D.A.D. 30 Years Tour 2014 – Scandinavian leg – at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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30 Years Tour 2014 – Scandinavian leg

Malmo, Sweden
30/3 – 2014

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall



D.A.D, originally Disneyland After Dark, celebrates 30 years as a band this year which is really admirable. In order to celebrate this, the band released a compilation album called DIS30LAND AF30R D30K – BEST OF D.A.D 30 YEARS 30 HITS 1984-2014. The album doesn’t contain anything extra ordinary but only a collection of their greatest hits. I think that it would have been fun if the band put some live things on the album or some acoustic versions of the songs. If you have the albums, you pretty much don’t need to invest in the collection. The band hit Denmark a while back and it’s now Scandinavias turn to see the Danish Dynamite in action. The Scandinavian tour began in Norway before the band hit Finland and last in line was Sweden’s turn. After that it’s Europe’s turn to get a taste. The band already has festival shows confirmed for the summer and they show no sign of slowing down the touring tempo at all. The entire Scandinavian tour had been sold out for quite a while and so was the show at Kulturbolaget in Malmo. It’s really fun to see that the band has such a loyal fan base in Scandinavian countries. The Malmo show was the last stop on the Scandinavian tour and the show took place on a Sunday which meant that there were no night club straight after the show so the band didn’t have any curfew to worry about. My expectations were really high, and what could go wrong with the amazing D.A.D. on stage in a sold out venue like Kulturbolaget?

A pretty long line of people was waiting outside Kulturbolaget at 7pm when I arrived but it didn’t take long before everyone was inside the club. The security I talked to told me that the band was supposed to be on stage at 8.30pm and not at 8pm was said in the papers. There wasn’t a  support act either, which made the evening even more appealing. The bands gear was already on stage and the backdrop portrayed the band logo but with the original cow’s head and not the more current version. On the head were there marks carved in that marked the sum of 30. To my relief, there was a photo pit so there so there was at least a chance to take good shots. The crowd was mixed with both men and women, older fans and younger fans, and you could almost touch the tension and excitement inside the club.  The crowd began to feel a bit anxious for the band to go on and after about 10 minutes after scheduled time the lights went out and it was time for the legendary D.A.D. to stand on the Malmo stage.



The stage was pitch black as the members turned up and first off was “Rin Tin Tin”. All of the members stood with their back against the crowd while playing the strictly instrumental song. When the song was over turned the band around and faced the cheers and applause from the dedicated fans that had gathered to see their favorite band. “Riskin It All” and “Ride My Train” were the two first songs and Jesper asked if the fans were feeling good. The ecstatic fans in front of the stage went completely wild and it was obvious that the fans had longed to see their idols live in action. D.A.D. is:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar
Jacob Binzer  – guitar
Stig Pedersen – bass
Laust Sonne – drums

After “Ride My Train”, it was time for us, the photographers, to leave the pit and for some reason were we only allowed to photograph the first two songs. I guess they counted “Rin Tin Tin” as one song. “Overmuch” followed and Jesper wanted the fans to clap their hands in the middle of the song. He wanted us to scream Come on Laust we know you can do it over and over again but for some reason the fans didn’t respond so well on that. Jesper thanked fans for the support and said it was nice to be on stage in Malmo. He said that it is now time to head back to the 90’s and to play “Cloudy Hours”. Jesper moved around on the stage during most of the show while Jacob mostly stood solid on his spot and only took a step forward when it was time for him to do guitar solos. Pedersen also moved around and climbed now and then up onto the bass drum.


“Ninteenhundredandyesterday” continued the show and it felt like the audience had lost a bit of spirit. Now most of the fans stood still and looked at the show, they didn’t clap their hands or sing along to the songs like they did in the beginning. It felt really strange that the exited crowd suddenly had turned into a pale mass that only clapped their hands on command. Jesper joked around and said that the band had e-mailed to the club saying that the fans should decide the set list, have you done that? No, I’m just joking he said. We decide what to play and now is it time to play “Call Of The Wild” which turned into “Jonnie” and now was it time for Pedersen to sing lead vocals. He has a really good voice and it’s sad that he doesn’t sing more lead vocals both live and on album. It was also nice to hear him sing something other than his usual song “Riding With Sue”. Jesper encouraged the crowd to clap their hands and parts of the audience actually sang along in the song. In the middle of the song was it time for a guitar solo and Jesper said it was time for magic finger to show off.

