Michael Schenkers MSG with support on Temple Of Rock And Lovedrive Renunion Tour Europe 2013 at Kulturbolaget Malmoe,Sweden

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Michael Schenkers MSG

Temple Of Rock And Lovedrive Renunion Tour Europe 2013
StonWire support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
22/5 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall Michael Schenker_kb_2013_tourposter_4

Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker, is out on a tour that began in Russia in April and is ending at the end of July at Planet Rocks Steelhouse Festival. Besides touring,  Schenker has been busy in the studio recording his upcoming album BRIDGE THE GAP that is due to be released at the end of November this year. His latest release was the live CD THE 30th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT LIVE IN TOKYO from 2010. This tour is pretty much the same as he did last year when he toured Europe. But this time it was said that there’s going to be different songs and surprises.

The show took place on a Wednesday at Kulturbolaget located in central Malmo and the club has a capacity to host about 850 people. StoneWire was opening the show and for once I showed up pretty late to the show so late that StoneWire already had begin playing.


The band consisted of four members and they had a female singer. The band played traditional English hard rock but the audience didn’t seem to be interested in the bands music. Most people stood at the bar and no one stood in front of the stage. The singer didn’t put much effort into trying to connect with the people either. It all felt like a pretty lame situation. The only time a spontaneous applause occurred was when the singer said it was an honor to open for Michael Schenker. Luckily the show lasted for only 30 minutes which was more than enough.

Once StoneWire had left the stage, the audience came closer to the stage and waited for MSG to enter the stage. The crowd consisted primarily of guys in their 50’s and beyond and not many women had come down to Kulturbolaget this night. At 9 o clock the music went off and the club went dark. It was time for MSG to kick off their show.



“Lovedrive” and “Another Piece Of Meat” opened the show and then Doogie White announced the song “Assault Attack” saying that the song was made famous by Graham Bonnett and the fans greeted the band with open arms and warm applause. The band members include:

Doogie White – lead vocals

Herman Rarebell – drums

Francis Buchholz – bass

Wayne Findlay  – guitar, keyboards

Michael Schenker – guitar

White seemed to be really happy with the warm response the band got from the fans and smiled his way through the show. There was no photo pit, so we stood literally at the bands knees making it really hard to take pics…as well the red light and the smoke didn’t help either. “Armed And Ready” followed as well as “Into The Arena”. Schenker stood on White’s right side hiding and his first major contact with the fans came in “Into The Arena”. I don’t think that strictly instrumental songs are much fun, and to be honest, this one wasn’t much fun either. It felt like the band had a lot of fun because everyone was smiling and looking genuinely happy. The sound system worked great as well as the lights but for some reason the nights star – Schenker – stood partially in darkness from time to time. From the album BUILT TO DESTROY from 1983 came the song “Rock My Nights Away” and White once again thanked fans for being so massively supportive of the band. Many of the songs were extra long because of the really longs guitar solos. “Attack Of the Mad Axeman” made the audience go crazy and it was followed by a song from the upcoming BRIDGE THE GAP called “Horizons”. The fans kept pretty calm and didn’t jump around but that maybe depended on their age. The second song taken from the up coming album was a tribute to Ronnie James Dio called “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”.





I was really impressed and amazed by how tight and together the band was and White once again showed what a great singer he is. Schenker was also kind enough to let Findlay take on quite a few lead guitar parts. When the song ended, White lifted his head and looked up and said “thank you Ronnie” and that brought down a massive applause from the fans. White went off the stage and “Coast To Coast” began. It’s an old instrumental song by the Scorpions and it was again time for the band to show off with Schenker in the lead part. Sorry to say though, the song felt like a show stopper, only added for Schenker to show off his skills. Despite a great effort from Schenker on guitar, this song was one of the lows of the show. White re-entered and introduced the band and to no surprise it was Schenker that brought down the most massive applause. “Shoot Shoot” woke up the audience and White encouraged fans to sing a long in the song. “Only You Can Rock Me” continued and it felt like the fans needed a wake up call that only UFO songs could give them. If the crowd had been a little reluctant during the first part of the show, they now turned around and let their hair down. “Let It Roll” continued and White sang the old UFO, MSG and Scorpions song brilliantly.



White asked if Malmo was ready for “Too Hot To Handle” and the fans sang along and clapped their hands throughout the song. White let the fans sing the chorus on their own while he clapped his hands. When White announced “Lights Out” the crowd went totally crazy and it felt like it was this song most people had been waiting for. That song ended the show and by then had the music been going for 1hr+15min. The band shortly returned on stage and White thanked everyone so much and introduced the band again. “Holiday” was the first encore and the audience sang the song while White looked happy. The fans sang the first verse before White took over and when it was time for Schenker to show off White went off stage. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” shortly followed and White said that Malmo rocked this night. During “Rock Bottom” White saw some friends in the audience and went down on the floor during the solo and hugged them and said hello. It felt like Schenkers guitar solo never stopped but finally was it time for some more singing and White said good bye to Malmo and the band went off stage. But they didn’t go far because the fans screamed for more encores so the band returned once again and fired off “Blackout” and the long awaited “Doctor Doctor” and those songs ended the night.



MSG played for about 1hr45mins and the show was great with nothing big to make a remark on. The brightest shining stars was of course Schenker but also White whose voice has never sound better. The only question is why play so many Scorpions songs when Schenker wasn’t in the band? And why two instrumental songs? It had been enough with one. It was fun to see Schenker on Swedish soil again doing a proper show and not a festival show. Thanks Kulturbolaget for the great booking!




Thanks to Kristian Kornhage head of press at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show.
Thanks to the security/staff for the nice treatment.


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Lovedrive (Scorpions)

Another Piece of Meat (Scorpions)

Assault Attack (Michael Schenker Group)

Armed and Ready (Michael Schenker Group)

Into the Arena (Michael Schenker Group)

Rock My Nights Away (Michael Schenker Group)

Attack of the Mad Axeman (Michael Schenker Group)


Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

Coast to Coast (Scorpions)

Shoot Shoot (UFO)

Only You Can Rock Me (UFO)

Let It Roll (UFO)

Too Hot to Handle (UFO)

Lights Out (UFO)

Encore 1:

Holiday (Scorpions)

Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions)

Rock Bottom (UFO)

Encore 2:

Blackout (Scorpions)

Doctor Doctor (UFO)




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