Children Of Bodom Halo Of Blood Tour Over Europe 2013 leg 1 w support at Amager Bio Copenhagen,Denmark

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 Children Of Bodom

Halo Of Blood Tour Over Europe 2013 leg 1
Insomnium – special guest
Medeia – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark, 28/9 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

children_of_bodom_tourposter_2013_1HALO OF BLOOD is the title of the brand new Children Of Bodom album and the band is currently out on the road in Europe supporting the album. It’s the bands 8th album and it’s a follow up to RELENTLESS RECKLESS FOREVER from 2011. The band doesn’t normally tour outside their country of Finland when in Scandinavia, so this was a brilliant opportunity to see the band live. The tour started out in Stockholm Sweden and then spread out to Norway, Denmark and the rest of Europe. The tour ends in Estonia at the end of November. The fellow Finnish acts Insomnium and Medeia followed the band on tour to England and then takes Napalm Death over the task as special guest. In Copenhagen, the place of choice to perform was at the great Amager Bio which is a really nice venue in any way possible. Because there were two acts before CoB opened the venue a little earlier, already at 7 o clock and the Medeia was scheduled to go on stage at 8.

Not many fans were positioned outside the club when I arrived. Alexi Laiho turned up and he was quite clear that he didn’t want to sign anything to the brave few fans that had waited for hours to see their idol. He and the manager just walked by the fans and into the bus. One hour later he came out from the bus looking really tired. The fans asked his manager if he could sign and the manager said no but Laiho said it was OK and wrote a few autographs but they weren’t allowed to take pictures with Laiho. I met a crazy Russian guy that now lived in Denmark that said he was the biggest fan of the band and that he had traveled 5 hours just to see the band. The band hosted a meet and greet 10 minutes after the doors was opened which made my Russian friend ecstatic. About 20 minutes later the band turned  up to meet their fans. Everyone looked really tired and bored and when a fan took a picture of the band their manager went ballistic and shouted that there were no photos allowed, this was just a signing session. The members were also really careless with the fans stuff and many of the autographs were really smudged. And after 15-20 minutes this joke of a signing session was over.


The first band for the night was Medeia who opened the night in a fast tempo. The band played life like their life depended on it and their music was a weird kind of modern thrash metal mixed with hardcore. The band consisted of six people so it got a little crowded on the stage. Personally I got a bit tired of the furious tempo after about 4-5 songs and the rest of the audience didn’t seemed impressed by the band either.


After 30 minutes the madness was over and the crew began to prepare the stage for the second band. More people had arrived during the Medeia show but the club that can hold 1000 people and wasn’t nearly full. After 20 minutes it was then time for Insomnium to do their thing.


It felt like this band was much more appreciated than the one before, and when Insomnium showed up on stage the audience screamed and clapped their hands. The band was a quartet where the vocalist also played bass. The band didn’t perform in such a frantic way as Medeia but they instead headbanged their way through the show. Three songs were played before the singer said – thank you Copenhagen it’s nice to be here. The sound system worked perfect but the lights didn’t. The band seemed to be really happy with the warm response they got from the fans and their modern thrash metal worked much better than the music of Medeia. The band felt solid and completed each other really good. It is worth to mention the singer Sevanen, he did a really good job. A circle pit was formed so there were no doubt that the audience really liked this Finnish act. Insomnium got 40 minutes on the stage but the fans wanted to hear more. Unfortunately, their time was up and it was time for the crew to prep the stage for the headline act.


Insomnium gave the fans and the audience a really great show and make sure to keep your eyes open because I’m sure that we’re going to hear and see more of this band in the future. Well, it was time for the audience to take a smoke and drink pause so almost everyone went out in the cold for a smoke. In Sweden the fans usually stand put in front of the stage in wait for the headline act and don’t move an inch. In Denmark everyone leaves the floor to have a drink or smoke and then comes back to see the band. It’s funny that it’s such a difference in the music culture when Denmark and Sweden are neighbors.

A huge drum kit was now placed to the left of the stage and to the right stood a keyboard. Behind the drums hung three huge video screens and in between them four smaller screens were jammed. It took a while to get the stage ready for Children Of Bodom but at 10 o clock it was lights out and the intro music went on.



