Amon Amarth with support act Carcass and Hell on Deceiver Of the Gods European Tour 2013 – Scandinavian leg at Kulturbolaget Malmoe,Sweden


Amon Amarth

Deceiver Of the Gods European Tour 2013 – Scandinavian leg
Carcass (Special guest)
Hell (Support act)

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
6/12 – 2013

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

amon_amarth_carcass_tour_poster_kb_2013The heaviest Christmas gift was definitively the tour package that consisted of the three acts:  Amon Amarth, Carcass and Hell. They  stopped by Malmo and Kulturbolaget at the end of 2013. Amon Amarth released their brand new album DECEIVER OF THE GODS before they headed out on tour and many of the people at the club was here only to see Amon Amarth. The tour ended a few days later in Helsinki, Finland and that marked the end of a long tour that contained 25 shows in several countries around Europe. Because of the nightclub after the show, the doors opened early at 7.00 and Hell was the first act out 30 minutes later. The day before the show, a storm swept in over Malmo and Sweden and it was a bit uncertain if the bands were going to make it over the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo that closed during the night.

Luckily the bands got over safe and was able to be on stage as scheduled. I was one of the first ones at the club but the people started to pile in pretty soon. The place got full pretty quickly and I guess that almost all of the 850 tickets were almost sold. Luckily there was a photo pit so we could take pictures, otherwise there would not be many pictures from the shows because of the crazy audience. I have to admit that I have never given Hell much attention, I mostly know them by name but I was eager to see what they were going to do live. Because of the tight time schedule, the place went dark right on time and Hell entered the stage at 7.30.


“Gehennae Incendiis” could be heard in the speakers while the members made their entrance and as soon as the band had played the intro for real the singer, Bower, showed up. “The Age of Nefarious” continued the show immediately and because of the narrow space on stage was it mostly Bower that moved around. Bower said it was nice to meet the Swedish fans again and introduced the song “On Earth As It Is In Hell”. Hell are:

David Bower – lead vocals

Kev Bower – guitar

Tim Bowler – drums

Andy Sneap – guitar

Tony Speakman – bass

Bower looked really theatrical on stage and he crawled around on the stage floor, starred at the audience, and had a very intense approach overall. Bower went off stage in the middle of the show and returned without his shirt on and with a white whip and he climbed up on the speakers while he used the whip on himself. He then jumped down in the pit, grabbed a fan in the audience and sang a few lines in the pit before he headed back up on the stage again.

“Blasphemy And the Master” continued the show and the best way to describe the music would be classical NWOBHM with hints of power metal vocals. The band felt really tight and solid as a unit and especially Sneap and guitarist Bowers completed each other perfect. However, the brightest shining star on stage was the vocalist. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” taken from the brand new album CURSE AND CHAPTER followed and the fans clapped and screamed as loud as they could. Unfortunately, the lighting situation wasn’t ultimate. The one who always had lights on him was of course the singer while the rest of the band mostly stood in darkness playing. The stage was also covered in smoke most of the time so it was a bit hard to take proper pictures. That wasn’t something that the fans thought of and they screamed happily when they heard “The Quest”. Bower thanked the fans for the great support and said that the last song for the night was “Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us”. As soon as the song was finished went the band of stage while waving to the happy fans. 25 minutes of music treated Hell us with and it was 25 minutes of madness and great songs.

Set list

Long Live Rock’n’Roll (intro)

Gehennae Incendiis

The Age Of Nefarious

On Earth As It Is In Hell

Blasphemy And The Master

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Quest

Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us

It was a great show with a very charismatic singer that really lifted the show a notch. The crew began to prepare the stage for the band that I had come to see. Carcass!! Even more people had come to the club and it started to get a bit crowded and hot inside the venue by now. Most people I knew and met was there to see Carcass, at least the people in my age. The younger ones were there to see Amon Amarth. A new backdrop came up with the cover art of the new brilliant album SURGICAL STEEL. On each side of the drums two video screens were raised and the longer it took the more the anticipation amongst the people increased. After 15 short minutes was it so time for the long awaited Carcass to conquer Kulturbolaget.



