Destroyers of All to release their debut EP, “Into The Fire ”

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he first steps of the Portuguese band date back to the end of the year 2011, when Guilherme (ex-Seventh Seal , ex-Out of Me and Tales for the Unspoken), Alexandre (Strikeback) and Filipe (Existence:Vøid, Antichthon, ex-Imperivm, ex-Crystalline Darkness) decided to invest and focus on a common ancient desire: to create a musical project different from what they had done until then.

Mixing diverse musical influences from various styles like Thrash, Death, and even Black metal, to the Hard Rock and Progressive Metal feeling… Quickly the first rehearsals began, and thus, the first compositions of Destroyers of All were born.

As time went by, the vocalist position was filled by João Mateus, a friend of the members, who agreed to accept the invitation to join the group, showing up ready for the challenge. Already with a stable lineup, and the songs taking shape, a consensus was reached that another guitarist would be necessary to complete the desired sonority of the band. It was then that Guilherme took the reins of the second guitar and Bruno da Silva (Antichthon) filled the bassist position.

With the lineup complete, it didn’t take long for Destroyers of All to release their debut EP, entitled “ Into The Fire ” and they will storm the extreme music scene!!

Track listing:

1. Beginning of the end
2. Soul Retrieval
3. into the fire
4. M4
5. astral Projection
6. nothing left

» Filipe Gomes (Drums)
» Bruno da Silva (Bass)
» Guilherme Busato (Guitar)
» Alexandre Correia (Guitar)
» João Mateus (Vocals)

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