Black Star Riders: All Hell Brakes Loose European Tour 2013 at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Black Star Riders

All Hell Brakes Loose European Tour 2013

Red’sCool – special guest

The Gloria Story – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
November 7, 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

blackstarriders_flyer_kb_malmoe_2013As everyone probably already knows, Black Star Riders is basically the latest edition of Thin Lizzy. The bands’ debut album under this name came at the end of May called ALL HELL BRAKES LOOSE. The bandleader is the ex-Thin Lizzy member Scott Gorham. The tour began in Austria and ends in Belfast at the 15th of December. Gorham and John Sykes re-united Thin Lizzy back in 1998 and I have seen the various versions of their Thin Lizzy throughout the years. In 2012 I saw the band with Ricky Warwick on vocals. Even though I was a bit reluctant at first, I have to say that the band impressed me a lot. They did a great show and Warwick’s voice and persona fit the band perfectly. And it didn’t take long after that for the birth of BSR to be announced. The place for the show tonight was Kulturbolaget, the best club in Malmo. Me and my friend arrived a bit late so The Gloria Story was about to kick off their show when we arrived.

The Gloria Story

The stage was lit and the members came out and the show began instantly. There were not much space for the band to move around so they almost stood at the edge of the stage. Two songs were played after which vocalist thanked everyone for the applause.

Filip Rapp – lead vocalist, guitar

Joan Kid Sallrot – lead vocals, guitar

Fredrik Axelsson – bass

Carl Ahlander – guitar

Henrik Siberg – drums

He then said the band recently released their new album BORN TO LOSE from which they now were about to play a song. The bands music is best described as traditional hard rock and even though I never heard the band before I was quite amused by the Swedish young act. The show lasted for 30 minutes and The Gloria Story sure delivered a solid performance.


Another band stood on the agenda before it was time for BSR to hit the stage. The change of gear went pretty fast and about 8.20 it was time for the special guests to make the stage their own.


The band is a five piece act from St Petersburg Russia who play traditional hard rock with a blues twist in the vein of Whitesnake. The bands bass player had a head set on but he didn’t sing or anything he just had it on. It looked a bit funny. Most of the songs included long guitar solos and even though the guitarist was good, it tended to get a bit boring. The band didn’t invite the crowd to join them in any song, they strictly played and that was it. That made the appearance a bit stiff. The show lasted for 40 minutes and that seemed to be enough both for the band and for the crowd. Many people had then went over to the bar to get something to drink instead of listening to the music. Red’sCool didn’t put on a show for the people they put on a show for themselves. The best thing with the show was the singer who had a great voice, but that was it.


A huge back drop was now revealed with the cover of the new BSR album on it. Most people in the crowd probably had turned 50+ and many of them were probably alive when Thin Lizzy had their breakthrough. Most of them walked around either with a Guinness or with a glass of white wine. After 30 long minutes it was then time for the headline act to enter the stage.


Black Star Riders

Finally it was time for the band to meet the cheering audience that gave the band a warm welcome. The biggest roar came when Gorham showed up and the show kicked off with the title track “All Hell Brakes Loose”. “Are You Ready” followed instantly after which Warwick thanked the crowd and fired off “Bloodshot”. BSR are:

Ricky Warwick – lead vocals, guitar

Scott Gorham – guitar

Damon Johnson – guitar

Marco Mendoza – bass

Jimmy DeGrasso – drums

The ecstatic audience followed the bands instant moves and cheered and screamed during the entire show. Warwick once again thanked for all their warm reception and said it was time to play some BSR songs but first was it time for “Bad Reputation”. Warwick did a brilliant job as lead singer and he was looking really cool with a cowboy hat and sunglasses on. Warwick asked how many had bought the new album and said if we hadn’t, we should because it was going to change our lives.


“Before The War” followed before it was time for another Thin Lizzy song with “Jailbreak”. The only ones that moved around on stage this night was Warwick and Johnson while Gorham and Mendoza mostly stood solid on their spot. Warwick took off his guitar, introduced DeGrasso on drums, and kicked off “Hoodoo Voodoo”. Mendoza and DeGrasso had a really solid rhythm chemistry together and Gorham and Johnson completed each other really well on guitar. Both Johnson and Gorham impressed with their guitar duels. “Massacre” followed and then was it time for “Kingdom Of the Lost” which Warwick dedicated to everyone who had a little celtic blood in them. Gorham introduced Warwick on vocals and the club cheered for him. It’s definitely worth a mention again how skilled Warwick is as a frontman and he fits perfect being the singer in BSR. The evening continued with another song from ALL HELL BRAKES LOOSE in “Hey Judas” where  Warwick invited the crowd to sing a long with him. It felt like the audience really loved the new songs and they was easily incorporated with the older Thin Lizzy songs but that maybe depends on the fact the many of the songs on ALL HELL BRAKES LOOSE sounds like they could have been a Thin Lizzy original song.

It seemed like Gorham enjoyed himself on stage and that he was having a really good time. That mood was transmitted on the crowd and it felt like Kulturbolaget was filled with good times and love this night. Warwick said it was now time for song from the BAD REPUTATION album and it was “Southbound”. That song is one of my personal favorite Thin Lizzy songs and Warwick sang it really good. Once again sang the crowd a long with him. Warwick wanted the fans to say hello to Johnson before it was time to listen to “Kissing the Ground”. Johnson played lead guitar in the song and he really proved that he is a huge talent. “Valley Of the Stones” continued the show in which Johnson and Gorham had a duel going in. A duel that was so long that Warwick went off stage for a while. Warwick said that to the right of him stood a legend, a bad ass of rock n roll who has so much swagger that half was enough. Give it up for the one and only Scott Gorham. And of course the fans screamed at the top or their lungs when Gorham was introduced. “Emerald” (another personal favorite), “Bound For Glory”, “Cowboy Song” and the epic “Boys Are Back In Town” followed and ended the show. As always, those two songs followed each other like they did back in the Thin Lizzy days. The audience went crazy at the end with the Thin Lizzy hits and the temperature rise.


I took a look at my watch and saw that the band had been playing for about 1 hour and 15 minutes and that was not enough for the fans, they wanted to hear more. After a few minutes Johnson turned up on stage again and he played a long intro until the rest of the band came up and fired off “Whiskey In The Jar”. Warwick urged everyone to sing a long and in the middle of the song he wanted us to give a hand for Mendoza on bass. “Rosalie” was the next encore and in the middle came the usual sing a long part. “Rosalie” also ended the entire show and the band members thanked the crowd for their amazing support.


This was an amazing show with nothing to complain about. The band was tight as a unit and it felt like everyone on stage also had a good time together. The set list was great with a perfect mix of both BSR songs as well as Thin Lizzy classics. This was a brilliant night at Kulturbolaget and it was a really great move to book BSR.


Set list

All Hell Brakes Loose

Are You Ready


Bad Reputation

Before The War


Hoodoo Voodoo


Kingdom Of the Lost

Hey Judas


Kissing The Ground

Valley Of The Stones


Bound For Glory

Cowboy Song

The Boys Are Back In Town


Whiskey In The Jar





Thanks to Emma Svensson head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with media pass.

Thanks to the security/staff for a nice treatment.

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