Mustasch with support act Eat The Gun on Thank You For The Demon Scandinavian Tour 2014 Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Mustasch – headline act

Thank You For The Demon Scandinavian Tour 2014
Eat The Gun – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
21/3 – 2014

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Gothenburg finest Mustasch is back for the attack with their brand new studio album titled THANK YOU FOR THE DEMON. In between the release of their last release SOUNDS LIKE HELL, LOOKS LIKE HEAVEN and the new album entered the singer Ralf Gyllenhammar the Swedish Eurovision Music Contest where he came pretty far. This new album is also the first one where the new drummer Jejo Perkovic participates as a member. The only two remaining original members today are Gyllenhammar and bassist Mats “Stam” Johansson. The tour began in Finland where the band did 5 shows before it was time to head over to Sweden. For some reason the band didn’t play in Denmark and Norway on this tour at all. Mustasch are one of those bands who have toured themselves to success and everywhere the band comes the fans turns up. And it’s not only the ordinary hardrock crowd that have taken the band to their hearts but also more “common” people and it seems like their music some how appeals to the large mass of people. For some reason is now Gyllenhammar wearing a wig on stage and his usual mohawk has been replaced by something that looks like a rug. Eat The Gun was the name of the support act which is a band I’d never heard before.

The support act was scheduled to begin their show at 8 o clock and Mustasch had to finish off their show at 11 and after that was it time for the night club to kick off. I arrived to the club at 7 when the doors opened and the club was quickly jammed with people. I think that the show was almost sold out and luckily I could spot a photo pit. The time went pretty fast and so was it time for the support act to kick off the evening.

Eat The Gun

The band went on stage and faced the scattered claps from the audience. The band played three songs after which the singer/guitarist thanked for the support and introduced the band. Eat The Gun is a three piece act from Germany and plays a kind of light version of Danko Jones rock n roll. The band consisted of some competent musicians and I actually found their music quite appealing to be honest. The crowd seemed however be more interested in drinking beer and talking to each other rather than looking at the band. Eat The Gun’s show lasted 35 minutes and I think the band did a good job as support act. Maybe the singer could have been a little more powerful in his voice and appearance but over all did the band do an OK performance.


The crew began to prepare the stage for Mustasch and I could see that it was not only Gyllenhammar that had a small box beside his micstand to have his foot on but all of the three front men had boxes. The atmosphere became more and more intense the closer we came for the show to start and it was really crowded inside the venue. Suddenly the pause music faded out and the club turned black. The intro began and the Mustasch walked on to the stage.

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The fans screamed even more when the band walked on to the stage and the show began right away with a new song from the new album, the song was “Feared And Hated”. “Borderline” followed instantly and Gyllenhammar had as always the crowd with him from the very start. He is one of the most charismatic front men I’ve seen on a live stage for many years. “Homophobic/Alcoholic” continued the show and the fans kept on jumping, screaming and singing along with Gyllenhammar through out the entire show. Mustasch is:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar

Mats “Stam” Johansson – bass

David Johannesson  – guitar

Jejo Perkovic – drums

Contrary to what he use to do didn’t Gyllenhammar run around like a maniac from the very start, now it took a while until he softened up and behaved in good old manors. From the start it was the other members that moved around while Gyllenhammar stood with one foot on the box singing and talking. He seemed to be really happy with the warm respond the band got from the crazy crowd. “I Hunt Alone” followed and once again did the fans sing a long with Gyllenhammar during the entire song. The song is one of the classic Mustasch songs and while the band played did smoke come out from the smoke machine behind Perkovic covering the stage in smoke. Gyllenhammar thanked the fans for the support and said that Malmoe was looking fine tonight. Since he is a huge soccer fan he congratulated the fans to the first place in the national cup that Malmoes hometeam won. He also congratulated to the first place in the hockey cup and said that next year it was time for his favorite soccer team to take the number one position which made the crowd boo for him. It’s always a competition who’s the best between the teams from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe. “Black City” the old hit “Down In Black” and “Mine” continued the show and it seemed like Gyllenhammar was a bit tired of so because he didn’t do the usual jokes he normally do in between the songs.


