Until Dawn – Horizon

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Reviewed: September 2013
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Being a Canadian based site, quite often I’ll get a bunch of Canadian independent stuff and every six months or so I’ll do a quick overview of what’s happening in the underground of the frozen tundra, so check my reviews for new albums by Fatality, Fireign, Gales Of Avalon, Nordheim, Sanktuary and Until Dawn.

Not every album can be great and this is the weakest of the five albums in this feature. The derivative melo-death styling’s mixed with the taint of metalcore and anti-septic 90’s production values really dragged this album down. The songs and individual performances are adequate but the album gets bogged down with the shouted dry-throat vocals juxtaposed with the stereotypical emo-like clean vocals. The songs are so predictable, fast angry part, breakdown, sad part then off to the races again. The band does show some promise on punchier songs like ‘Third Knee’ with a good pace and some better soloing but it is not enough to salvage the album.

The band does a great job with a nice digipak, with a good cover, nice album art, good layout and design on the nice booklet, cool logo, with lyrics and photos; these guys are totally pro and I\’m sure many people will enjoy this well-produced and presented 13 track album. It seems they have all the right moves and potential but it is just not my style.

UNTIL DAWN are not heavy enough to be good Death Metal and not melodic enough to be Power Metal, not fast enough to be thrash, and not skilled enough to be Prog so they just fall into that black hole occupied by the Pantera’s and Machine Head’s of the world, which admittedly, is extremely popular with the younger, North American audience who think that the various commercialized Warped XGame, Rockstar Energy Mayhem Slaughter Fests are heavy and underground. HORIZON is not horrible, just very average. Until Dawn are competent but they just have that modern sound and delivery which doesn’t appeal to my tastes.


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Track Listing:
1. Roamers and Lurkers
2. Strings of the Damned
3. The Red Sun Rises This Day
4. Third Knee
5. This Fallen Fortress
6. A Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
7. DNR
8. Time Tested Fortune
9. The Trial
10. Polar Paralles
11. Horizon
12. Wm3
13. Richard

Adam Macleod Vocals
Steve White Guitar
Deke Worrell Guitar
Luke Davis Bass
Luke Worrell Drums