Malmoefestival 2013 with Crazy Lixx, Bullet, Kvelertak and Flogging Molly in Malmo, Sweden

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On Tuesday it was time for Kvelertak to conquer Malmo and Posthusplatsen. The band was the last one out for the day and was scheduled to perform at 10 to 11 pm. The band wasn’t listed in the program and on their spot it stood TBA. I wasn’t too happy that Kvelertak was going to play at Posthusplatsen because the place feels a bit deserted where it’s located behind the train station far away from the rest of the festival. Kvelertak has toured to success and have built a huge fanbase through the years they have been active. The Norwegian metal act released their debut album in 2010 and in March this year came the follow up titled MEIR. In English means the band name stranglehold or chokehold and the band sings in Norwegian. It’s hard to describe the music of Kvelertak but it’s a mix between heavy metal, black metal, punk and hardcore. The weather had improved since Sunday and people had started to gather in front of the stage when I came. It felt like Kvelertak had drawn more people than Bullet and Crazy Lixx did during Sunday and finally turned the clock 10 and the band entered the stage.


The stage was filled with smoke when the band members showed up and the band got a warm welcome from the fans that were gathered at Posthusplatsen. The lead singer came on stage after the intro was played and greeted the audience with some kind of animal head on his head. It looked like a dead bird or something. “Åpenharing” opened the show and was instantly followed by “Spring Fra Livet”. The show opened in a furious speed and that tempo was static throughout the show. The six piece act played like there was no tomorrow and I guess that’s what made this as big as they are today. “Mjod” and “Fossegrim” continued and the fans acted as crazy as the band. Singer Hjelvik made attempts to make the fans go crazy and do circlepits but that wasn’t the fans cup of tea. In Sweden it’s not OK to do crowdsurfing and so that put a damper on the atmosphere. However, it seemed like the band was satisfied with the response from the crowd and the show emerged with songs like “Ulvetid”, “Bruane Brenn” and “Nekrokosmos”.


A small circlepit was formed in front of the stage and Hjelvik encouraged the crowd to go crazy. I saw Kvelertak in Copenhagen at Copenhell Festival last a few years ago and that audience was crazy. I don’t know why this particular crowd was so well behaved but they had nothing on the Danish fans. It seemed like the bass player got frustrated by the lack of craziness amongst the crowd because he kicked down his micstand and didn’t seem to like the situation at all. Hjelvik didn’t do much talking in between the songs; he let the music speak instead of him. He jumped into the photo pit during “Offernatt” and stood on the fence that separated him from the fans and threw him on top of the fans and crowdsurfed. “Blodtorst” followed and even though Swedish and Norwegian is pretty similar languages it was pretty hard to understand what he was singing about. Hjelvik thanked the fans for the support and announced the last song for the night which was “Kvelertak”. Hjelvik disappeared at the end of the song from the stage and came back with a huge flag that he waved with. Parts of the crowd wanted to hear more from Kvelertak but they had no more time to play on.


The show was really solid but the crowd was far too sleepy and laid back. The frantic fans that stood in front of the stage saved the rest of the audience with their ecstatic behavior. The negative things were the smoke machine that covered everything and everyone in smoke and the bad lighting. The lead vocals was also too far down in the mix. Otherwise gave Kvelertak everything they got.

Set list


Spring Fra Livet




Bruane Brenn


Sjohyenar (havets herrar)

Evig Vandrar







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