Mario Pastore – Band leader/singer Mario Pastore

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Pastore – bandleader/singer Mario Pastore

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Inner Wound Recordings for setting up the interview
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the promo pictures of the band


The Brazilian heavy metal act Pastore, led by singer Mario Pastore (Soulspell), released their second album last year called THE END OF OUR FLAMES. The music ought to appeal to fans of Judas Priest, Iced Earth and Iron Maiden and since I’m a fan of those acts I decided to hook up with Pastore in order to talk about the new album (which is brilliant) the bands past present and future. Since this interview was made, Pastore has changed the line-up totally!  Read about what Mario Pastore had to say below.

The title of Pastore’s second album is THE END OF OUR FLAMES could you tell us a little bit about the album, like how long it took to record and what is it about?

The album is a recording that mixes the traditional Heavy Metal with a little bit of Thrash Metal. It took a month to be recorded and it talks about conspiracy, corruption, the evil itself. Everything the world’s suffered and been suffering in these darkest and awful times.

Who writes the music and lyrics and what are the lyrics about?

In the first album, the guitarist and me, we both wrote the songs. In the second the bassist joined us two in the process of making them. I guided the style of the lyrics in order to be a positive message for the people. They talk about the evil, that keeps walking around ourselves, but can be weakened if we do right and correct actions.

What has the band been up to since the release of the debut album that came 2010?

After the release of the first album we played some gigs in different places in Brazil. After the second album we did few concerts, it’s being hard here in Brazil.

Do you think that the bands music has developed if you compare the two albums? If so in what way?

I think that it evolved more in the way of making it (recording, mastering and mixing) but I like them both. The instrumental was better recorded in the second album than in the first.

Where does the title THE END OF OUR FLAMES come from? Does the title have special meaning to you and the rest of the members?

It comes from the subject of the end of our existence, corruption, deforestation, evil ways in life in general and it was suggested by the guitarist. It’s a strong title and I like it a lot.

Who did the cover art-work and what do you think of it?

The cover art and the photos were made by Marcelo de Paiva. He got the idea that we thought and did an extremely good job upon it. I love the artwork!


Have you shot a video to any of the songs? If so what song and how was it to make a video?

Yes, we shoot a video for Brutal Storm. It was a simple video clip show the band’s energy and the song’s energy. I think it’s cool. Who did it was a Brazilian producer named Alexandro Cardoso, the same for the first video clip (“Far Away”, from the first album). He did an amazing job.

Pastore is described as being a heavy metal act, how would you like to describe what kind of music the band plays?

I’d like to describe it as a traditional and heavy Heavy Metal.

How has the media responded on the new disc? Have you read any reviews of it and do you care about what critics have to say about your work?

Most of the reviews were positive. I care about it when they’re constructive and can make me improve myself and the sound I’m making, but when they’re unfair I ignore them.


Many artists thinks that their latest album are their best one can you agree with that when it comes to THE END OF OUR FLAMES?

As I said, I like the two albums, but I want to record more and be proud of them all. Are you happy with the outcome of the album or do you feel you should have done anything in a different way?

I’m really happy and satisfied with the two cds.

I think that you’re doing an amazing job on the album and I also think that Gazal on guitar is worth to mention. Are you happy with your bandmates efforts?

I appreciate your comment and I do say that they did an amazing job, for sure.

Studio and productionwork

Where was the album recorded?

At our Fabio Buitvidas’ Studio (our drummer), called Little Quarter.

Your guitarist Raphael Gazal produced the album, how was it to work with him as producer? What’s his strongest feature as producer?

I think that he did an amazing job.

Has he produced other artists or bands besides Pastore?

He did, but we don’t keep in touch anymore and I don’t know what’s he doing at the moment.

Thomas Plec Johansson did the mastering/mixing in Panic Room Studio in Sweden. Was any of the band members part of that process?

Plec produces a lot of artists, including the great German Pascual, former singer of Narnia and now in solo career. Out guitarist sent the audio tracks to Plec and kept in touch via e-mail.

Do you think that you’re going to continue letting Gazal produce your albums in the future?

No, he’s not in the band anymore and we don’t keep in touch.


You and Gazal founded the band in 2007, how did your ways cross in the first place?

I founded the band in 2005, he was invited to it in 2007. At that time, he was a student and a friend of mine.

Was it hard to find members to the band?

No, the drummer had already played in other projects with me and wanted to be part of it and the bassist was chosen after a test.

Is the current line-up the original one or have you had any member changes?

I redesigned the band and now I have two amazing guitarists and one of them will be the producer of the next works. They are: Marcelo de Paiva (Drums), Ricardo Baptista (Guitar), Derli Pontes (guitar and producer), Adriano de Carvalo (bass).

