Krymzon – Origins…

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Reviewed: February 2014
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Krymzon are a new act from Ohio and a couple years back they released their debut album called ORIGINS. They are about to release album number two so I thought I’d get in on the ground floor and check out the debut.

ORIGINS… is a nice simple package, not much in the way of cover art, just an understated shot of bands logo on black. On the inside tray they have another logo which to me looks very much like the Skinless logo. That is not to imply that it is a rip-off, just noticing the similarity between the two, both featuring the classic death Metal style font, white bones (or twigs) with hints of red on black. It looks great, I think they should have used their ‘Special K’ logo n the font. The booklet is decent with a couple pages of lyrics, band photo and notes.

After a very creepy, atmospheric intro called ‘Hell’s Purgatory’ complete with sound effects and screams the nine track album takes off and doesn’t look back! The production is decent for an independent release. This quartet rips through nine songs (plus the aforementioned intro) in just under an hour and ORIGINS… is a very intense album.

It took me a while to write this review because I hard a tougher time wrapping my head around how to describe the sound. ORIGINS is hard to categorize, which is a good thing perhaps. I hear Death Metal, some thrash, some slightly modern influences (thankfully not too many of those) a bit of 90’s groove, again not too much and a even a hint of hardcore sensibilities, perhaps most evident in the vocal delivery of lead throat, Wise. He moves confidently between singing, barks, shouting, the occasional injection of spoken word parts and a nice guttural Death Metal growl. I mean, this guy is all over the map and it is a very interesting and diverse vocal style. You can hear all of those styles in the same song on cuts like ‘Exousia’ and it works really well. The lyrics he sings are above average, intelligent and thoughtful not just descriptions of gore.

If I had to try to pigeon-hole Krymzon, I’d default to a term like Death-Thrash but musically there is so much more to it than that. ORIGINS… is a formidable debut and I’m curious to see what the new album will hold in store.


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Track Listing:
1. Hell\’s Purgatory
2. From Illusion To Insanity
3. The Foe In Question
4. Legions Of Verity
5. Exousia
6. Origins
7. Abide By Denial
8. Aphorisms Of Shame
9. Pernicious Warfare
10. The Converging

Ron Wise-Vocals
Joey VanDine-Guitar
Jake Besenti-Bass
Ryan Arter-Drums