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Nosturi, Helsinki 19.3.2014

 Article and pics by Arto Lehtinen

This four band package for a Wednesday evening is definitely temptation when two of them enjoy a cult following among fans. The turnout for the gig is kind of expected when app. 200 people had crawled to witness all the bands in action.

The opening band from Estonia, Cantilena, had to play in front of 30 people, well the opening slot for rather an unknown band can be nothing but merciless. The audience followed the band playing with a complimentary distance from the stage. The Estonian metallers are skilled with their instruments, but songs sounded quite weak and were in needs of having certain developments and improvements.

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Bloodride conquered the stage to unleash a lesson in old school thrash. The middle aged thrash veterans delivered a good deal with catchy songs raging from the melodic to a neck breaking riff onslaught. The vocals got swallowed into the background even though the frontman tormented his lungs and throat.  Though the Bloodride guys are kind of metal veterans in terms of longevity in the Finnish scene, and the guys are skilled with their instruments, but occasionally the songs sounded like they were leading nowhere with a softer approach. Instead, the thrashing furious songs sounded extremely catchy.  Bloodride still pulled through a nice set, but where was the pit ?

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Exhumed have become regular visitors here during the past few years. The grinding goresters unleashed an extreme pungent carcass stench of a set. The four piece hacked and mauled the audience with all guts and gore brutality. Exhumed as well offered a bit of humor aspects on the stage when the doctor-looking pathologist occasionally ran to the stage with the chainsaw and tried to resurrect the guitarist by making him drink beer. Exhumed’s set was grinding raging brutality from the beginning to the end, offering a pure gorelust and splatter with the humor aspects filled up.

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The headliner, Toxic Holocaust, is mainly guided by the band’s mastermind Joel with back-up forces. They unleashed a neck breaking thrash attack. The trio rushed the set thru 60 minutes with an intensive grip. It felt after Exhumed’s grinding that Toxic Holocaust sounded quite soft. However, the three piece’s relentless and simple riffs sounded pure Toxic Holocaust’s crossover of punk and thrash caused a chaotic maelstrom on the floor, when kids arranged a contest of running in a circle. Especially the furious thrash attack blazed the young kids into a ballistic reaction whereas more the mid-tempo based songs calmed the audience down. The kids didn’t go over the wall to conquer the stage like what happened a few years back. Joe and Toxic Holocaust will be seen on the Finnish soil in future for sure.

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