Black Sabbath at The Air Canada Center in Toronto Ontario

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Black Sabbath

 Air Canada Center in Toronto Ontario
August 14, 2013

Concert Review by Emidio Vaz
(Guest Writer Canada)

Black Sabbath took the stage at the ACC in Toronto on Aug.14/2013 to a capacity crowd. From the moment you entered the concert arena you could feel the presence of the Heavy Metal Gods, magic & sheer ecstasy filled the air. Throughout the day leading up to the event, the energy that was felt was mesmerizing. Mind you that this wasn’t just another concert, after all it was Black Sabbath in concert.


The opening act was a Metal DJ, Andrew W.K.. His 45 min set was filled with an assortment of Metal tracks. This was a brilliant move by Black Sabbath by choosing a Metal DJ over a back up band, simply because this was about Black Sabbath and being #1 worldwide with “13”.

The wait was now over, the light’s went out & you could make out the silhouette of Ozzy Osbourne through the double Demon curtain. The curtain dropped & Ozzy was standing there with a black cloak on his arms extended as if in purgatory, looking at the crowd, his cloak drops & the “Sabb’s” begin with “War Pigs”. The guitar playing of none other than Tony “Lord of Riff” Iommi and the attacking of the bass of Terry ‘Geezer’ Butler was flawless.  Song after song it was Metal that grabbed you & didn’t let go until it was over. From the moment that the curtain dropped it was a consistent standing ovation. There was no sitting involved, just when you thought of taking a breather another song would break out and the Metal being performed refilled you with Metal-oxygen. The waves of the crowd bouncing up and down was astonishing,to say the least.


The solo’s of Iommi and solo bass playing of Geezer Butler were sheer ecstasy. The bass solo in “Behind Wall of Sleep” was extraordinary, the video’s that went along with the song’s were so well choreographed that it was Demonic like. Finally came the drum solo Tommy Clufetos resembling a very young Bill Ward  who pounded the skins like him as well. It was truly  a masterpiece of drum solo and gave the “Sabb’s” a well earned rest. When they did pick up again they broke into “Iron Man” and  so the evening came to an end and the chants of “Sabbath!,Sabbath!” brought the band back on stage for one last time, doing the encore of “Paranoid”.  It was certainly the concert of 2013.


I,  as a Black Sabbath disciple will forever cherish this concert until death takes me as it was possibly Black Sabbath’s last tour. My rating without any doubt or hesitation is clearly 5/5.

Set List
1 War Pigs
2. Under the Sun/Every Day comes & goes
3. Snowblind
4. Age of Reason
5. Black Sabbath
6. Behind the Wall of Sleep
7. N.I.B.
8. End of the Beginning
9. Fairies Wear Boots
10. Rat Salad
11. Drum Solo
12.Iron Man
13.God is Dead
14. Dirty Woman
15. Children of the Grave
15. Paranoid (encore)