It was now pretty hot inside the club and the temperature continued to rise when Gyllenhammar said it was time to play the fastest song in the world in “Speed Metal” then “Deep In the Woods” followed. Since Perkovic joined the band I think the music have become more harder leaning towards more metal than stoner like it used to when the former and original drummer Dojan sat behind the drums. Perkovic has got a harder and straight forward play than Dojan who contributed with a more groovy flow. Gyllenhammar wanted to see the fans hands in the air and everyone raised their arms for the band. The crowd was one of the most craziest I’ve seen at Kulturbolaget for a while.  The stage was once again covered in smoke while

“The Mauler” was played which was followed by the mega hit “Double Nature”. That song was one of the most awaited for amongst the fans who went berserk when they heard the opening tones of the song. Gyllenhammar asked if we liked that song and said that if we did we probably also was going to like the next song “Herese Blasphemy” and the song really turned up the heat inside the venue a little bit extra. Gyllenhammar took a look at the crowd on his left and smiled and asked if they weren’t going to stop taking pictures and look at the show instead. He then spotted a few fans that had a gruff going on and said that no one was going to fight at his concert because hardrock is about love and booze and not fighting. The classical “Bring Me Everyone” continued the show and it as followed by the equally great tune “I Hate To Dance” which Gyllenhammar kicked off with doing a few disco moves and performed without his guitar. The song included a drum and guitar solo and most of the songs were extended by guitar solos. Gyllenhammar and Johanesson disappeared from the stage letting Johansson doing a bass solo accompanied by Perkovic on drums. When the solo was done Johansson went over to the mic and said Thank you Malmoe, and that ended the show.


The fans shouted back the band for encore because 65 minutes of Mustasch music wasn’t enough. Johannesson was the first one up on stage and he fired off the first encore “6:36”. The next encore was the title track to the new album “Thank You For The Demon” and even though the new album hasn’t been out for long the fans had learnt the lyrics to them anyway. That song ended the encores for this time and Gyllenhammar thanked the fans once again. As soon as the song had come to its end came the outro “We Built This City” by Starship out from the speakers and another great show at Kulturbolaget had reached its end. Everyone went off stage except for Gyllenhammar who remained solid encouraging the fans to sing a long in the outro song with him. By then 15 more minutes had passed and it was only for the audience and me to head out from the club and home.

Mustasch was as solid as ever and did another great performance. Gyllenhammar had totally cut out his talk about alcohol and girls in between the songs and it felt like he was a little bit tired this evening. It was nice to see and hear that Johannesson and Johansson had been given a little more space in the music and Johannesson did almost every one of the guitar solos in the songs. Perkovic and Johansson contributed with a heavy groove and a solid base to stand on for the rest of the band and even though it felt like the band have become a little more serious in their approach these past years they still have fun on stage and invites the fans to have a good time with them.


I had wished to hear more classical songs, 5 new songs from the new album was played and the album contains 9 tracks, but it was nice to hear the good old “Homophobic/Alcoholic” live. I had also wished to hear more songs from the mid-era of the band. The only negative thing with the show was the short playing time – 80 minutes was too short and why extend the songs with so many long guitar solos? I think that if you’re going to headline you should play at least 90 minutes including encores. I had wished for a little more Mustasch music but it was over all another great Gyllenhammar show. The band like to tour so I think they’re going to tour more, if the band comes to your town do not miss them.



Set list


Feared And Hated



I Hunt Alone

Black City

Down In Black


Speed Metal

Deep In The Woods

The Mauler

Double Nature

Heresy Blasphemy

Bring Me Everyone

I Hate To Dance



Thank You For The Demon

We Built This City ( Starship ) Outro


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Thanks to Emma Svensson head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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Thanks to the security/staff for a nice treatment. Always a pleasure to visit Kulturbolaget.

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