Dave Silver – Vocalist of Savage Messiah

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Interview with Dave Silver of Savage Messiah

by Helias


Metal-Rules.com: Hello, Dave, how are you? Where are you checking in from today?

Hello! I’m doing most fine thank you, just getting to grips with the spectacular British winter.

Metal-Rules.com: What are the main influences for Savage Messiah?

Mostly it’s bands like Maiden, Priest, Metallica etc…I could get into a list-a-thon of obscure bands, but the truth is, it’s the classics that serve as our bread and butter…that and a lot of Jaegermeister.

Metal-Rules.com: If you had only one word to describe the entire Savage Messiah catalog, which word would that be? And why? 

Praxeological – Because we are humans, and thus we act, and our catalog is a representation of that action.

Metal-Rules.com: What does the ‘Savage Messiah’ name mean for you? Is there any potential christian or anti-christian message? 

No, I am an atheist, but that didn’t influence the name of the band at all. I was up late watching television, and on the Sky guide there was a film advertised called “Savage Messiah” and I thought, “Cool title, I might use that”, and it ended up being the band name. Like most things, the thought process doesn’t extend much beyond “that’s cool”, so I could assign pretentious explanations as to its meaning, but I think the true story is more amusing.

Savage Messiah Band Photo

Metal-Rules.com: How did you get into playing music?

Mostly through my dad, who is an avid metal head and record collector, so he indoctrinated me into the ways of heavy metal. I just grew up listening to Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, so it was the most normal thing in the world for me to start playing and writing my own interpretations of the heavy metal genre.

Metal-Rules.com: What do you do when you are not playing with the band?

Mostly I spend a lot of time learning about Austrian Economics, and I like watching a lot of lectures produced by the Mises institute. They’re available to anyone on Youtube, and if you’re interested in learning the true nature of what’s going on in the world today (economically speaking), the Austrian school offers the most logical explanations. That’s not conspiratorial incidentally, there’s merely a confusion of economic philosophy in the world today, which is causing all kinds of insane behavior, and the Austrian School has the most plausible explanations about why and what should be done.

Metal-Rules.com: What’s your opinion on other kinds of music?

I have a pretty varied taste in music, so I’m up for mostly anything. The only sort of music that just doesn’t interest me is electronic stuff, dance, mainstream pop. I don’t say that it shouldn’t exist, I just don’t find much to latch onto.

Metal-Rules.com: What are the plans for Savage Messiah in the future?

Hit the road, and stay there! And then keep writing heavy metal songs that make you want to pound your fist in the air, get drunk and throw yourself into the nearest person in an otherwise completely insane manner.

Metal-Rules.com: Do you know any Greek metal acts? Are there any Greek metal bands that you really like or want to share the stage with?

Sure, I listen to bands like Firewind, Nightrage etc…and we toured with Suicidal Angels once. Greece has a strong metal heart, and I hope that we play there very soon!

Metal-Rules.com: What’s different about this latest album compared to the previous one? Please tell us about the approach that you have chosen to create this album and production of the album. What’s the feedback for the new record?

It’s mostly just a more focused, cohesive and definitive statement about how we want Savage Messiah to sound. I’m still proud of our other records, but I think objectively speaking it’s fair to say that our newest one is our strongest, which is a pleasing trajectory. So far people seem to agree with that analysis, so here’s hoping people continue to get into the record and support the band!

Savage Messiah PHOTO

Metal-Rules.com: Can you tell me a little more about the lyrics, did anything in particular inspire you?

Lyrically, I tend to take inspiration from my surroundings (the world, politics), but then on this record, we got some comic book influences in there with tracks like “Hellblazer” and “The Cursed Earth”. I can pretty much find lyric subject matter anywhere, and I usually start out with the intention of having lyrics that sound “metal”, if you know what I mean.

Metal-Rules.com: How important is it to you that people pay attention to your lyrics, in addition to listening to your music?

It’s not really that important to me, I sing with a more or less “clear” tone, so hopefully my diction is good enough that people can understand the lyrics if they choose to listen, but it’s all personal choice.


Metal-Rules.com: We are in the beginning of 2014, and a few big metal personas have already passed away: Ronnie James Dio, Peter Steele, Paul Grey, and Jeff Hanneman, to name a few. Are the past couple of years the most depressing years of heavy metal? 

No, death is the inevitable consequence of life, and all things come to an end. Those musicians that you mentioned have an incredible legacy, and will be celebrated for years to come, as their music rightfully deserves to be.

Metal-Rules.com: After the retirement of the classic “Big Four” of Thrash, which bands would probably replace them?

Very hard to say! I mean, who can replace Metallica? It’s the immutable law of the market that one day someone will out compete them, but who that will be and when that will be is impossible to predict.

Metal-Rules.com: What do you think of today’s music industry in general?

I think it’s far too conservative, people are so afraid to take risks in the music industry today. Everyone wants the guaranteed hit and revenue stream, but it doesn’t always work like that.

Metal-Rules.com: Is technology part of your life or are you still a “romantic”?

I’m a tech head for sure! I’d be lost without my iPhone!

Metal-Rules.com: Heavy metal changes throughout the decades. Heavy and Thrash metal dominated the 80’s, Death, Black and Power metal in 90’s, and Metalcore and Nu Metal in the 00’s. 2010 was the beginning of the new decade. What do you see for the future?

Hopefully an enlightening of opinion and the mutual understanding that all metal genres and sub-genres can co-exist and share a fan base.

Metal-Rules.com: What’s your opinion on downloading?

Legal downloading is good, it’s a decent format for owning music due to its convenience. Illegal downloading is not so good, but now that the genie is out of the bottle, how do we contain it? I think it’s more of a representation of an overall decline in living standards that a lot of people simply no longer have the disposable income to spend on entertainment, particularly when you factor in the cost of music and the competition for sales in the market, so they download illegally. Personally I would hate to see the government getting involved with Internet sanctions etc…That’s not the answer, and looking at the inefficiency of the government would probably result in even more piracy, but it would almost certainly result in a distinct restriction on liberty and that would be detrimental for everyone.

Metal-Rules.com: If you could pick one musician to collaborate with, who would that be and why?

Steve Harris! An amazing bassist and writer, and it would be amazing to work with him!

Metal-Rules.com: Thank you for this interview. I wish Savage Messiah all the best!!!