Pedersen changed bass guitar to the one with the D.A.D. logo on it and Jesper said “now boys and girls there are two questions I want to have answers on. Let’s see if you know which songs we’re playing now.” The songs was a brilliant mash-up of “Monster Philosophy” and “Trucker”. When Jesper sang the chorus of “Trucker” answered the rest of the band with singing the chorus to the other song. Both of the Binzer brothers walked out on the ramp and wanted the fans to sing a long in the chorus. They wanted the girls to sing the “Trucker” chorus and the boys to answer with the other chorus. It turned out OK, once again the crowd wasn’t  awake and I don’t think the band was satisfied. It was a long time since I last experienced such a lame crowd at a D.A.D. show. Once again Pedersen changed his bass and now out came the old rocket-bass on stage. “Reconstrucdead” from the not so great album HELPYOURSELFISH followed and also that song was extended by solos.





It had gotten pretty hot on stage and the band took off some clothes before it was time for the amazing “Grow Or Pay” and even though this is one of the bands classical songs the audience didn’t pay much attention to the song. “Something Good” taken from the year 2000 album EVERYTHING GLOWS followed after which Jesper wanted us to say hello to drummer Sonne again. Sonne was the one that kicked off the next song “Everything Glows” which was followed by “I Want What She’s Got”. Jesper wanted the fans once again to shout Come on Laust we know you got it and Sonne did a great drum solo. He sure is one of the best drummers in the world at the moment. Jesper said that he knows that tomorrow is a Monday and work-day and it was time to play the monumental hit song “Sleeping My Day Away”. As always, Jesper let the crowd sing the first verse but the crowd didn’t sing loud at all so Jesper had to help them out. It must have been really frustrating for the band to have such a bad response on a song that normally makes every crowd crazy. The lame response took its toll on the band, and I have seen them do much better live. The last song in the ordinary set list were “Bad Craziness” and now the crowd woke up. They both sang and clapped their hands throughout the song and it was as they finally woke up at the end of the show.







1 hour and 20 minutes had run by but the fans shouted for encores so the band once again turned up and fired off “Jihad- No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims” which is one of the bands biggest hit songs. Jesper thanked everyone so much for the support and let the fans sing the chorus. Next up was the quite boring “I Won’t Cut My Hair” after which the band once again went off stage. But the band had forgotten to play at least one of their major hit songs and the fans shouted the band back on stage again. First out on stage was the Binzer brother equipped with two acoustic guitars and they met the roar of the fans because everyone now knew what song they were going to play. “Laugh n a half” made the crowd wake up but for some reason didn’t the sing a long go so well. One could think that the fans should have known the lyrics for one of the most popular D.A.D. song ever, but no.  The rest of the band joined the brothers after the song and it was time for the absolute last song for the night in “It’s After Dark” with Pedersen on lead vocals. Pedersen said it was sad to say goodbye but we’ll see you soon again. It’s one of my absolute favorite D.A.D. songs of all time and I love to hear it live. Pedersen sang is as good as he did on the album numerous years ago and I enjoyed every minute of the song. All together the encores took 25 more minutes and it all ended after “It’s After Dark”. As soon as the band went off the stage the crew began to take down the gear.

Altogether the band was on stage for 1 hour and 45 minutes and the clock was about to strike 10.30 when the band went off stage for this time.


The band did their absolute best on stage and delivered a really great show with an amazing set list filled with great songs. The crowd however was one of the most lame ones I’ve seen at Kulturbolaget for a long while and it was sad that D.A.D. didn’t get more support from the fans. The only thing to mention as a negative when it come to the band and the show is the question of why they insist to extend almost every song with either a guitar solo or a drum solo. What happened with playing a song straight up and down and not adding long guitar solos by Jacob. He’s a talented and skilled musician yes, but we all know that. Sure, it’s fun to see him shine in one or two solos but not in every single song. I had also wished to see Pedersen in his helmet that threw sparks that he normally comes out in at the end of the show. The band hadn’t included any extra things like a moving drum kit at all. But that was also the few things that was a little negative with the show. Otherwise, it was it a great night with great songs even though I maybe had wished to be surprised by a little more rare choice of songs, and not the obvious ones played all of the time. They didn’t play any songs from the SOFT DOGS or SCARE YOURSELF albums, they stuck to JIHAD and RISKIN IT ALL albums. It was fun to hear the mash-up of “Monster Philosophy” and “Trucker” though. I had also wanted to hear the new version of “Counting The Cattle” that the band played during the tour in Denmark.

I congratulate the band to 30 years in the business and I hope that they are going to last for another 30 years 🙂



Set list

Rin Tin Tin (instrumental Intro)
Riskin It All
Ride My Train
Cloudy Hours
Call Of the Wild/Jonnie – Medley
Monster Philosophy/Trucker Mash-up
Grow Or Pay
Something Good
Everything Glows
I Want What She’s Got
Sleeping My Day Away
Bad Craziness
Encores 1
Jihad – No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
I Won’t Cut My Hair
Encores II
Laugh n a half
It’s After Dark



Thanks to Emma Svensson head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with media pass.
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Thanks to the security/staff for a nice treatment.




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