Rotting Christ – Kata Ton Aaimona Eaytoy

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Reviewed: September 2013
Released: 2013, Season Of Mist
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The goosebumps and awe of ‘Aealo’ album lasted for 3 years as ‘Κ”‘Τ”‘ ΤΟ” “””‘ΙΜΟ””‘ Ε”‘ΥΤΟΥ’ was created. This album is not similar to any ‘rotting’ album. It is dark, eerie and uncanny. Definitely, it is not straight, mainstream or patchwork. Sakis Tolis and his bandmates created something of divine and godlike.

Rotting Christ go one step further, turning away from any risk and do something reckless and daring, while diving in the myths and traditions of different cultures and aspire to carry us through their music unknown and forgotten stories, creating a dark, mysterious,riveting atmosphere. The album is full of unusual instruments and sounds and incorporates a brass section of Olympian feeling and atmosphere as the album has been recorded in Mountain Olympus near the nest of Zeus. This present album contains evil in their songs in a different way as Rotting Christ are used to. But speaking of evil element, there is a touch of black metal feeling that finds its way into some tracks, or at least parts of them-like ‘Русалка’. It takes a step away from the usual patterns and upbeat quality of folksier metal-that the play in the last 3 albums- and steps into darkness and chaos. There are not so many howls and ‘euagghs’ as in the previous releases but the vocals are much more rough and raw than ever.

‘Κ”‘Τ”‘ ΤΟ” “””‘ΙΜΟ””‘ Ε”‘ΥΤΟΥ’ is another great album, steeped in dark paths of ancient civilizations, brimming with passion, energy and mystery. There are some catchy songs as ‘Iwa Voodoo’ and ‘666’, but the catchiness of ‘AEALO’ and ‘Theogonia’ has been diminished in this release. Anyone can lucked out with these good riffs. This album is released revealing a blend of traditional Balkan-based dark metal. It’s a quirky mix of metal and traditional sounds; it’s entirely clear why the Greeks are so damn good at proudly folk yet utterly atmospheric black metal. And Sakis Tolis- as being the mastermind- added plenty of weight to that reputation here. Mixing the most meaty kind of guitar riffs and brain-scrambling double drumming with guttural growls, they offer an absorbing album. The production is warmer with quite abrasion to maintain a subtle continuity with the last two releases, ‘Theogonia’ and ‘AEALO’. If you ever liked this band, there is a strong chance you will forget any other folk/black metal band, when you blast this album for the first, second and 27th time.


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Track Listing:
1. In Yumen – Xibalba
2. P\’unchaw kachun – Tuta kachun
3. Grandis Spiritus Diavolos
4. Κατά τον δαίμονα το”… εα”…τού
5. Cine iubeşte şi lasă
6. Iwa Voodoo
7. Gilgameš
8. Русалка
9. Ahura Mazdā-Aŋra Mainiuu
10. Χ ξ ς\’

Themis Tolis-Drums
Sakis Tolis – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards