Interview with Alan Costa of AC Angry

Interview with AC Angry

by Helias


Welcome to the latest ‘angry’ installment where we delve into the head of Alan Costa and their new elaboration, BLACK DENIM. We touched on many issues like their influences on the new album, some deplorable events, Michael Jackson, and many more… Hello, Alan, how are you? First of all, congratulations on your official debut album “Black Denim” which was released one month ago. Of course I’d like to ask you a couple of questions about it below.

Hey, Helias, I’m fine, thank you very much! I’m looking forward to your questions! That’ s great, and here it begins! Which are the main influences on the ‘AC ANGRY’?

I’d say classic Rock ‘n’ Roll like Motörhead mixed with some newer stuff like Danko Jones, Backyard Babies and Turbonegro. Add some 80s-Metal influences and there you go! You have only one word to describe the entire ‘AC ANGRY’ career? Which word would that be? And why?

You ripped that question from the Movie “Some Kind of Monster” huh? 🙂 Well, we’re still a newcomer and try to have a career, so ask me again in the future. What does the ‘AC ANGRY’ name mean for you?

We wanted a name that sounded like kick-ass Rock ‘n’ Roll. To us AC ANGRY sounds like an American muscle-car going at full throttle. It also can be interpreted as raging power, with the AC meaning alternative current. How did you get into playing music?

My mother kind of forced me to do it when I was kid ☺….No, joke aside: she first booked me some piano lessons and after a year she asked me if I wanted to continue and I said “Yeah, but I wanna play guitar”. I was 6 years old. When I was 14 I quit lessons, bought myself an electric guitar and started my first band.

AC_Angry What do you do when you are not playing with the band?

As we concentrate fully on the band, we really have no spare time. But that’s cool. We love what we do. What’s your opinion on other kinds of music?

We obviously have a soft spot for Rock ‘n’ Roll and old-school Metal, but we are open towards all kinds of music. We enjoy mostly handcrafted music, not so much electronic stuff. Which are the plans of ‘AC ANGRY’ for the future?

As we released our debut record and did five tours in the last 12 months, we will continue this way and tour as much as possible to promote the album. Besides of that, we will soon start to work on the follow-up to “Black Denim”. Do you know any Greek metal band? Is there any Greek metal bands that you really like or want to share the stage?

We know Firewind, the band of Gus G, who is playing for Ozzy Osbourne. And then there are Suicidal Angels from Athens. Those are great bands, but we have yet to find a great Rock ‘n’ Roll band coming from Greece! Well, you released your new album ‘Black Denim’. Please tell us about the approach that you have chosen to create this album and production of the album. What’s the feedback of the new record till now?

We wrote “Black Denim” with the intention of releasing a kick-ass Rock ‘n’ Roll album, which will give listeners a good time. We wanted the songs catchy and to the point. As far as the production goes, we went for a modern and punchy sound but still with some dirt in it. It turned out great and the feedback we get is enthusiastic for the biggest part, which means a lot to us. Can you tell me a little more about the lyrics, did anything particular inspire you?

The lyrics are of course full of clichés and are not to be taken 100% serious. I try to transport the Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude with the lyrics. You know: “get drunk, get laid, have a good time and don’t give a fuck”. Our lyrics are highly ironic and are supposed to have attitude and balls. Our opinion is, if you’re playing in a kick as rock band the lyrics should be badass, too. How important is it to you that people pay attention to your lyrics apart from listening to your music?

The funny thing about especially our lyrics is, that some people take them 100% serious and feel offended or something like that. Those people take themselves way too serious, that’s their main problem. 🙂 If such people feel offended by our lyrics: great, haha! Because Rock ‘n’ Roll for us means that you should not take yourself too serious. But most of the people like our lyrics and understand the irony. So to answer your question: people should not pay too much attention to our lyrics but if they do, don’t take them too serious and have fun listening to them. And now I would like to discuss about some deplorable events. We are in the end of 2013 (the interview has been done in December 2013) and three big metal personas have passed away… Ronnie James Dio, Peter Steele and Paul Grey (SLIPKNOT) and finaly Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER) . Are the last 4 years the most depressing years of heavy metal?

They all were musical heroes and it’s always more than sad when people have to go to soon, like when Dimebag Darrell of Pantera was shot, for example. The best way to honor them is keeping their music alive. Many months have already passed after Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER) passing away. What would you like to say about that?

Slayer rules, that’s it! On a more serious note, it’s sad as he was only 49 when he passed away. He wrote some of my favorite Slayer songs. What do you think of today’s music industry in general?

Maybe the music industry changed in the last decade, but not everything took a bad turn. Music will always be there and so will be the industry. As a band you have to adapt to the changes.

AC_Angry_2-0b113163 Is technology part of your life or are you still a “romantic”?

Well, as a musician computer technology is very useful in terms of recording and stuff like that. But when it comes to listening, I still enjoy good old vinyl records. I have beholden that heavy metal changes through the decades. Heavy and Thrash metal dominated over in 80’s, Death, Black and Power metal in 90’s and Metalcore and Nu Metal in the 00’s in general. 2010 was the beginning sign of the new decade. What do you see for the future?

It seems like vintage retro-rock is dominating the scene at this time. But I don’t think it will last for a decade. In general I consider timeless music as the most important. What’s your opinion on downloading?

I’m sick and tired of all the complaining. Downloading music is a huge part of this period in time. It will not go away. We have to adapt to the changes and stop complaining. There are still many bands that make a living out of music and become huge, despite downloading. And especially in our genre there are still a lot of people who buy records and more importantly go to concerts and buy merch. So the situation is not as bad as a lot of people say. If you could pick only one musician to work with, who would that be and why?

I cannot narrow this down to a single person, I’m sorry. All I can say is that it would be great to have some of my heroes on one of our future records as guest musicians. Could you respond to the following terms in just one word or sentence:

Thrash metal: Slayer, Reign in Blood.

Greece: Hellas

Politics: Fuck that!

Black Sabbath: One of the best bands in the world.

Prison break (tv series): T-Bag

Michael Jackson: Great songwriter Thank you for this interview. I wish to ‘AC ANGRY’ all the best!!!


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