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Ivory Knight
Ivory Knight

Canadian classic metal band Ivory Knight is pleased to announce their reunion after an 8-year split. The band is currently in rehearsals and intends to return to the live stage first before deciding on whether or not to return to writing and recording.

Ivory Knight released its last CD, titled Unconscience, in 2005. The album was mixed and mastered by legendary guitarist Jeff Waters of the great Canadian metal act Annihilator. The album was very well received by fans and critics alike, and was a worthy successor to the critically-acclaimed 2001 album ‘Up From The Ashes’. The band’s first recording was its 1988 demo called “Voices In Your Nightmare” which received excellent reviews from all over the world, despite having been recorded in the bands rehearsal space on a lowly 4-track tape machine.

Respected Metal magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Issue #92, lists Ivory Knight among the great Canadian Metal acts alongside bands like Rush, Annihilator, Exciter, and others. The Temple of Metal in Greece called the band “Canada’s best kept secret”! U.S.-based Indie-Music.com says this band is “good enough to have a mainstream appeal similar to that of Priest, Sabbath, Megadeth, or Metallica”!

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“…Mark my words IVORY KNIGHT is poised to be the new leaders of the Canadian Metal Movement!!!” – Dr. Steel, Metal Net Radio

“…one of the best bands in this style of metal from Canada.” – Evil G, Metal-Rules.Com

” This is really good stuff, which leaps out of the speakers, especially the vocals of founder and multi-instrumentalist John Devadasan Perinbam. His performance, especially, just flat out lays it all out there, and the reverence that Perinbam, along with band members Rob Gravelle (lead guitar), George Nesrallah (drums), and Steve Mercer (bass), pin down with exploding points of passion is truly inspiring. There is something really special about this band, and I feel I’m not alone when saying so…. – Heidi Drockelman, Indie-Music.Com (USA)

There are many more reviews, live videos, streaming music, and free downloads on Ivory Knight’s web site www.ivoryknight.net.

For additional information or interviews, please contact:

Web site: www.ivoryknight.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ivoryknightofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/IvoryKnightBand

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