Jalometalli – Oulu Finland

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Oulu, Finland
August 9-10, 2013

Article by Arto Lehtinen and Niko Karppinen
Pics by Arto Lehtinen


Here we are again… The mighty Jalometalli Open Air Metal festival strikes back with a killer line-up to maintain its lofty status on the Finnish festival map. The festival is known for relying on and old school metal approach offering traditional metal to extreme metal. The dream came true for the primusmotor of the Jalometalli Festival by having Slayer to play in the backyard of the Teatria club. The place was completely packed when the thrash kings unleashed angel of death. Besides Slayer there were a plenty of killer bands on the bill. On the other hand it is sad to see the Jalometalli Festival was the last time in the environment of the Teatria club. Both the club and the festival are both forced to look for a new place as the old one will be torn down. Before that, the Metal Rules team hit the ground of Oulu to witness several absolutely killer bands. The whole Jalometalli as a festival is so unique and one of a kind that anyone reading this article should take a glance at the offering of the festival.

Here is a brief article on the fest. So the time had come all of us to leave bitter sweet farewells to the old venue where we have enjoyed great music and great company throughout the year..


Oulu, Finland
August 9-10, 2013


Impaled Nazarene – Ghettoblaster

Impaled Nazarene opened Friday and the whole festival on the main stage outdoors. I missed first three songs simply because the line to the accreditation wasn’t moving fast enough for some reason. Well, being the opening act is a hard and unpleasant task for any band and in my opinion IN succeeded very well. A razor-sharp performance combined with the fact that Jalometalli is held in Oulu, which is also the birthplace of IN, surely have gave an extra-boost to the remaining two members who happen to come from this White Town of the North. The band played older songs and concentrated also on the material from the “Suomi Finland Perkele” playing at least: Total War – Winter War, Kuolema Kaikille (Paitsi Meille), Let’s Fucking Die and Ghettoblaster and Qasb/The Burning.  There was another incident related to the Ghettoblaster during the gig there probably was another fan shouting out loud the name of his favourite song and frontman Mika Luttinen replied before this particular song started: “You miserable drunken fuck who shouted Ghettoblaster about a while ago, this comes straight from my heart straight to you and this is the GHETTOBLASTER!!!”

We got to hear also Motörpenis, The Horny and the Horned, Saddhu Satana and Kali Yuga. I already knew that band was going to fly to Germany straight after their Jalometalli show which might have been the reason why band was chosen to be the starter for the whole festival. There were lots of things if not against the Impaled Nazarene but may have had effect on the performance (which they didn’t); starter slot, so few people present from the audience and the fact that IN is actually always been very good band in indoor circumstances. Nevertheless, Impaled Nazarene had a good gig and it was a pleasure to hear so many old songs from them as well.

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IMG_8453 IMG_8458

Altair – Thrash från Sverige

The long time, but relatively unknown, thrash metal patrol from Sweden conquered the indoor stage next. Consisting of five members, the band offered a lesson in thrash metal with a bit of a modern grip. Altair thrashed fast and hard in front of the Finnish audience who had arrived to testify the five-piece in action. It is quite complicated to catch songs as the band is hardly known and secondly there is no idea about releases. However the five-piece have gigged quite rarely, but that couldn’t see in their stage performance. The band moved all around the stage and kept banging the head with the ultimate passion. As mentioned earlier that the sounds have the elements of both the old school and new school.  The set was however concluded by WASP’s “I wanna be Somebody”.

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Aborted – Groove, groove and groove

This band hails from Belgium and was another new acquaintance for me. I knew that Aborted was playing grindish’ U.S. –style death metal but it surprised me how god-damn groove band appears on stage. Sounded like each song contained neck-breaking tunes to spin your head with, energetic live appearance and aggressive play was truly keeping us all in tight grip.Most eerie moment was experienced when vocalist Sven de Caluwé was asking from the audience whether they would like to hear a song about shit or another alternative was the song about the p*ssy! It was not a surprise that second alternative was most the tempting one and received acknowledgement from the crowd. I was myself most surprised how easy going band’s material was and how groove the sound of the band appears to be. Especially Ken Bedene’s ability to play drums amazed me constantly throughout the gig but the whole band was truly working effortlessly to bringing their best to the audience. I still can’t believe that Aborted probably brought the most grooving set in this year’s Jalometalli which was extremely effective if I may say.

