Sanktuary – Something Fierce

Spread the metal:

Reviewed: September 2013
Released: 2013, Spread The Metal
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Being a Canadian based site, quite often I’ll get a bunch of Canadian independent stuff and every six months or so I’ll do a quick overview of what’s happening in the underground of the frozen tundra, so check my reviews for new albums by Fatality, Fireign, Gales Of Avalon, Nordheim, Sanktuary and Until Dawn.

Sanktuary has been kicking around the country for a few years and produced a couple of EP’s but they have just released their debut, full-length album, SOMETHING FIERCE. Spread The Metal, a young and ambitious East-coast record label, has signed Sanktuary. The band and label did an adequate job on the presentation; an average digipak, but no booklet or lyrics for us to enjoy. The album cover catches your eye but seems a bit off. I like the concept of the spiky warrior dude emerging from the sea of flames, but maybe the logo is too big and the design too bright and cartoony. He is still pretty bad-ass though!

The eight-track, 29 minute EP is almost a bit too short but always leave them wanting more, which is just what the band did. The power-trio rips out the eight cuts of molten metal with a string sense of and velocity coursing through the veins of the album. Melding classic Metal and hints of thrash, Sanktuary finds a sweet spot with some excellent songs with good delivery bolstered by good gang vocals. The vocals are fairly high in tone but certainly not in a piercing way. The band present a mellower side on the brief instrumental interlude called ‘Beyond The Wall’ which features acoustic guitar and some restrained soling on the electric, complimenting each other very nicely.

If you need a touchstone reference, I van hear nice bits of other great Canadian bands like Cauldron, Skullfist and all those types of acts. SOMETHING FIERCE is an admirable, sure to catch a few ears and the band will be one to watch.


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Track Listing:
1. Deadly Prey
2. Heat Lightning
3. Hail the Villain
4. Thrill of the Kill
5. Screeching for Vengeance
6. Fire in the Sky
7. Beyond the Wall
8. Midnite Mass

Alan Binger Vocals, Guitar
Glen Emond Guitar
Cole Hume Bass
Anders Grasholm Drums