Created to Kill – Death\’s Construction

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Reviewed: December 2013
Released: 2013, Pagan Pride Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Something tells me that the CD collection of Kentucky death metallers Created to Kill begins with BUTCHERED AT BIRTH and ends with TOMB OF THE MUTILATED. At least that’s what I gather after listening to their sophomore full length, DEATH’S CONSTRUCTION. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing by any stretch; where the album misses on originality, it more than makes up for with an unrelenting barrage of speed, pummel, and swift kicks to the nards.

DEATH’S CONSTRUCTION succeeds at being a total assault on the senses, rarely pausing for breathe or reflection across the album’s 33 minutes. Beyond hyperdrive rhythms and non-stop blast beats (drummer Paul Good is a freaking machine), Created to Kill employs the riffing style made famous on those early Corpse records. Less about crunch and low end and more about cramming a butt load of mini-riffs into a tune and deployed at warp speed, it’s a pretty effective presentation. “Object of Perfect Torture” sounds like an old industrial strength engine that’s trying to get started, but when it does, it’s an unstoppable turbine of fury that’s likely to rip off a limb if you’re not careful. The riffs on opening track “Fascination with Your Death” sound like a swarm of killer bees attacking your ear holes, but my favorite track on the album was “Self Inflicted Flame Engulfment”. Besides having a darn clever title that evokes plenty of YouTube worthy mental imagery, the actual tune itself injects some Dark Angel thrash-isms into the melee that create some welcomed definition and identity. And vocalist Abe Simmerman employs more than a subtle familiarity to Corpse-era Chris Barnes in his delivery, blending subhuman guttural barks with the occasional squeal and scowl. It’s an ugly and rotten performance that compliments the musical hostilities delightfully well.

DEATH’S CONSTRUCTION won’t likely win any awards for its ingenuity, but it may well get an honorable mention for its ass kicking ability. When all is said and done, there’s no denying that Created to Kill delivery a satisfying platter of hostile, unrepentant death metal. So should that happen to be something that you feel is lacking in your daily existence, take a trip over to Created to Kill’s website for more details, samples, and purchase info for DEATH’S CONSTRUCTION.


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Track Listing:
1. Fascination with Your Death
2. Object of Perfect Torture
3. Into The Frozen Tomb
4. Murdered And Mutilated
5. Corpse Collector
6. Machete
7. Suffocated In A Bodybag
8. Self Inflicted Flame Engulfment
9. The Reaper Always Wins
10. Death On The River

Phil Good – Bass
Abe Simmerman – Vocals
Steve Forbes – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Paul Good – Drums