Interview with Srdjan Brankovic (Alogia, Expedition Delta) and Nikola Mijic (Alogia, Eden’s Curse)

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An interview with Srdjan Brankovic (Alogia, Expedition Delta) 

and Nikola Mijic (Alogia, Eden’s Curse)

by Igor Zdrnja


“You never can get enough popularity and respect when you play heavy metal. For me it’s more important to be what you are destined to be, than to be popular while acting in movie that you don’t like. ”

 Q: Hi Srdjan, let’s immediately cut to the chase and start from the very band name, Alogia… why Alogia exactly, and what would be the meaning of the word?

A: “Alogia” is the latin word and it has a couple of meanings. The main one is “something which is not logical”. All of us usually do some things that are not logical, especially when we follow our hearts. This is the case when you play heavy metal in Serbia and “Alogia” is Serbian heavy metal band.

Q: What would be the main influences of Alogia in your opinion? For a melodic progressive metal act, you are pretty much unique band in your homeland of Serbia.

A: The main infuence is the music that we listen to. I think that we started this band in the right time for this kind of music. Actually, I think that we were also the first serious Serbian bend in this type of metal genre. In the end, we never stoped playing, we have decade behind us, which is also an important thing for the success of any band.

Q: You and your brother Miroslav are the co-founders of the band. Can you tell us more about the beginnings, and the singer extraordinaire (if I may say so) Nikola Mijic, that you’ve added to your ranks early on?

A: During 90’s we played in death metal band called Psychoparadox. We always were the fans of traditional heavy metal singing and we were into Iron Maiden/Judas Priest stuff since our early days. That’s why we decided to form another band with traditional heavy metal roots. We saw Nikola on television, sent him our demos, he liked it very much and that’s where the story starts…

Q: Nikola is also the new singer for Eden’s Curse, the melodic metal band from England (can’t wait to hear them at the FireFest X in Nottingham, by the way!). He also appears on the Expedition Delta album, on which all the songs are in english language – aside from this, do you feel that this project was a move in new direction for you musically?

A: It was a move. I love that “Expedition Delta” album, the only thing I think i’d do much better now is production. I love these songs, the solos, harmonies, singing. I am very proud of it and glad that I had the honour to cooperate with some great names such as Erik Norlander, Richard Andersson, Joost (After forever), Andrea (Labyrinth), Gary (Shadow Gallery), Sabine (Edenbridge), Santiago (Aghora)… And reviews were really, really great. We got many salutes from all over the world.


Q: You’ve also collaborated with renowned metal and progressive rock bands and musicians throughout the years. Which moments are most important to you, in a way that you would do more of that particular stuff?

A: I played some stuff for Shadow Gallery, I actually was a guest in song “Strong” (“Digital ghosts” album) together with Ralf Sheepers (Primal fear). Very proud of it. I also recorded the guitars for some “Samurai of prog” tribute albums…

Q: Ok, back to Alogia. You have the new album set for release this year, Elegia Balcanica. So far the only Alogia album in english was the Secret Spheres of Art, back in 2005. Will there be more tunes done in english on Elegia Balcanica? Do you view this new release to be different compared to the previous Alogia works?

A: It is different compared to our previous album, but very similiar to our early works. Maybe we’ll do english version, too, but first of all we’ll finish some videos, release the Serbian version of the album and then decide what to do next.

Q: Judging from Alogia being an opening act for Whitesnake, Apocalyptica and others, and upon hearing the quality of the music, the average metal listener would say that Alogia surely made quite a name for themselves in Serbia. Do you feel that you are gaining respect and popularity that you deserve in your homeland, and are there any plans of spreading your music to Europe and other metal-friendly destinations?

A: You never can get enough popularity and respect when you play heavy metal. For me it’s more important to be what you are destined to be, than to be popular while acting in movie that you don’t like.


Q: Nikola, you sing for Eden’s Curse, too. How did they find you?

A : Well, they had gone into a search for a singer as they parted with Michael and then Marco and after a while Paul actually got a few instructions from their own label.They were looking for someone that was in the same style of music rock/prog/metal and that has had any past work or albums with its band. So they come across Dreyelands music and they contacted me and asked me to take part in the audition. I was interested in it, and figured why not… After a few rounds and a final song Evil and Divine, that I’ve recorded back then, and with a huge support of Pete Newdeck who liked my voice from the start, they finally called me and told me that I’m in the band.

Q: Eden’s Curse played at the “Firefest X” in October in Nottingham. How was it like? Are you satisfied?

A: The festival itself is a great place to be. Lots of great musicians that I have seen only in magazines and on CD covers and the crowd is really good. They have come to listen to their favorite bands and feel great, to get a good show and go home fulfilled. I had a great time and was talking to Jeff Scot Soto that I have never had chance to meet before.Now I actually shared the backstage and talked with him and it was like WOW! As far as our performance…well, we always go for more and better and from that point I think that MY FF performance was just a rough start. There’s so much things to work on and polish for the next appearance (sound, visuals, different show aspects) but in the end it was a great concert! The band and the guys are awesome! They are max supportive and they don’t rub things against my nose. Had a great time with them and even at the hotel Paul introduced me to DC Cooper who’s also one of my favorite singers of all time – so all in all it was a great ride and I hope that it will happen again very soon as I got used to it quite quickly.


Alogia – Elegia Balcanica official video:

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Expedition Delta – Selfconsuming Fire:

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Shadow Gallery – Strong:

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