Saxon – Sacrifice World Tour 2013, European leg 1 at Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark

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Sacrifice World Tour 2013, European leg 1
AC Angry – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
8/6- 2013

Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall



SACRIFICE is the title of the brand new studio album unleashed by the metal legends Saxon. The album is their 20th and came out at the beginning of March. That was also when the band began this tour around Europe. In my opinion, SACRIFICE a great album in every way and shows that Saxon still has a lot to offer the metal community. The band played at Sweden Rock Festival the day before this show which took place at the old movie theater called Amager Bio. The tour contains both festival as well as single shows throughout Europe. The tour stretches to August. The support act of choice during this tour was AC Angry from Germany who are only touring with Saxon during June which is a band I’ve never heard of before. I met up with the band a few hours before the show and as always was everyone really nice to talk to. People started to arrive to the venue about three hours before the show and as I expected the crowd consisted mostly of males in the 50+ category. Amager Bio can host about 1000 people with 800 on the floor and 200 on the balcony. And luckily I could see a photo pit which meant photographers were allowed to take pictures without any waving hands and heads. At 9 o clock it was time for the support act to kick off the evening.|

AC Angry

The 4-piece ran through three songs after which the singer, who also played guitar, said it was nice to be in Copenhagen and that it was an honor to be opening for the mighty Saxon. AC Angry played dirty hard rock in the veins of Motorhead and Turbonegro. The people in the venue didn’t seem to mind the band and focused on drinking beer and talking of Saxon memories in wait of the headline act. The band’s time on stage ran out pretty fast and suddenly was it time for their last song and 40 minutes was over. I thought that AC Angry was a pretty OK choice of a opening act and did a good job on stage.


The crew began to prepare the stage for Saxon and a huge drumkit and gigantic backdrop was positioned on and behind the stage. On each side of the drums stood a wall of amps, but there was still a lot of space to move around for the band. A lot more people had now arrived and the place began to fill up and you could feel the excitement that was in the air. Suddenly silenced, the music was silenced and the lights and the intro began.




As soon as the members showed up, fans screamed and clapped with the first two songs for the evening being “Sacrifice” and “Wheels Of Terror”. Byford was in a brilliant mood and thanked the fans for being there and smiled when he heard the warm response from the crowd. “Power And The Glory” continued the show and the crowd sang along in the song from the beginning to the end. Byford said fill you head with “Heavy Metal Thunder” and once again went the audience crazy when they heard the first notes of the good old classic song. Band members are:

Biff Byford – lead vocals

Paul Quinn – guitar

Nigel Glockler  – drums

Doug Scaratt – guitar

Nibbs Carter  – bass

Byford sure is a great frontman and he got the crowd going from the very start and it’s always a pleasure to see Saxon perform live either in a small club or at a festival. The new song “Made In Belfast” followed and Byford stood at the middle of the stage looking cool with Quinn on his right side and Scaratt and Carter on his left. Byford said that the crowd could choose which song they were going to play next and a lot of titles flew around before the band chose to play “Crusader”. While the intro played, Byford said he wanted everyone to sing along in the song. Byford said he liked the venue and that it was nice to be back in Denmark, the land of the vikings. While he spoke he went to the edge of the stage taking a jean vest he was handed from a fan. The vest had a patch with “Crusader” on it and Byford put it on saying that he maybe looked funny in it. “And The Band Played On” followed, and after the song he signed the vest and handed it over to its rightful owner (AWESOME!). Byford dedicated the next song to everyone in the club and it was the song “I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)”.





It’s always fun to see Saxon live as the band really give it their all. It’s obvious that the guys love to be on stage and perform for the fans. They are really tight as a unit and everyone knows exactly what the guy next to them is going to do. Byford has managed to keep his voice in shape and there were no signs of tiredness at all. It was only to lean back and enjoy the music and great songs like “Night Of The Wolf” and “Conquistador” that unfortunately was followed by a standard drum solo by Glockler. Byford announced the next song by saying that it was a special song for him and it was about his dad who worked in the coalmines. Two acoustical guitars came out and an amazing version of “Iron Wheels” was played. “Solid Ball Of Rock” followed and Byford was the one that moved around on stage the most so far until now when Carter woke up. “Stand Up And Fight” and the crowd pleaser “Dallas 1 p.m” followed where Scaratt showed off on guitar.






Needless to say,  the screams from fans almost brought down the roof when the fans heard the first tones of “747 Strangers In The Night” and they sang the song together with  Byford. “Strong Arm Of the Law” followed as well as “Wheels Of Steel”. Something that was fun to see was that when the 50+yr old fans heard their favorite song most of them began to play air guitar while their wives stood beside dancing to the songs. It looked quite funny to be honest. Byford thanked the fans again and gave a special thanks to everyone who had bought SACRIFICE because without people who buy the albums, Saxon are nothing he said. “Denim And Leather” and “Princess Of The Night” were the encores and Byford told us that he audience at Sweden Rock festival had been really loud and wanted us to scream and sing louder than them.  Quinn and Byford kicked off “Princess Of The Night” together standing at the middle of the stage and that brought down heavy applause from the fans.






The show lasted for 1hr and 45mins and it was minutes of pure magic and it was nice to hear so many new songs. The show was impressive in every way possible and it was fun to hear rare live tracks such as “Conquistador”, “Solid Ball Of Rock”, and the acoustic version of “Iron Wheels”. The only thing to complain about, is that I wanted to hear more, I had wished for a few more songs but that is more of a compliment perhaps!?

The fans of Saxon in North America can see the band live September/October,  and in November the band is touring through Britain with Motorhead.




Procession (intro)


Wheels Of Terror

Power And Glory

Heavy Metal Thunder

Made In Belfast


And The Band Played On

I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)

Night Of the Wolf

Conquistador/drum solo

Iron Wheels

Solid Ball Of Rock

Stand Up And Fight

Dallas 1pm

747 Strangers In the Night

Wheels Of Steel


Denim And Leather

Princess Of the Night




Thanks to Pyg Grynderup at Beatbox Booking & Concerts for help with press/photo-pass to this show.

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