Copenhell Festival 2013 Refshaleoen Copenhagen,Denmark

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 Copenhell Festival 2013

Refshaleoen, Copenhagen, Denmark
14-15/6 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall
Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson


For the fourth year in a row, it is once again time for this years edition of Copenhell Festival. The festival is the largest metal/hardrock festival in Denmark and located in the outskirts of Copenhagen. The organizers, Live Nation Denmark, had  outdone themselves this year and booked more bands than ever. They had also branched out music-wise and this year was not only dedicated to the more extreme forms of metal but also to traditional metal. The bands that performed included: In Flames, Ghost, Accept, Sabaton, Testament, and the Danish metal legend King Diamond who’s show closed the festival at Saturday night. Read about the great festival below.

For the fourth time the gates of hell opened in Copenhagen at the middle of June. The first rounds of bands that Live Nation Denmark presented were King Diamond, In Flames, Illdisposed and Amon Amarth. The festival area is located just outside Copenhagen on a deserted industrial area. The scenery is pretty suiting for hosting a metal festival with deserted factories and a lot of concrete and asphalt pavements. Across the two biggest stages called Hades and Helviti lies along and high grassy hill where many people prefer to wait for bands drinking beer and hooking up with friends. Besides concerts, the festival treats the visitors with karaoke, DJ’s, make up artists that could paint corpse paint and hair stylists that could style your hair. There were also a small metal market where clothes and cd’s/vinyl was sold. For previous years were there also a movie theater called DOX where movies and spoken word was held, but not this year. Other bands that performed at the festival were Alice In Chains, Newsted, Danzig, Ghost, Down, Testament, Accept and Alestorm. This year marked the biggest line-up in the festivals history.

The festival mascot of the year was designed by Elliot White and was called Hamlet’s Ghost. White had worked and designed for bands like Trivium, White Chapel and Job For A Cowboy to mention a few. Besides the two bigger stages was a smaller stage also available called Pandemonium where smaller acts performed. Acts that could be spotted there were Grave, Bornholm, Cancer Bats and Purified In Blood. The festival had two camp sites called Camp Dio and Camp Burton where people could put up their tents. The festival kicked off with a warm up on  Thursday when a few bands played and last out was the well-loved Danish legends Hatesphere. Both Hades and Helviti stages were put at the same place as last year new for this year was the small viking town Asgard where food and the biergarden were located. The festival area had been widened and felt much more spacious and free. Good move!  There were also easy to find toilets and there were plenty of them as well.


Live Nation Denmark deserve credit for broadening the variety of music this year and they offered the most bands in the festivals history this year. None of the bands had canceled their show, so the festival didn’t suffer from that either. We followed the weather forecast like slaves during the festival week because it had rained during the festival all of the previous three years, but no rain was in sight, at least not during Friday. The festival was held on the same dates as last year which meant it was held after Sweden Rock Festival. Copenhell is the biggest metal/hardrock festival in Denmark and last year came 8000 people to Refshaleoen. 10.000 people reported be at the festival during the warm up day at Thursday and the festival has a capacity for hosting about 12-13000 people.