Best of 2013 – Arto Lehtinen

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Best of 2013 – Arto Lehtinen

1. Voivod – Target Earth

VoiVod - Target Earth
VoiVod – Target Earth

The mighty Voivod has set new boundaries for metal since WAR AND PAIN came out. When the  legendary guitarist Denis “Snake” …. passed away, releasing a new album was entirely mystery. However Voivod with the recruited new guitarist toured heavily all around and questions about  a new album started emerging. Target Earth is an awesome album and definitely worth for every  Voivod fan to bang for Kluskap O’Kom.

2. Carcass – Surgical Steel


Before Carcass reunited, Jeff Walker strongly insisted there will no new album at all. Some years passed by and we have got nothing, but an amazing album with killer songs with the Carcass trademarks. Surgical Steel blows every skeptical one away and proves Carcass is back.

3. InSolitude – Sister

In Solitude – Sister
In Solitude – Sister

I was already blown away by the previous InSolitude opus and was definitely eager to get a hold of their new opus titled Sister. The album is a real twisted metal opus when Mercyful Fate meets Cure.

4. Hell – Curse And Chapter

5. Onslaught – IV

6. Vorum – Poisoned Void

7. Warlord – Holy Empire

8. Motorhead – Aftershock

9. Coffins – Fleshland

10. Queensryche- S/t

11. Sodom – Epitome Of Torture

12. Inquistion – Obscure Verses For Multiverse

13. Autopsy – The Headless Ritual

14. Jex Thoth – Blood Moon Rises

15. Amon Amarth – Deceiver Of The Gods

16. The Devils Blood – III Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven

17. Black Sabbath – 13

18. Rotting Christ – Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy

19. Ashes Of Ares – Ashes Of Ares

20. Watain – The Wild Hunt


Best Live Album

Machine Head -Machine Fucking Head Live
The Bay Area groove bulldozer metallers are extremely murderous and vital on the stage. The four piece’s aggression and head blowing riff with the heavy grip have been managed to capture on this new live album.

Best EP

1. Ghost – If You Have The Ghost
Even Though the second album got a massive buzz, but somehow this eccentric EP with cover tunes sounded quite weird as produced by David Grohl. Even though the Ep was recorded in 2012, but saw the dark of the night in 2013

2. Ranger – Knights Of Darkness
The Finnish power speed squad came out of blue, getting nothing utter huge praises all around.

Best Concert

1. Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower
Bolt Thrower

The British death warmachine Bolt Thrower came and conquered the Tuska Open Air festival by offering the utter lethal set of the brutal and nihilistic songs from the long career. Bolt Thrower was one of the required and demanded bands to Tuska.

 2. Asphyx


The Dutch death metal veterans had been booked by the Roadburn organization to perform the heaviest and doomiest songs. The gig turned out to be a real ear ripping death metal blitzkrieg with Martin Van Drunen’s raw and barbaric growling.

3. Candlemass


The Swedish doom metal veterans went through the singer change when Robert Lowe dismissed and the band’s long time friend Mats Leven stepped in. The six piece unleashed the real epicus doomicus and above all metallicus gigs at both Swedenrock and Hammer Open Air.

Best new band


1. Vorum – Poisoned Void
 All right labeling Vorum a new band is truly unfair, but the band’s debut album POISONED VOID is a strong piece of evidence of the true brutal death metal is still alive.

2. Ashes Of Ares – S/T
AOA is kind of super-group featuring ex-members of Iced Earth and Nevermore. The album is a pure heavy metal from the beginning to the end.

Best Discovery

being the Finnish power/speed metal on steroids. The four piece metal squad definitely kicks ass  hard and fast with the catchy riffs. All the old school metal bangers.

Major events in the Metal world

  1.  The premature loss of the Slayer guitarist Jeff Hannemann
  2. KRK called its quits. (No Hammer Open Air, No Black Flames Of Blasphemy)

Predictions for 2013

  1. Killer Line-up of Jalometalli 2014 can be expected
  2. Dark Angel returns
  3. Emperor returns