Festival organizer Jason McMaster comments on Iron Fist Fest

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Iron Fist Fest
Iron Fist Fest

The inaugural installment of Iron Fist Fest will take place September 28th at the Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, Texas (505 E 6th St)

Featuring a colossal, studded iron fistful of true underground American heavy metal in a one night only, all-star billing; Iron Fist Fest will showcase scorching performances by Austin’s own heavy-hitting traditional metal supergroup Ignitor, the blackened, grimy gutter thrash of The Blood Royale, the “Bringers Of Heavy Metal Death” Witches Mark, the long awaited return of San Antonio 80’s metal veterans Wicked Angel, the misanthropic, hate-fueled black metal of NW demons Panzergod and the earth shaking rumblings of up and coming, fantasy/epic metal titans Eternal Champion.

Ignitor vocalist and festival organizer Jason McMaster elaborates:

“Bringing metal bands together for shows has been a passion for me personally since my earliest days in Austin. I can remember there only being a few metal bands at all to do shows with, as early as 1982, and dating myself that far back is not an embarrassment, it is an honor. Nowadays, Austin has more metal than ever and more metal map to the rest if the world. The bands we hav playing Iron Fist Fest are either on tour, or are celebrating metal glory in Austin.”

For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/events/562186527181011/

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