Children Of Bodom

The members went on stage to the sound of the intro and last out was Laiho. First song out for the night was “Transference” which was followed by “Silent Night, Bodom Night” and the fans went crazy from the very start of the show. Laiho hardly moved around at all throughout the show, he stood solid on his spot letting the rest of the members do the job. Laiho thanked the fans for their support and said it was fun to be playing in Denmark again. Next song was “Sixpounder” and the fans in front of the stage was ecstatic. The entire first row headbanged almost constantly through the show and the screens behind the band showed pictures of different patterns and now and then came COBHC up in red. It looked really cool and was an alternative to the usual back drop. The band members are:

Alexi Laiho – lead vocals, guitar

Jaska Raatikainen – drums

Henkka Seppälä – bass

Janne Wirman – keyboards

Roope Latvala – guitar

The entire stage lit up with red lights when “Halo Of Blood” was played and the screens showed what looked like bloodstains. It was really nice looking but a nightmare to take pictures in. Red light is a photographers worst nightmare. Laiho asked if there were anyone who wanted to hear some old school stuff and when everyone shouted yes Laiho seemed to be really satisfied. “Scream For Silence” followed and I don’t really know what he was thinking of when he meant old school because this song is featured on the new album HALO OF BLOOD. The fans didn’t seem to mind because they were busy forming a circle pit. Laiho announced the song “Follow The Reaper” but in the middle he mumbled and said he fucked up so he did that again and the song once again kicked off.  The people in the circle pit worked really hard while Laiho stood still behind the mic stand moving a little from side to side. Even though Seppälä and Latvala moved around on stage was this a really slow night for the band. I’ve seen the band before and they usually all run around. This show felt a bit tired.


Laiho said he wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air during “Lake Bodom” and the ecstatic audience did as he said. “Something Wild” continued the show and Wirman went of stage. He came back and joined the band in the middle of the song and why he left I have no idea. “Hate Crew Deathroll” followed and Laiho had a camera on the neck of the guitar that filmed his moves on the guitar. The camera showed everything on the big screens on stage and that was a really cool move. It was hard to decide where to look, on the screens or on the band on stage. “Dead Mans Hand On you” continued and on each side of the stage came disco lights that shined on the audience during the semi ballad.

“Are You Dead Yet” made the fans explode and the members did each a little solo piece. Laiho asked if the crowd likes to drink beer and of course shouted everyone yes to that and Laiho said good, I like to drink beer too. He dedicated “Blooddrunk” to all the crazy people in the house. Laiho impressed big time on the guitar and he sang really good as well. The entire band felt solid and tight and there’s no doubt that they know what they’re doing. Beside a circle pit were there also a few fans that crowd-surfed and the audience were partially really wild.


“Every-time I die” continued the show and Laiho asked if the fans wanted to hear more. Laiho said that the current crowd was the craziest Danish crowd they had ever experienced. Then was it time for some more old school stuff in “Hate Me!” taken from the album FOLLOW THE REAPER. Laiho thanked the fans for being so wonderful and said that he wanted to see a big circle pit on the floor. He wanted the crowd to scream for him and counted in everyone. “Downfall” and a circle pit ended the show but that wasn’t enough for the fans and when the band went of stage the fans shouted for more.


The bands mascot showed up on the screen and the band came back and fired off “In Your Face”. There was no doubt that the bands old classical songs was the fans favorite ones and by the time of the encores did the place boil. Laiho thanked the amazing fans once again and that was the end of the show and the sound of Beastie Boys came from the speakers as an outro. Almost 85 minutes of music had been played and the fans that went out from the venue was really happy with the show they had witnessed.


I thought it was great fun to see the band on a smaller venue and not on a big festival stage. The video screens were a big plus for the show and it was nice to see something different for once. The set list was great and it was really fun to see the happy and intense respond from the crazy ass Danish fans. It all had been a blast if the band sometimes hadn’t felt tired and that Laiho sounded a bit worn out in his voice. And it was a little too short, I think you should play at least 90 min when you are headline act. The un-cool approach from the bands manager and band members earlier during the day didn’t help out either. But over all was it clearly an OK night with some great music.



Set list



Silent Night, Bodom Night


Halo Of Blood

Scream For Silence

Kissing The Shadows

Lake Bodom

Hate Crew Deathroll

Shovel Knockout

Dead Man’s Hand On You

Are You Dead Yet?


Everytime I Die

Towards Dead End

Hate Me!



In Your Face



Thanks to Florian Milz at the Nuclear Blast HQ for help with press/photo pass to the show.

Thanks to the nice staff and security and Amager Bio.



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