Airbourne with support; The black dog barking tour 2013, Scandinavian leg, Amager Bio Copenhagen,Denmark

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The black dog barking tour Scandinavian leg 2013
Black Spiders – special guest
Corroded – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
26/10 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


So it was time once again for the Australian act Airbourne to take on Scandinavia. This time I had the privilege to see the band perform at the great club Amager Bio. Earlier this year the band released the long awaited album BLACK DOG BARKING and even though the band have been active on festival stages this past summer, this tour was the first one for the new album. I love the new album and think it’s simply brilliant. It was worth the long wait. Along with them on the first part of the tour they took Black Spiders from England as special guests and the Swedish act Corroded as the support act. For some reason or another, the band is performing at pretty small venues that hold about 800-1000 people. The show I attended had been sold out for a long time and since the show was held on a Saturday, everything was pointing towards a real party on stage.


Corroded began their show quite early and at the stroke of 8:30 the members came on stage. The band is a five piece act all dressed up in biker vests covered in patches. After two songs the singer thanked the people for turning up, however most of the people were outside waiting for the headline act to begin. The ones in the venue felt a bit reluctant towards the Swedish support act. The singer urged everyone who knew the lyrics to the song “Time And Again” to sing a long. Here is felt like the major part of the crowd woke up. That particular song was the theme tune to the Swedish edition of the Survivor show back in 2009. Surprisingly many sang a long in the song. “I’m The God” followed and it was taken from the current album STATE OF DISGRACE. Corroded plays some kind of commercial hard rock. Shortly after their last song was played as the show was over after about 25 minutes.


The show didn’t impress much and it felt like the rest of the audience felt as I did. But maybe I’m not the person to review their music because I have never been a fan of the band’s music. Shortly afterwards it was time for the next band for the evening and because of the large crowd, the club opened the balcony which they only do when it’s totally sold out. I could hear that a lot of Swedes had come to see the show and suddenly it was time for the British special guests in Black Spiders to kick off their show.

Black Spiders

“Kiss Tried To Kill Me” was the first song out from the Black Spiders and the band had the crowd in the palm of their hands right away. “Stay Down” followed after which lead singer/guitarist Spiby thanked Copenhagen so much. He wanted Copenhagen to show their fingers towards the band and counted them in. Then followed the obvious choice of song with “Stick It To the Man”. Black Spiders are:

Pete “Spider” Spiby – lead vocals, guitar

Andrew “Ozzy” Lister – guitar

Mark “Dark Shark” Thomas – guitar

“Tiger” Si Atkinson – drums

Adam “The Fox” Irwin – bass

It was obvious that the crowd loved Black Spider more than Corroded because now was the venue almost jam-packed with people. Spiby introduced “Trouble”.  The best description of the bands music ought to be stoner rock, and in my opinion, their music worked much better as a warm up act than Corroded. The space on stage was quite narrow and it was hard for the members to move around. “Balls” followed and the song “Just Like A Woman” was dedicated to all the females in the club. The lighting was a bit poor but luckily the sound worked much better. Spiby asked the fans if they were ready for Airbourne and said that it now was time for the last song for the night. The band left us with “What Good’s A Rock Without A Roll?”. Black Spider performed for about 40 minutes and when the last song was over the band waved to the fans and went of the stage.


Set list

Kiss Tried To Kill Me

Stay Down

Stick It To The Man



Just Like A Woman

Teenage Knife Gang

What Good’s A Rock Without A Roll?

And so the time had come for the headline act and the crew prepared the stage as fast as they could. The club was now full with Airbourne fans and the audience contained a fun mix of hard rockers, middle aged people, and girls. Airbourne sure have fans in all layers of the society. Many of the people I met said that it was their first time at an Airbourne show and I told them to expect a funny show with a lot of craziness and jokes.

It sure is an adventure to see Airbourne live. Things started to come up on the stage and I could see a wall of amps on each side of the drums. Behind the drums hung a back drop with the cover of the album on it. You could almost feel the tension and excitement amongst the crowd and so it was finally time for the band to enter the stage.



