Lita Ford with support on Living Like A Runaway Scandinavia Mini Tour 2013 Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Lita Ford

Living Like A Runaway Scandinavia Mini Tour 2013
Diamond Dawn – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
25/7 – 2013

Review & live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

 Lita_ford_poster_kb_malmoe_2013_1Lita Ford is back with a new album called LIVING LIKE A RUNAWAY and it’s the first album release from her since the 2009 year comeback release WICKED WONDERLAND. Ford set the standard for many female artists since her days in The Runaways and as a solo artist. Before she came over to Scandinavia she did a few shows in America. The tour in Sweden was really short with three shows and the Scandinavian tour ended in Norway. Ford hasn’t spoiled her fans in Sweden with shows and my expectations were really high when I went to Kulturbolaget which was the place she was performing at. Since the comeback, Lita has only performed once at Sweden Rock Festival. Since it was Thursday, the club closed a bit earlier than during the weekend and the show was set to be over at 12.

Not many people had gathered inside the club when I came and I thought that many more was interested to hear Lita Ford. There was no photo pit, so I had to stand amongst the fans and take photos. As time went by more people arrived to the club. There was a mixed crowd with both older guys that maybe grew up with The Runaways as well as females that looked up to Ford. At 9, the DJ turned off the music and the lights went out and it was time for Diamond Dawn to enter the stage.

Diamond Dawn

The band consisted of a bunch of younger guys that played melodic hard rock that bordered to AOR. After two songs the singer introduced the band that comes from Gothenburg, Sweden. He said it was an honor to open for Lita Ford and that they were really happy to be part of the tour. He said that the guys were going to play songs from their debut album called OVERDRIVE. Even though the audience was reluctant towards the band, the guys did a good job on stage and it was obvious that they were used to playing live because the singer really knew how to treat a crowd. At the end of the show, the keyboard player had some problems with his keyboard that wouldn’t stay in place. A few songs later the show was over and the band had been on stage for about 40 minutes.


The band was actually quite good, and it’s not often I’m impressed by an opening act. Well, now it was only to wait for the headline to go on and the crew had begun to prepare the stage. It took a while but finally was it time for Lita Ford to kick off her long awaited show.


Lita Ford

Half way through the intro music, the band came on stage and after a while, Ford came out from behind the speakers. The fans welcomed Ford with claps and cheers. She smiled and looked really happy when she came out on the stage and faced the fans. Ford’s band is:

Bobby Rock – drums

Mitch Perry – guitar

Marty O’Brien – bass

Lita Ford – lead guitar, vocals

The show began with “The Bitch Is Back” which was followed by “Hungry”. Ford thanked everyone for the applause and said it was nice to be back in Malmo. She mentioned that the last time she was here was in 1978 with The Runaways. She said that she got a picture from a fan earlier during the day and that she got the same guitar on in the picture as she had today but only in a different color. When she came home she was going frame the picture. Then it was time to play a song from the new album LIVING LIKE A RUNAWAY and it was “Relentless”. Ford changed guitars and then it was time for “Living Like A Runaway”. It was really hard to take pictures because of the fans hands and heads and despite that Kulturbolaget use to have great lighting on stage Ford stood in really poor light and O’Brien and Perry stood mostly in the dark. Ford said she saw a few people that had been at the gig in Gothenburg and she thanked them and everyone that followed her and supported her. Ford changed guitars again and played “Gotta Let Go” which was one of the first videos that MTV aired. “Back To The Cave” and “Can’t Catch Me” followed and “Can’t  Catch Me” became a really long song because she and Perry jammed and dueled during the song. A shorter bass solo was also squeezed in the song. Then went Perry, O’Brien and Ford of the stage and it was time for a drum solo.




It was much funnier to see Perry and Ford duel on guitar than to see a drum solo. When Rock finally was done, the rest of the band came on stage again and it was time for “Out For Blood” and the old Runaway song “Cherry Bomb”. She said that the song was the first one the girls wrote as a band and a cherry bomb is a homemade bomb that the band threw out on the highway and was arrested. That song woke up the club and everyone sang a long. It felt like Ford woke up after the drum solo. Sure, she was on fire before but it felt like she became better and better as the show proceeded. Ford said that Steve Jones from Sex Pistols had written the next song “Black Leather” which The Runaways recorded.

Ford told us that she had recorded a live album that probably was going to be released during September/October called THE BITCH IS BACK. She said that the next song she did with Ozzy and everyone knew what song that was coming up – “Close My Eyes Forever”. She let the audience sing parts of the song and that song is probably one of Ford’s biggest hits. Now was it so time for the last song and while Ford talked to the fans she threw guitar pics to the fans. Ford thanked for the amazing support she and the band had gotten from the fans and she said she wanted to see everyone’s hands in the air during the last song. “Kiss Me Deadly” taken from the 1988 album LITA followed and she let the crowd sing the chorus. After the song, the band went to the front of the stage and thanked the fans and audience. The show lasted for 75 minutes and the fans shouted for encores but the music went off immediately and the show was definitely over.




The show was absolutely worth attending and it was pretty unique to see this legend on a stage in Malmo. I mean, her last visit in Malmo was in 1978 so…

The set list was good, but I wonder why she focused on songs from the album LITA instead of songs from the new album (4 songs) and why play “Close My Eyes Forever” with only Ford on vocals. Not a single song was taken from the comeback album WICKED WONDERLAND. I’d wished to hear songs from her other solo albums.The show was maybe too short…and why not do encores?

But besides those question marks, the show was great and it was fun to see Lita Ford in action in my town!


Set list

Your Wake Up Call (intro)

The Bitch Is Back



Living Like A Runaway

Gotta Let Go

Devil In My Head

Back To The Cave

Can’t Catch Me

Drum Solo

Out For Blood

Cherry Bomb

Black Leather

Close My Eyes Forever

Kiss Me Deadly



Thanks to the head of Kulturbolaget Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass.
Thanks to the nice staff and security as well.

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