Former Anthrax Axman Dan Spitz: Merry Christmas, You’re Under Arrest

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Well it appears that former Anthrax guitarist, Dan Spitz got himself into some trouble during Xmas. Gossip Extra reported the following:

According to court records, Spitz and his wife of seven years drank heavily on Christmas eve and a verbal fight eventually became physical inside their condo in the Laguna community.

At one point Spitz, who’s a watchmaker when he isn’t touring, allegedly wrapped his hands around former groupie Candi’s neck and tried to choke her. Deputies saw bruises around her neck.

Spitz told the deputies that the wife drew first blood, and assaulted him.

He did sustain scratches on his chest, neck and arms, the deputies noted in their report.

Spitz was arrested after Candi’s mother described him as “very aggressive” toward Candi.

While she didn’t see the fight in the couple’s bedroom, Candi’s mom told deputies she heard her daughter scream: “I can’t breathe.”

The story was updated later today with “No matter what’s in the police report,” Candi said, “he never hit me or tried to harm me. He did shove me, and unfortunately I bruised my shoulder.” More here:


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