Fireign – The Blade

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Reviewed: September 2013
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Being a Canadian based site, quite often I’ll get a bunch of Canadian independent stuff and every six months or so I’ll do a quick overview of what’s happening in the underground of the frozen tundra, so check my reviews for new albums by Fatality, Fireign, Gales Of Avalon, Nordheim, Sanktuary and Until Dawn.

THE BLADE by Fireign, is a little older, being released in 2011 but it is about time we gave this quartet from Newfoundland a little more attention. I reviewed their first, self-titled 2001 demo (back in 2004) and really enjoyed it but it doesn’t seem like it has been almost nine years since the band put out their first album VALLEY OF UNREST back in 2002! But here we are today, and although I’m a bit behind the times, it is nice to hear from Fireign again. Despite keeping a low-profile in terms of recording, the line-up has stayed the same as the last album and they still remain independent.

THE BLADE incorporates a number of styles hints of thrash, hints of rock and roll swagger and whole lotta Metal. The there is a good dose of humour as evidenced in the lyrics and song-titles such as ‘Don’t Give A Fuck’ and ‘Hold On (Afraid To Fart)’ I don’t know why but I make a connection to Mantioba’s Wild Kingdom with their heavy, fun attitude. These guys known their Metal as the classic speed Metal ‘swirl’ adorns the album cover, and the font and title kinda remind me stylistically of Tokyo Blade.

The album, dare we call it that, runs criminally short at eight songs for 33 minutes but always leave them wanting more is a good policy. The production is very decent and the album kicks off with a sample from a movie (I think) and I can’t place, but I like it. Harry Clarke’s vocals are gruff and harsh but you can understand the words, sort of in that late era-Carcass zone; raw but accessible.

All the songs have good pace, tone and tempo and several shifts in mood and speed to keep the song-writing engaging. There are some great solos scattered around the songs as well. Overall, I’m still impressed by the band and hope we don’t wait another decade until the next album.


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Track Listing:
1. Mount Cashel Massacre
2. Radiation and Death
3. D.G.F
4. Cannibal
5. Hold On
6. The Blade
7. Voice of Blood
8. Fists in the Face

Harry Clarke Bass, Vocals
Trevor Leonard Guitar
Tommy Young Guitar
Dale Parsons Drums