The fans welcomed the band warmly and both Walker and Steer smiled when they saw the happy faces of the fans. “Buried Dreams” kicked off the show and from the very beginning went the fans crazy. There was no doubt about that Carcass was really longed for amongst the Malmoe fans. “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” followed and Steer, Walker and Ash head-banged themselves throughout most of the show. Carcass is:

Jeff Walker – lead vocals, bass

Bill Steer – lead guitar

Daniel Wilding – drums

Ben Ash – guitar

Walker thanked the fans for the support and said that it was time for a track from the new album SURGICAL STEEL. It was “Unfit For Human Consumption” and it felt like the fans loved the current songs as much as the old ones. “This Mortal Coil” followed and as soon as the song was over clapped the fans their hands and raised their voices for Carcass. Walker looked really cool on stage and it was almost hard to see Steer’s face for all the headbanging he got going on. Walker said that the band hadn’t been in Malmo for over 20 years and that it was really nice to be back. He thanked everyone for coming to the show despite the storm that was raging outside the walls of Kulturbolaget. Overall, Walker didn’t do much talking instead he let the music talk.


So it again was time for a new song with “Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System”. The two video screens showed various morbid things during the show like dead bodies, war-casualties and so on. The time had come for the band to play a song from 1988 with “Genital Grinder” taken from their debut album REEK OF PUTREFACTION. That was followed instantly by “Exhume To Consume” taken from the second album SYMPHONIES OF SICKNESS from 1989 so it was a short medley of old classic tunes. The audience loved the songs and Walker sang them as good as ever. Steer did a brilliant job on guitar and it was almost as it was back in the late 80’s early 90’s when I last saw them live. The new comers Wilding did a good solid job behind the drums and Ash delivered some really edgy and razorsharp guitar riffs. “Corporal Jigsore Quandary” continued the show the show that soon was about to end. The heat had risen and it was really hot inside the club by now.

The sound was a bit poor at the back of the club and the vocals felt like it was put too low in the mix. However, it sounded great in the front and the crazy kids at the front of the stage didn’t seem to care about that. They wanted to mosh and jump around. One of the guys in the crowd ran up on stage and dived into the crowd and he did that so fast that the security hardly saw what happened. Walker once again thanked the fans for the amazing support and fired of “Captive Bolt Pistol”. Walker said thank you on Swedish and announced the last song for the night which was “Ruptured In Purulence” but the band only played about half of the song and then they switched to “Heartwork” instead which ended the evening. The audience shouted for more music but the band was on a schedule and couldn’t play anything more.

Set list

1985 (intro)

Buried Dreams

Incarnated Solvent Abuse

Unfit For Human Consumption

This Mortal Coil

Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System

Genital Grinder/Exhume To Consume

Corporal Jigsore Quandary

Captive Bold Pistol

Ruptured In Purulence/Heartwork

I also wanted to hear more from Carcass but I guess we had to settle with 45 minutes of molestation. The set list was brilliant and I think that SURGICAL STEEL is one of the best albums from 2013. The band seemed to have a good time on stage and that rubbed off on the fans. It was an amazing show and I wondered how Amon Amarth was going to top this off.

While the crew began to dismantle the stage and make it ready for the headline act I noticed that many of the people grabbed their coats and left the club. However, as many people came into the club and soon was the place jammed with people again. Now came the fans who wanted to listen and see Amon Amarth and the club must have been close to sold out. Pretty high up on stage stood a drum kit and a few stair-steps led down to the stage. A backdrop was placed behind the drums and on each side stood two rune-stones that were lit up in the middle by green and red rune-signs. You could feel the excitement in the air and for every roadie that showed up on stage the fans screamed happily. It’s not often Amon Amarth is out touring in Sweden so if you like the band it was only to try to grab a hold of a ticket to the show. And finally at about 9.30 was it so time for the Swedish Viking to conquer the Malmo stage.