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IMG_8632 IMG_8623

Lost Society – The future of Finnish thrash metal

The time had come to check out the new hope for Finnish thrash, Lost Society. The band has gained popularity relatively fast when keeping in mind that they formed in 2010 and already were signed to Nuclear Blast during the GBOB (Global Battle of Bands) and made their way up to the finals too. Their debut album was released this year “Fast Loud Death” and all the members of the band were under 20 years old at the time. Feeling speed freak, do you???!!! This was the very first time for me to check band live and I’m conducting my deepest apologizes here about the fact that I was not too familiar with the material they have. Many of my friends checked them out in Tuska-festival this year and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So I was somewhat excited. The bad news was that Lost Society was scheduled to play at indoor-stage which has been problematic for most of the bands this year and that was the case with Lost Society too. It was a hard duty to try to perceive songs because of the sounds and unfortunately I was forced to check band’s material later on. If we leave sound issues behind and think only about how band is performing live I have to admit that Lost Society is actually very entertaining live band. The material of the band has basically lots of elements from old Kreator but that’s not enough to describe the sound of the band tough there are certain guitar melodies which reminds me of Children of Bodom as well.
So there is actually The Finnish dimension there too and ad some Anthrax-style of approach (not-to-take-everything-so-seriously) there you have Lost Society in a nutshell in my opinion.  Band is very energetic on stage which is always a good thing. The whole band was churning around the stage with sheer energy and which infected to the crowd as well. During the gig we were able to see one of the very few “wall of pains” in this year’s festival, the only one I witnessed was in Lost Society’s gig. I have seen the future of Finnish thrash metal and it is the Lost Society!

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3 Inches of Blood – Leather Lords

I got stricken by surprise with this Canadian four-piece as this was for me the very first time to witness the band live. I had already heard few albums as random play through Spotify but nothing could have prepared me to face the fact that Cam Pipes’s voice was truly amazing when playing live. I thought that the tone of his voice might not be reaching the highest chords as in the albums… Well, it actually did.

There are certain elements in 3 Inches of Blood’s music which reminds me a bit about old Accept and Judas Priest but it’s not that easy to categorize: It’s like turbo-charged Priest played heavily with an attitude and Cam Pipes’s voice has same kind of tones with Udo Dirkschneider as well as with Rob Halford. The rest of the band was concentrating into performance tough have to admit that playing live with only one guitar wasn’t the best possible solution for the band. Byron Stroud was not touring with the band and it seemed that another guitarist Justin Hagberg was taking care of bass duties while Shane Clark was playing the 6-stringer. Anyways 3 Inches of Blood did not this let them down. No way! Band showed right from the start that they have come to Jalometalli to conquer new fans and to spread the message of good ‘ol traditional heavy metal! Cam Pipes’s intensity on stage was nothing more than just adorable and rest of the band were too in good streak. We got to hear band’s own material as well as another Rush –cover which was probably “Tom Sawyer” and Black Sabbath –cover “Heaven and Hell” as well. This was a really good gig from the band and I recommend you to check them out urgently!!!

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Hobbs Angel of Death – Satan’s Crusade

This legendary band was (if not the ONLY), the one of the very few reasons why I packed my backpack and travelled in Jalometalli this year. The situation was somewhat similar like with the Whiplash back in 2009, I thought I would never see this particular band playing live. It was nice to be wrong.I was cursing first that Hobbs Angel of Death was scheduled to play at indoor-stage which have already caused sound-problems to the following bands like Lost Society, Altair and Voivod. Well I should have known better HAoD had a secret weapon of their own: Mr. Harris Johns. When long awaited gig started (which was actually the first EVER for the Hobbs Angel of Death in Finland)

