Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil

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Reviewed: December 2013
Released: 2013, Century Media Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After around 25 years now of performing their vehemently anti-Christian brand of death metal to an audience of unpromising and unforgiving fans, one can only marvel at Deicide’s relentless energy and effort that they still put into both their records and live shows. Since their formation as Amon in 1987, Deicide have earned a reputation as one of the most controversial and intimidating metal bands, which is still kept up to this day. The latest example of this is the brand new album on Century Media Records, entitled In the Minds of Evil. What is immediately noticeable is just how interesting and skilfully artistic the cover art is, I certainly doubt many will argue with me when I say that this is the greatest cover Deicide have ever had to grace the front of one of their records.

A 1990 interview with Glen Benton quotes him as saying “There are a lot of motherfuckers on this earth walking around with teeth missing because of me.” This attitude summarises Deicide and a lot of what the band represents, and as the title track of this album rips open, it’s clear that little has changed. As the song twists through a vortex of venomous aggression, the chorus binds an unforgettable spell, with one of the catchiest combinations of vocal line and guitar riff heard on a Deicide record for several years. Similar things are to be heard on tracks such as “Godkill” and “Beyond Salvation” yet neither manages to achieve the memorability of the first song. What can be said for guitarists Jack Owen and Kevin Quiron is wholly positive, for songs like “Even The Gods Can Bleed” demonstrate some of the most melodic and well-crafted solos to ever have graced a Deicide album before. Sure, there is still some Slayer style whammy-bar wankery to be found, but melodic runs combined with dual guitar harmonies is what makes the talents of these six stringers stand out.

All comes to close with the moodier “End the Wrath of God” and with song titles such as this, “Kill The Light Of Christ” and “Trample To Cross” it’s clear that this US band aren’t moving away from where they feel most comfortable. It’s Deicide by numbers, make no mistake, but the picture being painted is again one that’s very ugly, and very fucking vicious.

Review by Jarod Lawley


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Track Listing:
1. \”In the Minds of Evil\” – 3:52
2. \”Thou Begone\” – 3:43
3. \”Godkill\” – 3:11
4. \”Beyond Salvation\” – 2:57
5. \”Misery of One\” – 3:21
6. \”Between the Flesh and the Void\” – 3:54
7. \”Even the Gods Can Bleed\” – 2:58
8. \”Trample the Cross\” – 3:00
9. \”Banished by Evil\” – 3:09
10. \”Kill the Light of Christ\” – 3:30
11. \”End the Wrath of God\” – 3:13

Glen Benton – lead vocals, bass guitar
Steve Asheim – drums
Jack Owen – guitars
Kevin Quirion – guitars