Last Kingdom – Chronicles Of The North

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Reviewed: January 2014
Released: 2013, Limb
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Earlier in 2013 Limb Records released the debut album by this Swedish Power Metal sextet. As with all of Limb products the disc is very nice, good packaging, layout and design as well as their famous, ’The Story So Far’ liner notes, chronicling the early phases of the band. CHRONICLES OF THE NORTH is a compact 47 minutes, nine songs of Power Metal madness.

The album kicks off with a bang, the title track, just rips right into it with soaring vocals powered by raging double-kick drums. The vocal melodies of newcomer Stephan Jacobson drive all the songs with big catchy choruses that are memorable and easy to sing along with. He has some really good high screams scattered across the songs, but songs in a bit more of a mid-to high range. The solos come flying fats and furious courtesy of Freddy Olofson and David Stockman. The keyboard work of Stephan Malmenlid (ex-Ironware) provide lots of texture but do not overpower the guitars.

Moat of the songs are pretty fast as good Metal albums should be and there is a very appealing sense of velocity. This sound has been all the rage across the globe since the late 90’s so in terms of adding anything to the conventions of Power Metal there is not much new on display here, but that is fine as they keep it true and pure. The lyrics speak to the purity as well with songs about warrior kings, heroes and immortals. The whole album sounds magnificent with production courtesy of Andy LaRoque.

A very promising debut and all real Metal fans should investigate. By the time you read this, CHRONICLES OF THE NORTH will have found a place on my Year End lists for 2013.


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Track Listing:
1. Chronicles of the North
2. Warrior Kings
3. Daylight Retreats
4. Silver Moon
5. The World Is Dying
6. End of Life
7. Fate
8. Abandoned
9. Lost

Stefan Jacobsen Vocals
Stefan Malmenlid Keyboards, Vocals
Freddy Olofsson Guitar
Jimmy Malmenlid Bass
Andreas Alme Drums