– I was wondering how on earth band was sounding so good regardless playing indoors. All of the sudden I started to stare behind the mixing table and suddenly realized who was taking care of the mixing duties, resulting that the unique sound of the band was even getting better and better throughout the gig. Nevertheless of some technical difficulties with the guitars the gig was really entertaining one and only proved how well the material of the first album have stood against the test of time. Like I expected the HAoD was mainly concentrating to the material of the legendary first album playing everything you could hope for: Lucifer’s Domain, Satan’s Crusade, House of Death, Jack the Ripper, Brotherhood, Crucifixion, Marie Antoinette and even the Bubonic Plague from the early era of the band. The whole band was playing the way which only strengthened my vision of Hobbs Angel of Death as passionate and skilful live-band. Behind the drum kit Matt Sanders was beating the shit out of cans whereas Bo Remy brought the ball breaking tunes in the songs and Luke Anticevic played each solo exactly the way it was recorded sounding amazing. Above all of this was echoing Peter Hobbs’s haunting vocals making chills down your spine. As an extra we got to hear Harris Johns jamming on stage with the band in the very last song of the gig. This gig at Jalometalli was the last one of the European –tour so it was not a wonder to see Peter Hobbs holding the flag of Finland in his hands after the gig. Farewells seemed to be the emotional one and I got to hear later on from Peter Hobbs himself that he is truly planning coming back to Finland. All in all Hobbs Angel of Death was among the successors in this year’s Jalometalli-festival. I myself enjoyed about the gig very much and in the case you would like to hear more about the recent happenings in the HAoD –camp check out the interview with Mr. Peter Hobbs. Until next time, this was truly a pleasure!

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Slayer – The return of the Kings.

Ok. Let’s get this straight first: There’s no way that Slayer would perform a bad show! The band was in fine form this time in Jalometalli and did not let their fans down. They played f*cking tightly throughout the set, it was like a clockwork machine being ultimately accurate!  Slayer’s set consisted of old material mostly with few adds from the “World Painted Blood” album.


I may have not witnessed any other band ever being so wholeheartedly welcomed in Jalometalli like Slayer was. The atmosphere was something beyond comprehension tough we have to keep in mind it was the all-time-record when it comes to the ticket sales of Jalometalli on Friday. There was something unexpected of the behaviour of band on stage (at least for me) Tom Araya was just standing and watching the crowd after the songs saying nothing but just watching, having long speechless moments after communicating with the audience and declaring the next song… Needless to say it was just making the crowd even more wild and eager to hear more. Gary Holt and Kerry King were both running around the stage doing the best they can; play god-damn tightly. The stage lights were flashing towards the dark sky above and music was storming mercilessly beating, pounding the crowd which was churning back and forth like the sea…Unforgettable. When time came to play last two encores the background of the stage was changed to the giant Heineken –style emblem with Hanneman’s name on it, like Slayer’s been used to do in this tour.

One thing was obvious: Slayer have probably never sounded so tight when it comes to the guitar playing. The Holt/King duo was sounding incredible like they have been playing all those years together in the same band. Which made me think about the difference between old original Slayer and the new Slayer; my conclusion was that the old times are not coming back anymore. There’s no way you could hear Dave Lombardo’s grooving beat and Jeff Hanneman’s creative solos (not to mention his remarkable song writing abilities )  which were, if not the biggest, at least the greatest part of the sound of original Slayer. The new era has begun and Gary Holt and Paul Bostaph are part of it and as a fan of the band I have to accept it and move forward like Slayer itself is doing.

Slayer was definitely the biggest act to ever play in Oulu and in Jalometalli, resulting that security was raised extremely high throughout. The band was not giving any interviews and there was no signing session arranged at all. Whereas the band itself played a good gig offering their fans a chance to hear what they wanted; old material with some new dressing so to say. It is going to be interesting to hear the new material from the band when time comes.  Slayer was truly one of the definite highlights of the whole festival.

World Painted Blood
War Ensemble
Hallowed Point
At Dawn They Sleep
Mandatory Suicide
Chemical Warfare
Altar of Sacrifice
Jesus Saves
Hate Worldwide
Seasons in the Abyss
Hell Awaits
Dead Skin Mask
Raining Blood

South of Heaven
Angel of Death

IMG_8905 IMG_8931
IMG_8915 IMG_8958



Orange Goblin – Rocking after Slayer

Orange Goblin’s  playing time after Slayer was kind of challenging for any band to satisfy the fans. Playing after Slayer ain’t any bands’ the dream-come-true- feeling though. However the four piece’s rough and tight sludge groove sounding metal rock stuff appealed to the audience more than well. The hairy frontman Ben Ward encouraged the audience to have fun and bang their skulls smashed. The crowd seemed to enjoy Orange Goblin’s stoner doomy metal.

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