Mind Enemies – The Darkest Way

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Reviewed: December 2013
Released: 2013, Cdbaby
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Mind Enemies was born in March of 2011 as the solo project of Giuseppe Caruso (singer, guitarist, multi- percussionist). Giuseppe graduated from the Conservatory of Foggia in 2007 and has specialized in teaching percussion in 2010. In 2011 he recorded a few songs at nadir music (Tommy Talamanca), playing every instrument.

After reading that Mind Enemies only had two members in the band, for some reason I stated to think of a typical UK pub band that use backing tracks to provide the full band feel (Oh how much further from that could I have been). After listening to \”Son of Silence\”, I had to re-read the band bio, because I was convinced that this band had more then two members. Caruso has to be one of the most multi-talented musicians that I have listened too. The fact that on this EP Caruso not only brings forth the vocals but he also plays guitar and bass, and I wonder which one did laid down in the studio first. \”Son of Silence\” serves up nothing but shear talent and a master at work, from the riffs that are produced through to the thunderous bass and with Michele providing the heartbeat of the drums this track is just outstanding. \”The Darkest Way\” is a great power ballad and has everything that a ballad needs from the hair standing on the back of your neck guitar solo, through to the heart and soul feelings of the lyrics.

I have been blown away by this EP and I really recommend that you check these guys out. Before you know it, the EP finishes and you have to press the play again button. During the writing of this review, and before I had started, I must have listened to the EP around half a dozen times.

Reviewed By: AWG


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Track Listing:
1. Son Of Silence
2. The Darkest Way
3. Another Life
4. Oblivion

Caruso Giuseppe (Voice,Guitar,Bass),
Michele Montanaro (Drum)