Pastore’s debut album THE PRICE FOR THE HUMAN SINS came 2010 what did the critics thought of that album?

The critics about THE PRICE FOR HUMAN SINS were amazing, they said really good things about it, about being heavy and well composed, well sung and well played. I love this album!


I’ve read that the album was released in Brazil, Japan and North America. Was it released in any other territories?

It was released independently and it sold really well, being out of stock now.

The album got a really high rating in Burn Magazine how did that feel?

This was really cool because we didn’t expect it, we thought they’d like it but it was better than our expectations!

What do you think and feel about the debut album when you look back in it today?

I think it was a really inspired work and I like it a lot. I love each song in that album, we worked hard on it.

You are from Brazil – how’s the metal scene doing there? Are there many hard rock/metal clubs in Brazil?

There’s a lot of good bands but here there are other music genres that takes the biggest share of the cake. There are not too many places to do a concert.

How come you named the band after yourself?

I already released other albums with other bands and projects and the fans kept on asking for a solo album with my name in highlights, that’s when I decided to start.


Have you done a lot of touring and have you toured anything outside Brazil?

I never played outside Brazil, it’s expensive and it would need to have a management putting money on Pastore. Inside Brazil I played a lot of concerts.

Is Pastore big in Brazil?

It has created a big a name in Brazil, indeed.

Label & management

What made you decide to ink a deal with the label Inner Wound Recordings for Europe?

I met Emil through German Pascual and he’s been doing an excellent work of distribution and promotion.

The label is based in my country of Sweden, do you see any problems in having your label half across the world from Brazil?

No, I think it’s great because I need Pastore to be showed up to the world.

The label is co-operating with Music Buy Mail and Connecting Music is the co-operating working good do you think?

I believe it is working good because the number of fans is increasing around the world. I believe that Emil’s doing an amazing work!

Who distributes the album in Asia and North America?

Hydrant Music released it and EMI Japan distributes it.

Is it possible to download THE END OF OUR FLAMES legally anywhere?

Yes, the songs are for sale separately in the website of Hydrant Music and in Europe THE PRICE FOR HUMAN SINS was released only in an digital version.

Are there any plans on re-releasing the debut album?

I do think about it, because there’s a lot of request for the album and it’s out of stock.

Are you currently working with any management or booking agencies?

We don’t have any agency at the moment, we’re by ourselves. Having a agency would help and would be a significant difference for the band, so it could go farther.


When did you first began to sing and who inspired you?

I started as an amateur at the age of 5 and Elvis Presley influenced me that time and still influences me!

Have you taken any vocal classes or so? I mean you have an enormous vocal range and a brilliant voice!!

Yes, I studied most part of my life, since I was 19 and I still try to learn new things. I’m thankful and I appreciate your comment about it.

Can you play any instruments?

I’m learning how to play drums and I play a little bit of keyboard, but I’m still learning.

What was the name of the first band you ever joined and have you always been into singing metal and rock?

The first band I was in was “Titânio” and I was 16. I started with rock and metal, nowadays I sing a lot of genres.


You are also vocal instructor, what are the most fun with being an instructor?

I love seeing my students evolving, this brings to me a lot of joy.

Tell us about your work on the metal opera Soulspell?

I was selected to be the main character of the act 2 and I did some concerts in the Brazilian tour. It was cool to sing with a lot of good singers such as Jon Oliva and Zak Stevens, as well as the amazing Brazilian ones such as Nando Fernandes.


Do you still live in Sao Paulo?

Yes, since I was born. I live in a near city called São Caetano do Sul.

Which one of your own albums are you the most satisfied with?



What is your biggest strength as a singer?

It must be that I’m persistent.


It’s been really hard to find some information about the band in the net. Why haven’t the band got a website?

We’re doing it at the moment and soon it will be done!

Do you think it’s important to be active on the social networks?

Yes I do a lot, because I talk directly with my fans and I feel happy about it.

Where in the world does the band have its biggest fanbase?

I believe in Japan.

Are there any plans on heading out on a North American or European tour soon?

Yes, we have plans, but we need a manager to do so.

Is the band booked for any festival shows this summer?

No, we don’t any have concerts at the moment, we’re composing new songs.


Could you give the readers three reasons why they should buy THE END OF OUR FLAMES?

Power, heaviness and good lyrics.

What do you have to say to the ones who haven’t discovered the music of Pastore yet?

Search for our material in YouTube and buy it to hear on the max. volume!

Well, that was about it. Thanks a lot for taking the time making the interview and I wish you and the band all the best in the future. Do you have anything to say to the readers and fans?

I’m really thankful for your attention and I hope to see you again! Best regards for the readers of the magazine and for you guys in Sweden!




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