Wynken Delirium ; Malaysia – Finland metal coalition

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Wynken Delirium, a band hailing from Malaysia, is being hit by Finnish tsunami. A wave of loud enforcements invaded the band lineup in form of Aki Häkkinen, lead singer of Quake the Earth and formerly of Grinister and Perfect Chaos, and Pena Penttinen of Hammerhed. These guys took this situation over like vikings and handle the vocals of Wynken Delirium from now on.

Band’s third studio album is in works and some of the recordings will take place in Finland. The present lineup of Wynken Delirium is a combination of Finnish insanity and… well, Malaysian insanity. As a literal groundbreaker this project brings together two nations from other sides of the planet in form of brutal and groovy metal spiced up with hypnotic ethnic elements. Underground has only one language and that language is attitude.

The first chance to see this combo live will be in Asia already in March, and they will make a small tour in Finland most likely later this year. Wynken Delirium is not a new comer to the scene, same bunch of people have been together since 2004 and toured actively around Asia. They have shared the stage with bands like Arch Enemy, Havoc, Noxa, The Ghost Inside and many others. Wynken Delirium has a strong reputition as a energetic live band in it’s own part of the world.

Now the bar is raised and the whole package will be stirred nicely so it’ll be more brutal than ever.


Interviews/info/promo pictures
Aki / aki@wildblood.fi (Finland)
Pena / Uglypena@yahoo.com (Finland)
Zaihas / townshed@rocketmail.com (Malaysia)