Medeia – Iconoclastic

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Reviewed: December 2013
Released: Octo, Fullstream Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Finland is regarded as being the nation with the most metal bands in its population. Of all those bands, it seems I’ve found the runt of the litter. Medeia, from Tampere have released their fourth studio album ICONOCLASTIC and claim to be \”Alternative Death Metal\”?! But I certainly can’t find much of an alternative to the clichés of death metal with this release.

For a start, opening track ‘Iconoclastic’ begins with military style drumming but is then quashed with a very poor breakdown and chugging metalcore style guitars, which immediately told me this album was not going to bode well. Furthermore, I was very bored by the time second track ‘A Waste of Skin’ came on because of how the first track had thrown in lots of unnecessary tempo changes and put in a blast beat which felt like they were running out of ideas already. The second track’s vocals aren’t impressive and the guitars and keys are very predictable. This is not alternative, it’s just bad death metal. Later tracks like ‘Sleep’ and ‘Prophecy’ come with slightly better melodies but as the album progresses I got the feeling that Medeia were trying to be gothic with the female vocals which didn’t add any depth to the unimpressive tracks they’d already given me.

In all, this is one very dull release which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who wants to know about the Finnish metal scene. And furthermore, to vocalist Keijo Niinimaa, stick to Rotten Sound, this band really isn’t good for your growls.

Review by Demitri Levantis


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Track Listing:
1. Iconoclastic
2. A Waste of Skin
3. Sleep
4. Dethroned
5. The Dominant Species
6. Prophecy
7. Loyalty Kills
8. Misery Prevails
9. Reverence
10. Redefining Hell

Pekko Moro – Guitars
Samuli Kuusinen – Bass, Vocals
Janne Putkisaari – Drums, Vocals
Sammuli Peltola – Guitars, Vocals
Laura Dziadulewicz – Keyboards, Vocals
Keijo Niinimaa – Vocals