Cain\’s Dinasty – Legacy Of Blood

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Reviewed: January 2014
Released: 2008, Spiritual Beast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

While not a global Power Metal Superpower, Spain has put out a number of very strong bands. I believe it was originally released as an independent album in 2008 and was then issued in Japan on the Spiritual Beast label. I was fortunate to comes across this rare gem at Scrape Records in Vancouver and even better it was the import version with the two bonus tracks so I scooped it up and thought I’d review it to give exposure to this excellent but largely unknown band.

The first thing that catches your eye is the striking cover art. You can’t go wrong with semi-naked vampire chicks. Inside you can’t deny with youthful enthusiasm and energy of the young Spanish quintet. LEGACY OF BLOOD is an extremely strong debut with nine songs running about 42 minutes. There is a bit of a vampire theme running through the lyrics that adds to the uniqueness of the band.

Cain’s Dinasty employs a little hint of double vocal style with a bit of a growl, not exactly a Death Growl but more dark in nature combined with the more predominant soaring, clear ‘n’ clear Power Metal style. The voice of Ruben is powerful and has lots of unique tone. The hints of growl add just a touch of menace to the vocals. There is some nice orchestration, especially that heard on the beginning of the song ‘Under The City Lights’. The albums is most mid-paced to fast although they do slow it down for a bit of powerful ballad called ‘Remember The Tragedy’ which features some very elegant soloing adding some depth and atmosphere to an already excellent song. There are a few other sonic flourishes such as hints of organ at the introduction of cut ‘Infancia Eterna’ with it’s vocals done in Spanish. All these extras compliment to high-quality, double kick driven Power Metal.

The bonus tracks are just demo versions, not a significant difference to my ears. All the extra components (above and beyond the music) are world-class. Great production, interesting lyrics, good presentation LEGACY OF BLOOD does leave an excellent legacy for a debut album.


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Track Listing:
1. Legacy of Blood
2. Two Seconds to Forget Your Name
3. Under the City Lights
4. Remember the Tragedy
5. The Journey
6. Tears of Pain
7. Infancia Eterna
8. Come to Me
9. Taking a Look

Ruben Picazo-Vocals
Roberto Garcia-Guitar
Paco Castillo-Bass
Jose Quilos-Keyboards
Helias Garcia-Drums