Malmoefestival 2013 with Crazy Lixx, Bullet, Kvelertak and Flogging Molly in Malmo, Sweden

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The day began with light rain and heavy wind. Bullet and Crazy Lixx was going to perform at Posthusplatsen located behind the train station. It’s the last outpost to the ocean and it can get quite windy and cold down there. I was on place about one hour before the first band was going on stage. Crazy Lixx was scheduled to play at 6-7 and Bullet 8-9. On the left side of the stage a restaurant was located that sold alcohol and lighter form of food. Crazy Lixx doesn’t belong to my favorite acts but since they played I guess I’d have to support the local scene. Vic Zino in Hardcore Superstar was playing guitar in the band before he joined Hardcore Superstar and the band released their latest album last year called RIOT AVENUE. The band did their soundcheck when I arrived and as time went by people started to arrive to Posthusplatsen.

Crazy Lixx

The band made their entrance through the smoke on stage and kicked off the show with “Young Blood” and “Lock Up Your Daughter”. The band got a warm response from the fans and from their families and friends who were there watching the show. Band members are:

Danny Rexon – lead vocals

Jens Sjöholm – bass

Joel Cirera – drums

Andy Zäta Dawson – guitar

Edd Liam – guitar

Rexon thanked for the support and said it was nice to be playing on hometurf. He wanted the crowd to say hello to Cirera and then kicked off the titletrack from the new album “Riot Avenue”. Rexon used up all the space on stage and moved around most of the time. The guys also used the ramp that stuck out from the middle of the stage. Rexon said it was time for a sing a long in “Cum On Feel The Noize” and despite help from Rexon, the sing a long wasn’t much to cheer for. The medley continued with “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and the sing a long was over after that. “Dr. Hollywood” and “Rock And A Hard Place” followed and the fans did their best to support the band with scattered applause and cheers.


It was time to head back in time and to play the song “Road To Babylon” taken from the album NEW RELIGION. After that followed another older song in “21 Til I Die”. It was a while since I saw the band live and I have to say that they had improved a lot since then. It was obvious that the guys had been out on the road and gained some experience. The bands sleaze music had turned into a more sleaze/hardrock music which suits the bands style and approach better. “Heroes And Forever” followed and it was one of the songs the band first recorded. Rexon said that it was time for the fans to sing some chorus and the fans did their best. After that remained one song and the band left us with “Whisky Tango Foxtrot”. The band thanked the crowd and then went of stage and the time for Crazy Lixx was out for this time.


The band did a good performance and they mixed the set list with both older earrings as well as more current songs. I really think that the slight change of musical direction suits the band well and hope that they’re continuing down that musical road. The negative aspect of the show had nothing to do with the band and it was the smokemachine that partially drenched the band in smoke. The small crowd surprised me, I thought that more people should have come to support a local act.


Set list

Young Blood

Lock Up Your Daughter

Riot Avenue

Cum On Feel the Noize/We’re Not Gonna Take It (medley)

Dr. Hollywood

Rock And A Hard Place

Road To Babylon

21 Til I Die

Heroes Are Forever

Whisky Tango Foxtrot

It was one hour left until Bullet was about to take over Posthusplatsen so people went over to the restaurant tent or went to see other bands on the other side of town. Not many stayed in position in front of the stage. Last year, Bullets new studio album called FULL PULL and during early 2013 guitarist Erik Almstrom chose to leave the band and instead join the former Backyard Babies singer Nicke Borg’s new band Nicke Borg Homeland. New guitarist in Bullet is now Alexander Lyrbo ex- Morbid Grinn, Brutal Noise. Personally I have always had a hard time liking the band. In my ears the music sounds like a cover act of Judas Priest, Accept and AC/DC. It feels like they have nothing of their own to contribute. They’re OK as a party band but not as a “real” band. But that’s all just my opinion. The stage was prepared with a smaller drum kit and the band name spelled in lightbulbs. On each side besides the drums was amps placed. When it was 30 minutes left for the show to start began people arrive to the area and luckily had the rain stopped falling.


The members came on stage while the intro music was played but one member was missing and it was singer Hofer. He came on stage when the first song “Midnight Oil” kicked off and he had on a pair of gigantic sunglasses and a velvet cape with the cover of the new album on it. “Rush Hour” followed and pyro blasted off. A few of the photographers in the pit got frightened when it went off and flames lit up the stage. Hofer thanked for the applause and said it was really nice to be in Malmo. He said that Malmo felt like home now because of the many times the band had performed here. He also said that the Malmoe crowd was a noisy bunch and wanted the fans to scream for “Turn It Up loud”. Bullet is:

Hell Hofer – lead vocals

Hampus Klang – guitar

Gustav Hjortsjo – drums

Adam Hector – bass

Alexander Lyrbo – guitar

Klang and Hector moved around on stage during the entire show while Hofer mostly stood solid put on his position. “Full Pull” followed and Hofer told us that the German police had put a prohibition to drive their tourbus when they were in Germany this past summer. The bands tour bus is a pretty crappy old vehicle that’s been around since the beginning of last century so I know why the police was hesitating to have that bus roll around on the streets of Germany. Hofer said that their bus was their “Rolling Home” and that was also the name of the next song. The band had to tow their bus over to Denmark before it was OK to drive it again.


The smoke machine was acting crazy and covered the stage and the members in smoke so it was hard to even see the band from time to time. “Pay The Price” and “Rambling Man” followed and even though I have a hard time with the bands music I do think that they are quite a fun band to watch. The band felt solid and they complete each other perfect on stage. Klang and Lyrbo did some great guitar duels and worked really well together and it felt like Lyrbo fitted in perfect with the rest of the band. The weakest link is Hofer and his vocals, it didn’t’ sound good when he opened his mouth. I have always had problems with his vocals and he hasn’t got better over the years. “Dusk Til Dawn” continued the show and it felt like the fans greeted the new songs as warm as they did with the old ones. Hofer once again thanked the crowd whom he thought was great and said that the fans should “Stay Wild”. When the song was over went the band off stage and out from the sound system came the intro to the song “Highway Pirates” and the band came out again and fired of their hit song. “The Rebels Return” and “Bite The Bullet” ended the show and the band again went off stage.


Bullet is what they are and nothing more. I still think they’re just a cover act. However, it seems like they have a lot of fans that love their kind of old school heavy metal music. Lyrbo did a great job on stage and it’s always fun to see pyro and flames. The weakest link was Hofer and his voice that sounded even more tired than usual this evening. I was not impressed by the show but it was an OK way of killing time.

Set list


Midnight Oil

Rush Hour

Turn It Up Loud

Full Pull

Rolling Home

Pay The Price

Rambling Man

Dusk Til Dawn

Stay Wild

Highway Pirates

The Rebels Return

Bite The Bullet


The area went quite when the fans had left the place. Most of the people went into the town where more stages were set and where most of the people hanged out. Cult Of Luna was scheduled to perform later but I decided to go home.

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