THUNDERSTONE – Pasi Rantanen is back!

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THUNDERSTONE - Pasi Rantanen is back!
THUNDERSTONE – Pasi Rantanen is back!

This is the news you have been waiting for: Pasi Rantanen is back!

We are extremely happy and proud to welcome Pasi back to the THUNDERSTONE family and look forward to creating something truly magical with him in the future. Says Titus: ‘Asking Pasi to come back was a no-brainer, really. He has one of the best voices in the scene and many people beyond Thunderstone fans were wondering what he was doing with his incredible talent. We’re really excited to be working with him again’.

And here’s Pasi’s statement:

‘Dear Thunderstone fans and friends

I’m back! And man, it feels good too! Leaving Thunderstone was a difficult decision and something that I regretted more than once during my time away. So when the guys approached me about a possible reunion, I had no second thoughts. I missed the music, the friendship, the craziness, and most importantly, the SMELL!

Thanks for all your support during the years. Stay tuned for some amazing stuff from THUNDERSTONE!’

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