Heart – Magazine (SACD)

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Magazine (SACD)
2014, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 5

Heart’s classic album MAGAZINE featuring the hit “Heartless” gets the royal treatment from audiophile label; Audio Fidelity. As with other releases from this label a lot of care goes into the mastering to make sure the listener gets the best audio experience possible.

Being a casual Heart fan this album was of interest to me as I only recognized “Heartless” from the tracklist, or so I thought. After a quick listen I had to start over and give it a proper listen, paying full attention to the sounds that were coming from my speakers. The clarity of Ann’s voice makes the hair on your arms stand up. In all my years of hearing Heart music being played on the radio and on my home system have I ever heard it sound this good. Nancy’s guitar is mixed just right and is equally as clear. On a song such as “ Just The Wine” and even the title track you can almost hear the fingers rub against the strings it is that clear.

Musically this album has it all from straight forward Rock to soft mellow tracks and even some Blues in places.  A diverse collection of songs that work well next to one another. For the Heart fan that already has this in your collection I believe this may be the best it has ever sounded. For those casual fans like myself that are only familiar with the hits then this is the place to start if you want to dive deeper into their catalog.