Tales Of The Old – The Passageway From Hell To Earth

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Reviewed: September 2013
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m not a big Facebook guy but this band did come to my attention via the social media site and the band was kind enough to send along a copy for review, so the system works! Tales Of The Old are a young quintet from Greece. The band have released an independent three-song EP called THE PASSAGEWAY FROM HELL TO EARTH.

It’s a nice package, a simple digipak with an appealing cover and some notes and a photo, but no booklet or lyrics. It is well designed and laid-out. It is also short, unfortunately; three songs running 12 minutes. I say unfortunately, because I quite like all the songs and would like to hear more. The band got Bob Katsionis (Firewind and a dozen other bands) to produce and the song quality is very high.

Tales Of The Old play a very interesting and competent version of symphonic Power Metal. The nice twist is that the band plays it darker and heavier than many bands in this genre. At times they almost reach a Cradle Of Filth like heaviness in terms of atmosphere, orchestration and harsher vocals. The opening cut is has many features; a children’s choir, gentle piano, a soprano vocalist, lots of heavy guitars and tempo changes, it reminds me a bit of Savatage as well. The other cuts have many of the same sonic features, harpsichord, double-kick drum and even some ‘death metal growls. All of the fine songs have an operatic gothic sensibility that is dark and appealing.

Quite often when a new band starts they show potential for development and room for improvement. Tales Of The Old are surprisingly professional and ready to compete on the global stage. The production, the songs, the performances are all consistent with those of far bigger, more experienced bands. A PASSAGEWAY FROM HELL TO EARTH has the bands vision fully realized. I predict they will get picked up quite quickly, as least I hope they do so they can get a full-length album out to fans everywhere. Until then, you may want to grab this independent EP before it becomes a rare gem.


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Track Listing:
1. Dark Witch
2. Vlad\’s Return
3. Call Of Eternity

Vassilis Papadimitriou Vocals
Steve Mihalenas Guitars
Michael Tzanakis Keyboards
John Kats Bass
John Prodromou Drums