All of the members ran out on stage and kicked off the evening with “Ready To Rock” which is the perfect song to begin a show with. As soon as the band showed up the fans at the front of the stage began headbanging and they kept on doing that throughout the entire show. Airbourne sure has some dedicated fans. “Too Much Too Young Too Fast” followed and as always consists the band off:

Joel O’Keefe – lead vocals, guitar

David Roads – guitar

Ryan O’Keefe – drums

Justin Street – bass

The tempo was full speed ahead from the very start and the band kept that motto. Joel said it was nice to be back in Copenhagen and introduced “Girls In Black” as the next song. In the middle of the song a guy came running into the photopit, he stopped and Joel jumped up on his shoulders and they walked out into the audience like that while Joel kept on playing lead guitar. The fans cheered even more and louder when Joel came out amongst them and when he came back on stage he thanked everyone for the amazing support they gave the band. “Back In the Game” followed and many fans sang along. Joel dedicatde the next song to all the girls in the club and it was “Diamond In The Rough” that followed. Luckily Airbourne had better lights than the bands before them but it was hard to take pictures of the band because neither of them stood still. The smoke machine went crazy and the smoke wasn’t ventilated out from the stage so it was stuck on stage. After only a few songs the front trio were soaking wet from sweat and no wonder when they act like madmen. Joel is the most crazy one and I have seen him climbing the stage standing on top of it a few times.





Joel said that the band had written a song about x-factor and Idol and what they’re thinking of those programs. He said that the band doesn’t like those kind of shows and the song that was coming up was dedicated to those shows. He said that the band as well as their audience all love straight up and honest rock’n’roll music, the music in X-factor and Idol are only “Black Dog Barking”. The fans went crazy and both crowd surfing as well as circle pits was going on. It’s hard not to be impressed by these bunch of crazy Aussies. Both the music and stage show are brilliant and it’s obvious that the guys love what they’re doing.

The temperature had now gone tropical inside the club when it was time to turn up the heat even more with “Cheap Wine And Cheaper Women”. In the middle of the song took Joel a bottle and took a big sip from it. He said that it was some strong shit and handed his brother the bottle. Joel urged the crowd to do some more crowd surfing. Then the stage turned black and the only think we could hear was Joel saying that there is no way but the hard way. He repeated that a few timed and then the stage lit up and the band ran in and kicked off “No Way But The Hard Way”.






Everyone was playing except Joel who had picked up a spotlight that he shined onto the audience. When he did that, the audience sang a long in the song. “Stand Up For Rock n Roll” followed and when the song ended the band went off stage. I looked at my watch and saw to my surprise that the band had only been on stage for about 60 minutes. The fans shouted for more music and after a while the band came back on stage again. “Live It Up” was the first encore out and when the band came out Joel jumped up on the amps and he stood there while the intro to the song was played. The band current songs worked as well as the older ones and the crazy fans sang a long in most of the songs that was played. It was quite fun to see men in their 60’s playing air guitar to the music. Joel wanted us to give a warm hand to both Corroded and Black Spiders. “Raise The Flag” followed and Joel disappeared from the stage. Suddenly he turned up on one of the balconies playing lead guitar amongst the fans. As said before, anything can happen when Airbourne is in town. “Running Wild” ended the show and Joel once again invited the fans to sing a long with him. Joel fetched a beer can and smashed it against his head like he always does and threw it out to the audience. He did that again with another can and he then introduced the band members. All this made the song last really long but when it finally was over he went over to the fans at the front of the stage thanking them. That ended the show that lasted for about 90 minutes.




And what can I say about this performance other than it was brilliant! Airbourne have never managed to disappoint me and not this time either. They are an amazing live act that you have to go and see if they’re coming to a place near you. The only thing to make a mark on are the songs as they extend into oblivion with really long guitar solos and sing a long parts. If they didn’t do that they should have time to play more songs.

This was a brilliant evening at Amager Bio and I doubt that Airbourne is going to play at small venue like this in the future. If you missed the show – your bad. You missed an amazing and crazy night.



Set list


Ready To Rock

Too Much Too Young Too Fast

Girls In Black

Back In The Game

Diamond In The Rough

Black Dog Barking

Cheap Wine and Cheaper Women

No Way But the Hard Way

Stand Up For Rock n Roll


Live It Up

Raise The Flag

Running Wild




Thanks to Darren Edwards at Roadrunner Records Sweden for help with media-pass

Thanks to the nice staff and security and Amager Bio.

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