Fatality – Psychonaut

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Reviewed: September 2013
Released: 2013, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Being a Canadian based site, quite often I’ll get a bunch of Canadian independent stuff and every six months or so I’ll do a quick overview of what’s happening in the underground of the frozen tundra, so check my reviews for new albums by Fatality, Fireign, Gales Of Avalon, Nordheim, Sanktuary and Until Dawn.

Fatality is a quartet from Toronto, Ontario and PYSCHONAUT is their second album. The band has been around about a decade and hasn’t been too productive, but when you do everything yourself these things take time and money. The CD is a decent digipak with a booklet with lyrics and photos. The cover is a nice nod to Kreator’s album, COMA OF SOULS. The similarities in album covers because Fatality plays an intense brand of thrash that to my ears seems a bit more sophisticated than some of the so-called Retro thrash bands around like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust. There is a subtle traditional Metal influence as well, rather than just pure thrash. You know how some bands like Testament and Annihilator add a hint of more conventional Metal than just pure thrash band like a Suicidal Angels album for example. That is what Fatality do. They have enough compositional skill to keep it exciting, instead of just a blur of speed. The songs are well-written and have a hint of progression with some of the compositions pushing the eight minute mark. The tempo is pretty fast for the length of the album but the band changes it up enough to keep it interesting. An album highlight is the closing instrumental ‘Thrasterpiece II’, which has little sections to emphasize the drums, bass and some killer solos.

PYSCHONAUT is very accomplished and very musical, taking it a step above and above the many average thrash bands out there. Fatality have some great individual performances, good songs, good production and lots of energy, making this an album worth investigating.


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Track Listing:
1. Enter Purgatory
2. Thoughts Collide
3. Monstrous
4. Before the Collapse
5. Towards Disaster
6. Psychonaut
7. Satan\’s Shepherd
8. Thrashterpiece II

Spencer Le Von Vocals, Guitar
Eytan Gordon Guitar
Adam Zlotnik Bass
Mason Le Von Drums