Symphonic Black Metal band THE FURIOUS HORDE from UK/Norway have released their latest track and music video “For the Horde”, their first music video in 5 years

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“For the Horde” is a celebration of the bands 10th anniversary, the friendships surrounding the band and a taster of new material to come in 2014.

“It’s a positive, optimistic song despite our dark sound and imagery,” iterates Mortiroth, guitarist. “The metal scene is like a big family. We wanted to use that concept as our inspiration for this track.”

Ruptured_Souls, vocalist/guitarist elaborates on the concept behind the song and music video:

“For the Horde follows the journey of the band over the last 10 years; our milestones and achievements, and looks forward to what we are currently doing, and will do in the future. Of course this is all shrouded in Horde imagery, and takes the form of the story of an “army” fighting and striving for what they stand for and believe in, surviving and advancing. Its about solidarity, about strength in standing together with a belief in what we are doing.

The “Horde” isn’t just the band itself, but everyone that stands with us. Our supporters, those who have helped along the way, friends and fans, and of course, in the video, Colin is given strength in being rescued from his insanity after accepting his ¨daemons¨ and being embraced into the Horde. He then finds a sense of belonging. United we are strong, and can achieve anything. For each other we fight, for the music inside us. For the Horde.”

After playing Bloodstock Open Air 2011, the band had a great year for shows in 2012; performing at Infernal Damnation, Beermageddon, Metalcamp (Slovenia) and playing with bands such as Enthroned and Vreid. THE FURIOUS HORDE had a relatively quiet 2013 for gigs and festivals as vocalist/guitarist Ruptured_Souls relocated to Oslo, Norway.

The band have continued to write new material for their next release following “Reclaiming the Wasteland” (2012) and believe that the next album will be their strongest.

“For the Horde” was recorded and produced in bassist Awake’s home studio. The video was directed and produced by Luke Foxwell of Alienated Films.

The Furious Horde can also be found on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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