Coney Hatch – Four

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Reviewed: December 2013
Released: 2013, Frontiers Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Hatch is back!
After too many years apart Coney Hatch finally reunite and give us FOUR, their fourth album. It took a comment by Andy (Curran) to Carl (Dixon) on the phone while Carl was laying in an Australian hospital bed fighting for his life to ignite the reunion.

Kicking off the album is the first single “Blown Away”, and you will be after hearing it. It is a heavy, in your face track that you will instantly like. It has all the qualities that a good Hard Rock track should have. The guitar riffs, the heavy drumming and Carl’s powerful vocals are in the forefront with Andy’s melodic bass keeping it all together. This continues into “Boys Club” and “Down & Dirty” which has that old late 80’s, early 90’s vibe to it. One of the other stand outs on this killer disc is “Connected”, which is similar style to “Blown Away” and starts with some cool guitar then the drums kick in for a full on assault. The chorus is super catchy and there is just something about it that sounds familiar. It’s very melodic yet heavy enough to satisfy the metalhead in you. As with any great Hard Rock album back in the day there is the ballad. The ballad here is “Holding On” which is reminiscent of The Guess Who. Maybe the time Carl spent in the band caused a bit of influence in his writing? Either way, this is a very nice ballad and not the old 80’s Power Balled. This is a nice acoustic song.

For all of us Hatch fans this is Classic Hatch and an album that you will enjoy for many years. It stands up to the original trio and many songs on FOUR trump some earlier tracks. FOUR is one of the best albums of 2013, hands down. It has everything you’s want in a Hard Rock release. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait this long again for another album.


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Track Listing:
Blown Away
Boys Club
Down & Dirty
Do It Again
We Want More
Devil U Know
Keep Drivin\’
Holdin On

Carl Dixon (lead vocal, guitar)
Andy Curran (vocals, bass)
Steve Shelski (lead guitar)
Dave Ketchum (drums)