Amon Amarth

“Father Of The Wolf” marked the beginning of the show and the fans went crazy right from the start. “Deceiver Of the Gods” followed almost instantly and singer Hegg thanked the fans for turning up. He said it was a while since the band was in town and that it was really fun to be playing here again. “Death In Fire” followed and Hegg wanted the fans to scream for the band. Hegg seemed to be really happy with the support and fired of  “Free Will Sacrifice”. Amon Amarth is:

Johan Hegg – lead vocals

Olavi Mikkonen – guitar

Ted Lundstrom – bass

Johan Soderberg – guitar

Fredrik Andersson – drums

Hegg used the entire space on stage to his advantage and moved around during the entire show. He reached out and touched the blessed fans and had them in the palm of his hand from the very start. The runestones lit up and it looked really nice and atmospheric to the music. It felt like the band had put some thought into the backline and it all worked in perfect harmony with the music. “Runes To My Memory” followed and Hegg asked if the audience wanted to jump with the band in the next song. Of course they wanted to do that and everyone began to jump in “Twilight Of The Thunder God”. Hegg thanked for the support and said that it was time to have some more fun in “The Last Stand Of Frej” that kicked off instantly. Smoke was fired off from the edge of the stage in sync to the music which added to the atmosphere.

It felt like the band had a great time on stage and that they were genuinely happy to be in Malmo and meet their fans of the south. Hegg said that the crowd was amazing this night and raised his horn with mead that always hangs in his belt and drank it all. The next song was about two brothers and by that everyone knew what song was “Guardians Of Asgard”. That song made the entire club reach its boiling point and the crowd went totally berserk. Hegg let the fans sing the chorus on their own and Hegg said that the fans were magnificent. “Shape Shifter” and “Warriors Of The North” continued the show and now it showed that the band was under a bit of time pressure.


The club normally hosts a night club after the show, so on weekends the live shows are under a schedule. Hegg congratulated Malmo to winning the national league in soccer and that made the audience scream even louder. “Destroyer Of The Universe”. He then asked if the fans had heard any black bird scream, then followed of course “Cry Of the Black Birds”. The show ended with “War Of the Gods”. By then had the band been on stage for about 80 minutes but the crowd wanted to hear and see more of their favorite band.


It only took a few minutes before the speakers started to roar with thunder and rain and the band returned on the stage. Hegg had a huge hammer with him, the hammer of Thor of course, and he rammed it into the ground. That marked the start of “Twilight Of the Thunder God” and the crowd made a last sweaty attempt to start a mosh pit. Hegg once again let the fans sing the chorus and it seemed like this was the song they had been waiting for. Hegg clapped his hands and saluted the crowd for being so amazing and said that the band hadn’t played for this many people ever in Malmo. Hegg said it was time for the band to leave before the storm had taken over the city totally but before they headed off stage and into the tourbus that was going to take them to Stockholm, the band treated the crowd with one last song in “The Pursuit of The Vikings” which they dedicated to Carcass and Hell. In the middle of the song stopped the music and only bass and drums played while Hegg urged the fans to sing a long. Hegg wasn’t satisfied and told the crowd to sing louder and louder which they did. Finally he was satisfied and the song ended. The band thanked the fans for their support and left the stage and that ended about 95 minutes of music.

Well, what can be said about the gig but that it was amazing!! The Vikings really showed why they are one of the best bands in their genre and it was really nice to see that so much people had turned up despite the bad weather to see Hell, Carcass and Amon Amarth. The light and sound worked perfect during the Amon Amarth show and the backline was one of the best looking once I’ve seen for a long time. This was yet another brilliant night at Kulturbolaget. Amon Amarth is on tour in America at the moment and they’re probably coming over to Europe as well and Carcass is already booked for festival shows in Europe during the summer. This particular show marked the end of 2013 for me and what a way to leave the old year behind!


Set list

Father Of The Wolf

Deceiver Of The Gods

Death In Fire

Free Will Sacrifice

As Loke Falls

Runes to My Memory

Warriors Of Miklagaard

The Last Stand Of Frej

Guardians Of Asgaard

Shape Shifter

Warriors Of The North

Destroyer Of The Universe

Cry Of the Black Birds

War Of The Gods


Twilight Of The Thunder God

The Pursuit Of Vikings



Thanks to Emma Svensson, head of press at Kulturbolaget, for all the help with press/photo pass to the show.

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Thanks to the staff and security at Kulturbolaget, Emma Svensson and the boss Totte Lundgren for a great 2013 at Kulturbolaget.



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