Winter Storm – Within The Frozen Design

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Reviewed: December 2013
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

West Midlands based Symphonic metallers Winter Storm have returned with their wondrous second offering WITHIN THE FROZEN DESIGN. Following on from their stunning debut SERENITY IN DARKNESS, the band forge songs of beauty and elegance with a raw, unbridled power that results in a captivating listen. Formed in 2008, the band began getting a firm grip on their sound following some stellar support slots alongside the lines of Alestorm, Sirenia, Theatres Des Vampires, To Mera, and Sarah Jezebel Deva to name but a few. Packing out venues left and right, the band became a name and a force to be respected amongst their fellow Female fronted metal peers.

This is one album that I have been waiting for and now the most amazing Winter Storm are back with a release that explodes from the very start with the magical intro track of \”Cold Creation\”. This Orchestral start takes you from the grounding chains that tie you to these mortal plans and uplift you to a magical world that only exists in dream. From \”Cold Creation\” into \”Wasted Feelings\” no time is wasted as the band all explode as one unit and Hannah casts a spell over your very soul with the power of her voice and the ride has just begun. With \”Shadow Weaver\” you are given the thunderous guitars from Jamie as the hair on the back of your neck stands as the keyboards from Doomsday send a shiver down you spine. Everything that appears dark is suddenly lightened. \”Symmetric Flow\” has that all time classic Winter Storm feel, I must admit sometimes after a successful 1st release a band might look and change a few things, but Winter Storm have stayed true and straight not just to themselves but to their growing fans as well. Just when you think this album cant get any better, \”Afraid to Speak\” starts. For me there is one thing I really like from a female fronted band, and that is a ballad, and this track has everything and it just turns your soul from ice to flame. \”Broken World\” has a very magical start, the buildup into the song lets you experience many different talents that has made Winter Storm. It may only be a very short track but it leads very well and is a great introduction to \”Universal Design\” and as the thunder roars the band explodes as Hannah\’s vocals tear through you; in a very good way.

I can highly recommend you listen to the album through headphones in a darkened room, this is the only way you will experience in full the power that Winter Storm can place over you. As I said at the start of the review, this is one album I have been waiting for and I highly recommend it to be in any collection.

Review by: AWG


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Track Listing:
1. Cold Creation
2. Wasted Feelings
3. Shadow Waver
4. Symmetric Flow
5. Afraid To Speak
6. Beneath The Mystery
7. Broken World
8. Universal Design
9. Gatekeeper
10. Dark Awakening
11. Waves Of Misery
12. The Frozen Siren

Hannah – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitars
Wayne – 7 String Rhythm Guitars
Jamie – Five String Bass Guitar
Doomsday – Keyboards/Synths
Will \’Willhelm\’ – Drums