Roadburn Festival 2013 – Tilburg Holland

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The Roadburn festival has become an essential and important festival here in Europe. Even though the festival has been restricted to app. 2500 people, its appreciation is tremendous and praised amongst underground metal fans. What makes the Roadburn festival so popular? Well firstly, it’s bands of course. The festival offers such a diverse line-up covering a wide range of music from underground metal,  psychedelic rock, avant-garde stuff, doom, or any other variation of metal pleasing fans of the music and above all giving a great general atmosphere. had the privilege of visiting the Roadburn festival for the fifth time in a row to see plenty of killer bands, smell the weed and enjoy Electric Wizard being the curator of the Roadburn Festival 2013. The British stoner legends Electric Wizard had picked bands for the special day. In general, the whole Roadburn festival is such an unique concept that wouldn’t work anywhere else. Where else could some relative unknowns play to a crowned venue. Here we come again, here is a brief article on the fest.


Pallbearer out of Arkansas kicked the set off on the main site. The heavy doom of the three piece sounded like tons of bricks had dropped on our heads. The band didn’t use any extra gimmicks, just relying on massive doomy sounds and above all heaviness. Needless to add more detailed analysis about Pallbearer.

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When Dream Death went thru line-up changes, in the same hassle the name got switched to Penance. The reunited Penance (with the Parallel Corners album line-up) hit the stage after the heavy set offered by Pallbearer. Many had awaited the reunited Penance to be seen at Roadburn for quite a long time. Therefore, getting them to the fest was already about time. The band was in a good shape and the vocalist Lee Smith sounded as great as twenty years ago as on the PARALLEL CORNERS album. In general, Penance sounded as doomy great as back in the day. The band didn’t rage on the stage, instead focusing on the playing and looking doomed.

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Pilgrim, out Rhode Island, literally surprised those who attended to see the three piece. Pilgrim’s utter depressive and heavy sounding doom metal was literally ear catching and spell-bounding. Under the blue light, the three piece fit to the small stage more than well. The small venue created an authentic atmosphere and place for the extreme doom metal performed by Pilgrim.

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Does this combo ring any bells out there? Probably not. Well when mentioning names like Mayhem SunnO))), it may increase some sort of interest toward the band. But it has nothing to do with the black metal or any other type of extreme metal. Instead GraveTemple was Attila Schira’s show of his skills to use his personal voice in different aspects and approach. The whole idea of GraveTemple is to create the utter sound wall of cacophonical sonic torture. The whole set of one hour was a relentless sonic maelstrom. It has to be admitted, Attila definitely knows how to rip his throat and voice approach in a way that sounds eerie making the ears bleed.

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Oakland’s own stoners High On Fire played their landmark debut called THE ART OF DEFENSE  in its entirety. The trio pulled the entire packed venue and audience onto a trip again as the audience became stoned literally. The heavy bulldozing riffs mauled the audience and the trio truly enjoyed being on stage in front of an enthusiastic and passionate crowd.

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Primordial have visited several Finnish metal festivals and have done plenty of club gigs during the past few years. Even though the Irish metallers have offered an extreme strong set of the pagan folk metal on several gigs, but the show at Roadburn was absolutely outstanding and their strongest performance for sure. The frontman A.A. Nemtheanga’s passionate and devoted performance created an entire high spike in the show. Primordial performed an extremely strong gig by offering a killer set. When having the correct atmosphere and venue with suitable lights, Primordial is in its own element.

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The green room venue is almost packed  every time whenever some band gets on the stage. Therefore getting to the line is almost nearly impossible. The Australian funeral doom metal outfit Mournful Congregation was another interesting band on the list. The band’s ultra doom with the utter heavy sounds with the deep deadly growling however more than extremely well to the small venue. The atmosphere, but above all the heavy as lead riffs literally crushed the wall down.  The doom heavy songs roared out of the speakers getting the audience totally doomed.

Mourning Beloveth hailing from Ireland doesn’t operate that deadly funeral doom as the Austrian doomesters. The Irish outfit have more melodic approach for their doomy crusade. The band was extremely vital and energetic on the stage.

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