Doro: Raise Your Fist 2013 – 30th Anniversary tour, Scandinavian leg at Amager Bio Copenhagen,Denmark

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Raise Your Fist 2013 – 30 years anniversary tour, Scandinavian leg

Dirty Passion – support act

Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
30/4 – 2013

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


The metal queen, Doro Pesch, is out on tour and supporting her latest studio album RAISE YOUR FIST which came last year. Doro is also celebrating 30 years as an artist and the tour is peaking with the show at Wacken Open Air later this summer where she is going to do a special show for all her fans. The Swedish glam/sleaze/hard rock act Dirty Passion is following her on tour and since the last time I saw them have the band got a new bassplayer and singer. The show took place in the excellent venue called Amager Bio which is an old movie theater. I visited the place not long ago and saw the thrash legends Overkill. The venue has a capacity for 1000 people, and tonight the doors opened at 7 o clock. My friend and I went over a bit earlier during the day in order to meet up with Doro and hew crew and luckily the sun was shining from a blue sky. Doro is a genuine nice person that takes care about her fans. She signed for everyone who’d waited for her and took pictures with those who wanted that. Problems occurred when I came into the club. It turned out that I wasn’t on the press list and had to leave the venue. When I came out I met Doro’s manager who recognized me and got me a pass and let me into the club again. Not many people had turned up so far but as scheduled the support act stood on stage at 8 o clock.

Dirty Passion

The band ran through two songs before the singer said that it was great to be in Copenhagen and asked if the crowd was ready to see Doro tonight. Dirty Passion didn’t have many fans in the venue but they had a few hardcore fans that stood in front of the stage supporting them. The new singer also played guitar and that helped the music a lot. Another guitar added more depth and strength to the music which is common in sleaze/hard rock. In the middle of the floor there stood a family with a girl that could maybe be 6-7 years old  and she had a t-shirt with a Doro print on it. She fell asleep while Dirty Passion played and her dad laid her down on stage right between the monitors. On stage was it time for Dirty Passion to play a song from their new album and the singer chose to talk in Swedish despite the fact that we were in Denmark. Dirty Passion went off stage after about 40 minutes and while they performed a lot more people had turned up.



A huge backdrop with the cover of the latest Doro album showed up on stage as well as her bands instruments, amps, and gear. The little girl who fell asleep woke up after Dirty Passion left the stage and she stood now anticipating Doro to begin singing. The place got dark and the stage lit up and Doro stood on stage at 9 o clock.



“I Rule The Ruins” opened the show and the fans went crazy when they saw Doro on stage. “Burning The Witches” followed and Doro moved around across the entire stage connecting with the fans. It was a nightmare to take pictures because there was no photo pit and the fans reached so close to touch Doro that they almost stood on stage. She also moved around all the time and threw her hair back and forth and that made it also hard to capture a descent photo of her. There were also mostly red light that lit up the stage and that makes it really hard to get good photos as well. Doro thanked all of the fans for being there and was clearly sincere when she said it. She said it was time to head back in time and to play the song “Fight For Rock”. The band consisted of:

Doro Pesch – lead vocals

Nick Douglas – bass

Johnny Dee – drums

Bas Maas – guitar

Luca Princiotta – guitar

Princiotta, Maas and Douglas worked also hard to connect with the audience and just like Doro they moved around all of the time. “Rock Til Death” followed. “Metal Racer” followed and all of the fans sang a long in the lyrics. When Doro was about to introduce “Without You” she got interrupted by a fan who shouted for her to play “We Are The Metalhead” and Doro laughed and said that he had to calm down. Doro said that many had asked for “Without You” so they decided to incorporate it on the setlist. The band felt solid and really put together and Doro sang just as good as always. She once again thanked everyone for being there and said that this was the last show in Scandinavia for this time. She said that the first time she visited Copenhagen was back in 1986 and then together with Judas Priest. The next song had a special place in her heart and that was “True As Steel”. Then was time to hear the song “Raise Your Fist In The Air” where everyone again sang along with Doro. The backdrop lit in multiple colors and looked really nice. Doro said that every metalhead on the floor and on the stage was like a big family and she said that it was now time to celebrate Wacken Open Air with the song “We Are The Metalheads”.


The next song was a tribute to Ronnie James Dio with whom she had toured with a lot of times; the song was of course “Hero”. Maybe not one of the strongest songs from the new album but sure a nice way to pay tribute to one of the most iconic and best voices in the metal history. She dedicated the next song to Copenhagen and the fans that always will be in her heart with “Fur Immer”. Once again the fans sang along with her and Doro seemed to be genuinely happy for the warm welcome she got from her Danish fans. Many artist uses phrases like all the time but it felt like Doro meant what she said. “Earthshaker Rock” and an ordinary drum solo by Dee followed. He banged his drums and wanted the audience to shout – a pretty standard solo. He played “ I Love it Loud” with Kiss and wanted the fans to sing a long in the song with him. Doro introduced the band members but the one who got the most applauds was of course Doro when she was introduced by Douglas.


“Hellbound” continued the show and Doro got a teddy bear from the little girl who earlier fell asleep on the stage. Doro asked how old the little girl was and the father said she was 5 years old. Doro took the teddy bear and said to the girl she was really kind. “Love Me In Black” followed and it was dedicated to all the ladies in the crowd. Princiotta and Douglas played keyboards together during this song and Doro ended the song with saying that she loved being in Copenhagen. Now was it time for a cover of the Judas Priest song “Breaking The Law” and it was followed by the crowd-pleaser “All We Are”. The little girl got the mic and sang along and she almost managed to sing along in the chorus. Now and then when she crossed the stage she put down the mic to the audience in the front and let them sing along. Doro ended the show with saying “see you again in 40 years and if that’s too long I see you at Wacken Open Air this summer”. “Metal Tango” was the first encore for the night because the crowd wasn’t pleased with “only” 90 minutes of metal music. Doro asked if we liked old school metal and kicked off “Revenge” which ended the first rounds of encores. But that wasn’t still enough for the fans so she came out a third time kicking off “East Meets West” as the third encore.


Doro thanked the fans, the band, and the support act Dirty Passion for a great night and a wonderful show. Out from the sounds system came the song “It Still Hurts” taken from the new Doro album and that ended almost 2 hours of music.

This was an amazing show and it was once again fun to see the undisputed queen of metal doing her thing. I had wished for her to play more solo songs and not so many Warlock songs but that’s only my opinion and I think that many of her solo songs stands strong on their own. She doesn’t have to rely on Warlock songs so much. Otherwise, was this a night to remember and if you have the chance please head over to Wacken Open Air or any other festival to see Doro in action this summer.



Set list

1.I Rule the Ruins (Warlock cover)

2.Burning the Witches (Warlock cover)

3.Fight for Rock (Warlock cover)

4.Rock Till Death

5.Metal Racer (Warlock cover)

6.Without You (Warlock cover)

7.True as Steel (Warlock cover)

8.Raise Your Fist in the Air

9.Wacken Hymne (We are the Metalheads) (Skyline cover)


11.Für Immer (Warlock cover)

12.Earthshaker Rock (Warlock cover)(with Drum Solo)

13.Hellbound (Warlock cover)

14.Love Me in Black

15.Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)

16.All We Are (Warlock cover)


17.Metal Tango (Warlock cover)


19.East Meets West (Warlock cover)




Thanks to the Manager of Doro Pesch for help with press/photopass to the show

Thanks to Markus Wosgien at Nuclear Blast HQ in Germany for all the help.

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