sin
Bad News
Anywhere The Wind Blows
Mr Crowley
Soul Taker
Gasoline And Ice Cold Gin
Black Ravens Cry




Thanks to Trine Urholt at Dark Minstrel Music for help with press/photo pass to the show.


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